More Christmas Presents!!

After getting some early Christmas gifts from some of the kind folks out there I was set to go. But then I got two surprise packages in the mail!! Awesome! First the guys over at star wax sent me one of each of their products. The toffee, clay, original, and crystal. Can’t wait to try those out!


Thank you very much guys!! I appreciate the gifts and chance to try them out and review them!

Then I got a complete surprise package this afternoon when I got home from taking my kid to the science center. On my doorstep when I returned was a white box addressed to me. Inside was the coolest heavy duty canvas and thick leather toiletry bag ever! The fine folks over at Birchbox sent me this bag full of goodies for Christmas! I can’t thank them enough. It really made my day!


Inside were some pretty cool products as well. I got a face wash, shower wash, and lotion made by Gentleman’s Brand Co. There was also a shaving cream made by Ernest Supplies. And finally was a set of 4 handmade wooden handled toothbrushes. Very very cool!! One of the best surprise gifts/care packages I’ve ever gotten. Especially since I have been looking at getting some canvas travel bags!

Thank you again guys, it really means a lot! I’ll be checking out all these products after the holidays are over. So stay tuned for these and many other new things as well. You all take care and have a Merry Christmas!



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