Dapper Devil (spiced apple scent)

For the ninth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Dapper Devil Pomade. When I heard that Fernando came out with another scent t the beginning of the year I had to get a tin of it. Especially after loving the original pomade so much. As soon as I got this pomade in, I knew I had to save it until this series. It smells so fantastic! I can’t wait to try this stuff out.


Fernando changed up the packaging with this one. It’s still a 4oz tin, but now it’s a flat tin instead of a tall tin. The label on it is also much larger. Definitely a good thing, if the other label size was on this lid it would look tiny. The label is basically the same, with only a couple minor differences. The white border is no longer there, and there is some added words on the label. Just above “Dapper” it says “The Original.” Everything else is the same on the label. The background does look a little bit lighter than the old one too.


The color of this pomade is white instead of yellow like the old one. It kind of looks like the inside of an apple, color wise. It appears to be the same pomade just by looking at it. Now for the smell, it is absolutely perfect. Right off the bat you smell nice Apple sent. That is immediately followed up by nice spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. There’s also a hint of lemon in there as well. It reminds me of homemade apple cider that my family makes. This stuff really gets me into the holiday spirit!!


When I dug my finger into it I was surprised to find a lighter pomade than the original. It looks waxier, but it’s not. For some reason it scoops out in long wax ribbons, yet it’s pretty light to the touch. It’s not a whole lot lighter than the original, but you can tell that there is a difference. You really notice a difference when you work it around in your hands. It’s gets really greasy and light when you start to warm it up. The scent takes on another note when you do that too. I got a kind of oaky, wood type note in there. It didn’t last very long, but I definitely got that note.

Applying it to your hair is as easy as Royal Crown. Hardly any resistance to it at all. You could probably just style your hair with your hands, if you know how, it’s so easy to work in. I had it all worked in really evenly with just my hands. So as you may have guessed, combing this stuff is a breeze. I didn’t spend more than 20 seconds combing my hair. I didn’t need to, because of how well this stuff dispersed into my hair with just my hands.


The height I got was kind of surprising to me for how light this stuff is. I got as much height, if not more, than with the original formula. I’m definitely liking that!! I’d say the shine is about on par with the other stuff. I really liked the texture of my hair, and how it looked with this pomade in it. Unfortunately for some odd reason we had a heat wave the past couple days and the temperature was in the 80’s. So this pomade didn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped it would since I was outside all day.

Both days I wore it the middle of my pomp, in the center of my head, would end up sagging toward my scalp. Why the hell it’s over 80° in the middle of December, I have no idea. I know for sure if it hadn’t been that hot and I wasn’t outside all day long running errands and whatnot, it would have held a lot better. I didn’t get much buildup the second day because most of the pomade washed out of my hair in the shower. So for you guys that don’t like buildup this one would be perfect. I did see a little more control the second day, but because of the heat it didn’t stay all day long. It was very easy to recomb though. So I just quickly recombed it into a nice contour and went about my day. The shine was like polished chrome after being in the sun for a little bit too!! I loved it.


All in all, it’s a great pomade. Not one I would use in the summer, but I live in Arizona. So don’t let that shy you away from using it in the summer if you live somewhere cooler than here. It does hold pretty well if it’s not hot and you aren’t in the sun for 7+ hours. The scent was just outstanding!! And so was the shine. Just a great pomade all around. I’m not sure if Fernando is still making and selling it or not, I haven’t chatted with him in a while. But head over to the Dapper Devil Facebook page and message him about getting a tin of this stuff.
Pick up the original while you’re at it!! They’re both great pomades. Only a few more pomades left in the journey, kind of sad.

Stay slick guys,


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4 comments on “Dapper Devil (spiced apple scent)

  1. NOAM says:

    thanks mate

  2. ken sadko says:

    liked the outdoor photo, and gave me an idea of shine and hold, sometimes the indoor photos dont do that…

  3. bron says:

    Is this pomade still available?

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