Sasquatch Soap Co. – Bay Rum bar soap

Hey little while back I was contacted by the Sasquatch Soap Co about reviewing their soaps. With me being a bar soap user, I jumped at the opportunity to try some new stuff out! Huge thank you to Andrew and the Sasquatch Soap Co. for sending me some stuff to try out! Much appreciated guys! After trying and loving the fieldworks bar soap, I was very excited to try this one out.


This bar soap isn’t like most others out there. It’s in the shape of a square, very cool. Don’t get me wrong, I love the traditional rectangle soap, but it’s nice to see different stuff. It’s about 3″ x 3″ x 1″ and is wrapped in a black wrapper then the label wrapper. The label rapper has a cartoon-like Sasquatch bubbling a pipe in a lapeled jacket on the front with “Sasquatch Soap Co.” below him. Underneath that is “Bay Rum” to indicate which soap it is, they have like 8 or 9 I think. At the very bottom is their website. Really simple labeling, but still really cool. I like the Sasquatch guy a lot, he’s pretty cool looking. The back side of the label has the barcode, ingredients and weight info. Super simple, and not much there.


The bar is a light tan colored square with a bit of darker tan blotches in it. I really like that this soap isn’t one uniform color. The blotchiness shows that its quality and that they’re not just mass produced and popped out as fast as possible. It’s really nice when you can tell the craftsmanship in products. I like using products like this much more than main stream, well known, mass produced products. They’re made better and seem to work way better for me. The scent of this bar is more soapy than bay rum. You can smell the bay rum, but it’s very faint. The soapy smell kind of drowns it out. And the soapy smell is very nice, it’s not harsh or overpowering at all.


This bar takes to water very easily, more like a big name bar than other smaller companies’. It started to lather much quicker than most other bars I’ve used. However, even though it lathered quickly, it had the same feel against my skin as the Fieldworks bar did at first. It kind of drug against my skin like it was trying to stick to my skin. That went away after about 2 minutes or so. Then it felt more like a regular bar of soap.

The lather was fairly thick, but airy at the same time. There were lots of bubbles, but the lather wasn’t super dense. The bubbles are much larger than your average bar of soap. Most of them range in size from a stirrer straw size to a pencil eraser size. Smaller ones are present as well, but the majority of them are fairly large. Once I got the soap worked around I could smell the bay rum a little bit better. It wasn’t a lot stronger, but there was a noticeable difference. Once the fragrance hits the steam it really balances out and has a great soapy bay rum smell to it. The soapy smell was still the front and dominant note though.

After using it for about a month, the bar is now a tiny flake of soap. I’d say it lasts about the same as your average bar soap from the drug store. It was a nice amount of time, not too long where you get sick of the soap, and not too short where you don’t get to enjoy it. It’s just right. I noticed a smoothness to my skin that wasn’t there last month. Now it wasn’t baby skin smooth, but there was a increase in the softness of my skin. My skin also didn’t seem to dry out like it usually does out here. Being in such dry climate your skin can get really dried out quickly. But this soap definitely helped combat that.

This soap is a definite must have. You guys have to try this stuff out! I like it almost as much as I liked the Fieldworks body brick, and I love that soap!! They have 8 different kinds, all of which I will be reviewing. So be sure to take a look at all of them when you’re at
picking up a bar or two. Big thank you again to the guys over at Sasquatch Soap Co for sending me some awesome soaps to try out!! I’ll definitely be buying soap from you guys as soon as I’m out! Here’s a little video from them as well for you guys!

Stay fresh fellas,



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