Mr. Ducktail

For the tenth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Mr. Ducktail. This stuff is a pretty popular pomade all around the world. I’ve had it for a while but I put off reviewing it until now. I figured it would go great in this series. Let’s see what this motherkutter has to offer.


This pomade is packaged in a pretty unique tin. It’s about the size of a shoe polish tin, maybe 2-2.5oz volume. It is an all black tin with white writing and a brass rim. The lid design is pretty awesome! It’s painted on there and you can’t feel any variation in texture. Up at the top it has the name in The Misfits lettering, but there’s ooze coming from the tops of the letters. The way I was able to tell it’s The Misfits letters is by the “M.” It has the same little notches at the bottom of the letter. I think it’s pretty badass that they use that lettering for this!! I grew up on that band. Just under the name it says “Rock and Roll Motherkutter!” in plain text. Then in the center of the lid is a skull with a trunk and da. He has a little flared out mustache and Guy Fawkes goatee. Under him, for the cross bones, are a straight razor and switchblade. To either side of him are nautical stars. At the bottom it says “Demon Barber of Carnaby St.” and has a banner with “London” in it. Pretty cool design!! The bottom of the tin has all the basics on it. Barcode, ingredients, warning, size, company info etc etc. And on the edge of the tin it has “Hairgum” in their lettering.


Being such a small tin, I’m glad that they filled this one to the brim. It’s pretty expensive, so every little bit counts. The pomade itself is a nice white, greasy looking pomade. The surface is nice and shiny, and looks like it will have some nice thick texture to it. What would the holidays be like without those classic Coca-Cola commercials? The ones with the bears and the ones with Santa? Plus the holiday cans and bottles. Well this pomade smells exactly like a fresh poured coke. Somehow they managed to even get the carbonation smell in there. Very cool. I love this scent. People say it’s cherry coke, but I make a cherry coke scented pomade and this one doesn’t smell like that. There’s no cherry notes in there at all, just classic cola.


It has a texture very similar to High Life light or Black & White. It’s almost the perfect texture for me. You really get that carbonated cola scent once you dig it out of the tin. One thing that is a bummer about this pomade is that, one scoop and you’ve used about 1/10 of the pomade, and are already hitting the bottom of the tin. With it being $13 or more per tin, it can be a bit discouraging. Luckily I bought one of the huge tins back when they were on sale and still available, so I have a lifetime supply of this stuff. It doesn’t really get any lighter in your hands like other pomades do. It keeps its really nice firm greasy texture to it while spreading it around in your hands. Definitely one thing I like about this stuff.

It goes in a lot like High Life light does. Really smooth, but nice firm texture which gives you nice control. You can work it in pretty evenly into your hair with your hands, but not all the way. It combs like butter! It’s just as easy to comb as my Atomic Pomade is or Royal Crown pomade. It combs so nicely that I had to stop myself from continuing to comb my hair. It’s definitely one of the best combing pomades I’ve tried thus far.


Being a grease you’re not going to get a whole lot of height and hold with it. However I was pleased with the hold I got. It didn’t quite tame my cowlick all the way, but it held it better than most greases do. It had moderate shine to it, not quite matte, but not quite glossy either. It was more of a middle range type of shine. With the heat wave still in effect the hold didn’t stay all day long. I was out doing some sticking stuffer shopping and mailing out pomade orders so my hair was in the sun a lot. But it was pretty easy to recomb back into a shorter pomp. It didn’t stay for very long, which ended up in me recombing my hair about five times throughout the day. All in all not a bad first day.


Today it was all rainy and overcast so I knew it would hold better. But the buildup was just awesome!! It really felt nice and firm, more like a waxy pomade, with the buildup in my hair. Definitely liking this a lot! The shine was way more glossy today too, liking that a lot! With it being cold outside, it held much better today. Although, I think with how good the buildup is, even on the warm day it would hold up well. I didn’t have to recomb my hair at all throughout the day. My hair stayed in the exact same place all the way till about 10:30. I love this stuff!!

Get yourself a tin of this stuff ASAP, it’s great. One of the better greasy pomades I’ve used. I think the only downfall to this stuff, is its price. It’s $13+ for only 1.3 fl oz. So it’s definitely on the more pricy side, being about $10/oz. However if you can find the large tin, it’s only like $45-60 for about 20oz of pomade.


As you can see the tin is gargantuan in comparison to the little tin. I’m not sure if they’re in regular production or not as of now, but I’m sure you can find a tin somewhere out there. To get some of this stuff head over to
They have all kinds of other stuff there as well so check it all out. I’ll be reviewing the Mr. Ducktail shampoo as well right now. So check out that review. Hopefully that stuff works!! Well only two more pomades left guys. It’s been a pretty fun series so far, can’t wait for the last two pomades!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Motherkutters,


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6 comments on “Mr. Ducktail

  1. NOAM says:

    thanks man, i had Mr. Ducktail and is great, how the hold compared to Bubble Gumm Grease

  2. NOAM says:

    ok. so i need Bubble Gumm asap. But this week I purchased a lot. So maybe next purchase i will buy Bubble Gumm

  3. Kolister says:

    Where can i find some disc. coupons?

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