Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade

For the twelfth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade. I bought this stuff last year specifically to review this year. I’m pretty stoked to try this one out.

This one is made by DAX, and then labeled by pomade-shop. They buy DAX’s Indian Hemp and then put their label on it. However, mine is a one of a kind. My good friend Don made me the Indian Hemp, with green color, and cherry scent to be more Christmas-like. Green color so it looks more like actual crushed Xmas trees. Cherry scent because every year my family always has cherry pie after Christmas dinner.


It comes in their standard 7oz plastic jar with the blue metal lid. The lid has “DAX” in white on it like their others do. The label is completely unique though. The only thing the same is the size and shape. In the center is jolly old Santa with his rosy cheeks. Just below him it says “Santa’s Crushed Xmas Tree Pomade” in a banner. There are two trees on either side of him. To the right side it has the directions in both English and German. The left side has the ingredients and company info, in both English and German. It’s a very very cool looking label!!


The pomade itself is a dark green grease with flecks of stuff in it. With the green color it looks like crushed pine needles and branches. I took a close up picture from the side so you can see the flecks of leaves and stuff in it.


It’s a very shiny grease, which is why I took a side view picture so you can see how it looks without the glare. It looks like it will be pretty light. Probably about the same as the veggie oils pomade. The scent on it is awesome!! It smells of cherry tarts and almonds. Very good smell, I’m glad I picked this scent. I would’ve loved to have it be pine scented, but that wasn’t an option. The cherry almond scent is really good though.


When I scooped it out I pulled out a pomade very similar in texture to their veggie oils pomade. It has a greasy feel just scooping it out. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in my hands. You can see all the different types of things in the pomade when you scoop it out. They’re a lot bigger pieces than the ones in other Indian Hemps I’ve tried. I don’t know if that will be a good thing or a bad thing. It was very very greasy in my hands, just as I knew it would be. It was also very gritty. You can really feel all the pieces when you spread it around in your hands. Some of them were pretty large pieces too.

It goes in your hair super easy, like any light grease will. The pieces of stuff got lost in my hair when I applied it. I didn’t feel them anymore when I was applying the pomade. Even though it’s light it doesn’t go in evenly all the way with just your hands. But you can comb it around with a fine toothed comb, because of how easy it is to comb. I started to notice the pieces again when I was combing my hair. They started to show up in my comb towards the end of working it in.


I was surprised at the height I got with this pomade. It really let me comb a nice pomp despite it being such a light grease. I couldn’t get it as rounded as I wanted, but it was still nice. My pomp had more of a wedge look to it. It didn’t have as much shine as I thought it would though. That was pretty surprising to me since it’s so greasy. I did really like the smell of it when it was in my hair! The cherry really shone through and took on a cherry pie filling smell to it. Almond was kind absent when it was in my hair.


I was nicely surprised when I saw my hair hadn’t moved all day. I decided to snap a pic of it at the end of the day. I really liked that it held all day long. Especially since it is so light. With the weather being in the 50’s it wasn’t that surprising, but it was still a nice surprise. It does recomb very easily as any light grease does. However, when I recombed it, I lost all the hold and control. My hair wouldn’t stand up anymore, and all my waves and cowlicks really showed up too. That was kind of a bummer, I’m just glad it didn’t happen during the middle of the day. That would have really been a bummer.


The next day I couldn’t get any hold at all. The buildup was much too greasy, and weighed my hair down. So I just decided to kind of comb it back to the corner of my head. This time I had really shiny hair! So even though I didn’t get any height, it did have a shiny look to it. It didn’t have much hold to it though. I kept having to recomb my hair all day long, because it would start falling out of place. That’s definitely not something I’m fond of at all, but it’s easily avoidable. Just get most of the pomade out after the first use.

All in all it’s an ok pomade. It has it’s ups and downs. I liked it pretty good and can see myself using it again in the future. The smell alone is enough to use it again. I will most likely only use it one day though. I don’t really care for how it is on day two. If you want to get a jar of this stuff head over to
Check out their other stuff too! They have some stuff on there you can’t get here in the states. Well that concludes this years 12 Pomades of Christmas. Definitely a fun series, just like last years. I already have some cool stuff in mind for next years series! You all take care and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I’ll see you guys next year with some cool new products.

Stay slick,


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