Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

After trying the pomade the past couple days I had to check out the shampoo. I usually try to do that when there is a specific shampoo like this one. I figure it’s made by the same company and has the pomades name on it so it should be tested out after using their pomade.

I bought some of this stuff a while back when I got my super sized tin. Then when I picked up the Hairgum Road they were kind enough to send me some for free. Thanks guys!! Now that I finally reviewed the pomade, I figured I should review the shampoo as well. Let’s check it out, shall we?


It’s not your average bottle of shampoo by any means. It’s more like a toothpaste tube or gel tube. The top is crimped off and it has a screw on bottom. The front labeling is the same as the pomade’s. Then under that it says “Shampooing Antiwax Degreasing Shampoo Wash Your Hair, Not Your Soul” and has the weight and company name. The back has the same labeling, then all the other standard stuff on it. Basically the same info that the pomade has on it.


When I got the free one I noticed a slight difference in them, so I will be trying them both out. The first one I bought is a darker brown, almost cola colored, gel like shampoo. It feels, and looks, like Softee’s protein styling gel. That shampoo smells kind of like the pomade, minus the carbonation scent. It smells more like a flat coke. The one they sent me is a light yellow colored, thick gel type shampoo. It looks kind of like Bona Fide, and has the texture of wet gummy bears or slightly hardened JELL-O. This one has the same scent as the other one, flat cola.

Now for the test. I tried the older one first. It went in really weird. Just kind of stuck to my hair, didn’t lather hardly at all. However the scent got really really strong in the steam! It smelled a lot like the Haribo cola gummy candies, I loved it. By far the best smelling shampoo I have ever tried! Unfortunately it didn’t take any of the pomade out of my hair at all. I could still feel it I my hair. And it has little beads in it that I was hoping would help take the pomade out. However, they didn’t, and were a pain to get out of my hair.

While I was still in the shower I decided to try out the newer one. Maybe the old one had just expired. This one lathered up a whole lot!! So much so that I didn’t think the lather would ever stop! This one had a little bit of different smell in the steam. I mean it did smell like the other one, but there was also a lemony hint in there. Almost like coke with a lemon slice in it. The beads in this one were even harder to get out of my hair than the first one. I hate these little bastards. My hair did feel a little bit degreased, but not much.


When I got out and dried my hair off a little I realized that none of the pomade came out at all. Bummer. It seems like none of the “degreasing” shampoos out there work. Maybe one will one day though. It’s almost pointless buying them since they never work. Plus I make my own so it’s not like I need them. But hey, someone has to do the dirty work and test them out right?

I can’t really recommend this stuff as a degreaser on the basis that it doesn’t get any pomade out of your hair. However, it does have a great smell! And I’m sure it would be a nice regular shampoo. So if you want a great smelling normal use shampoo I say try it out. I loved the smell a lot, and I think it will work as a scalp cleaner. So I can see myself using it as that type of shampoo quite often. You can find it on
if you want to try it out. I want to thank the folks at Hairgum for sending me a bottle of this stuff! I really appreciate it, that was very nice of you! I’ll be checking out more Hairgum products next year, so stay tuned for them.

Merry Christmas,



2 comments on “Mr. Ducktail Shampoo

  1. NOAM says:

    thanks for the review

  2. Hessel Kevin says:

    I “accidentally” found out that Dove Anti hairfall conditioner works magic in degreasing, What used to be 7 wash is now cut down to 2 wash with it, just use it after you wash your hair with shampoo, it’s also easily available in where I am and it’s good for your hair

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