Bees Knees – Keeping the Tradition

For the eighth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Keeping the Tradition. This pomade is a limited edition pomade that Drew came up with this past Memorial Day. One of my favorite things about it is that my grandpa’s navy picture is on it! He was a seabee in WWII, which was a cool story to get to share with my buddy Drew. Especially since his logo is based off the seabees logo and his great grandpa was also a seabee! I’m very excited to try this pomade out, but I have to be careful not to use too much since it’s such a limited edition pomade!!


It comes in the same flat 4oz, slip cover, stainless tins as his other pomades do. The lid label is quite unique though. It does have the same rope border as the other labels, but that is where the similarities end. Up on top it says “Keeping the Tradition” with the number of the can at the bottom. Inside the border is an awesome collage of military pictures, all black and white of course. Just to the left of the collage is part of our beautiful flag. My grandpa’s picture is the one on the far left right next to the bottom two stars in the flag, he’s wearing the Dixie Cup hat. I’m so happy I got to get a tin of this pomade. And even more excited that Drew put our relatives’ pictures on here, and used my grandpa’s picture. It’s yet another way to immortalize a great man! Thank you again so much Drew.


The bottom label is pretty similar to his other bottom labels, with the exception of a few things. It has the name up top then a sentence explaining what the company is about. Under that is a paragraph about the pomade itself and how it came to be. In case any of you are like me and can’t see small stuff, here’s what it says. “My logo is based off of the Seabees Logo. This was to pay my respects and honor to my great grandfather who served in WWII as a Seabee. His picture along with many other patrons of Bees Knees are on the front of this tin. It is our way of paying due respect to all those that came before us and served our country. We want to keep their memories alive by honoring them, and by ‘Keeping the Tradition.'” Underneath that are the barcodes, ingredient list, and their website/company info. Very cool of Drew to do this, and very cool label.


The pomade itself looks like Bees Knees pomade. It’s the same color and looks the same on the surface as their original does. If it’s anything like the original I’m sure I’m going to love it. I do hope it is different though, that way it’s a completely unique pomade. The scent is definitely different from any of their other pomades, and my favorite so far! It’s a nice strong vetiver scent with some pine thrown in there and a little cedar wood too. So perfect for this time of year!! And after sniffing it for a while I got a tiny hint of rosemary, yes!!!! I’ve had quite a few products with that in it lately, love it. I think this is the best smelling Bees Knees pomade to date.


It is a little bit more waxy than their original. Scooping it out was a little bit more difficult for me as the surface was pretty hard to break. Not as hard as some pomades are though. Once I got it out of the tin I felt the familiar tacky texture of Bees Knees. That’s one of my favorite things about these pomades. When you get it out of the tin you really get to smell the pine!!

In my hands it also felt like a more waxy version of their original. It took me a little longer to get all the wax emulsified into my hands evenly. Once I did I really like the feel of it. This one isn’t quite as tacky as the original, it feels a little more smooth. Even though it was not quite as tacky as the original, it went in exactly the same. This stuff doesn’t stick on the top of your hair despite it being tacky and waxy. You can get it on all sides of your hair fairly easily with just your hands. When you start combing it has a really tough resistance to it. More so than the original does. It’s not hard to comb per se, but it’s harder to comb than their original.


I was very pleased with the look my hair had with this pomade in it. It had some really nice texture to it. And I got some decent height with this stuff. Another thing I really liked about this stuff was that it has a lot of shine to it. I’d say it’s on par with their high sheen. The best part about the tackiness of these pomades is that they keep all the little hairs stuck to your other hairs so they’re not sticking out like sore thumbs. The only ones that don’t seem to want to stick to my other hairs, are the ones in my cowlick. Two single hairs just had to curl away from my pomp. It’s almost impossible to keep those hairs stuck together when I comb a pomp. If I do a slick back they’ll stay together, but anything other than that they just want to stick out.

Both days it held really well all day long. On Sunday I was out vending at a car show here, so I was outside all day long. And I only had to recomb it once when my boy messed up my hair playing with me. With these pomades, you don’t have to hardly add any the days following the first application. The buildup is really really strong. Which makes this stuff last a long time, which is good since this one is a super limited edition. The second day I did notice quite a bit more shine to it as well. Just like with their high sheen, the shine builds each day.

Final words on this pomade? It’s a great pomade, if you were lucky enough to buy a tin you scored. If you weren’t, I’m sorry you can’t experience this pomade. It really is a great product! If you want something similar to this try out their high sheen. Or keep your eyes peeled for someone selling or trading this stuff. To get a tin of the high sheen head to their website
All of Drew’s products are great so make sure to check out his other stuff as well while you’re there! Big thanks again to Drew for making this pomade and Keeping the Tradition.

Merry Christmas,



2 comments on “Bees Knees – Keeping the Tradition

  1. Drew Rosa says:

    I just used the last of my own tin today. I have a very very limited amount of the oil mixture I used to make it, but I didn’t write the recipe down, which makes this pomade even more rare. This is my personal favorite out of any pomade I have made. Thanks for the kind words.


    • Well if you ever remember the recipe Drew, don’t hesitate to make me a tin. 😉
      This one is my favorite so far as well. I still haven’t tried a few of them. My second favorite is the sample to of Scent 1 or High Sheen you sent me way back when! I love that formula a lot too! You’re most welcome. Thank you for making an amazing pomade and featuring my grandpa on the label. You’re a good friend man!


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