Switchblade Pompadours SC Pomade – White Label revisited

For the eleventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Switchblade Pompadours Pomade. I reviewed this one last year and used it during the summer a few times. I liked it so much I wanted to do a revisited review this year. Like my other revisited reviews it’s only going to be a quick recap of how the pomade works. However you can go check out the original review for the full details on the pomade.

I was surprised to find the scent had somehow changed a little bit since the last time I used it. Now it smells like bay and pine, mostly pine, but there is a hint of bay in there as well. After using heavy and super heavy pomades all summer I really got to like the texture of this pomade a lot. It’s right in between High Life medium and heavy weight wise, but has a firmer texture to it.


You can see that this stuff does wonders for my hair! I combed this pomp in 10 seconds. No bullshit, 10 seconds. You get a really nice tall and full pomp with this pomade. And the texture of your hair with this stuff in it is absolutely perfect. With it being cold and rainy out, my hair didn’t dry as quickly so there were a few flakes. However, they go away after about 5 minutes.


I snapped a picture of my hair at the end of the day and my hair hadn’t moved at all. This pomade is a great one! Perfect for a nice tall pomp all year round. The buildup is awesome too. Being such a waxy pomade, not much of it comes out of your hair. So this stuff lasts a long time, because you only have to add a tiny bit the following days. I love when pomades are like this! You get to enjoy them a lot longer in between buys.

I went for more of a classic contour the second day. And just like the first day, it was perfect. You can see the difference in texture with the buildup really clearly. It gives your hair a really nice look to it the second day. And with such a short haircut, even if it’s warm out, this stuff will hold your hair in place all day. But if for some reason your hair gets messed up, it’s really easy to recomb your hair. Your comb glides through your hair really nicely while keeping it’s resistance for great control.


There’s not much else I can say about this pomade other than I love it! You have to get yourself a tin of this stuff. As far as I know Matt is still making it, so to get a tin message him on Facebook. And I suggest you get some ASAP!! Well one pomade left. I saved the coolest one for last!

Merry Christmas,


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