Bees Knees Pomade – Lite

So Drew over at Bees Knees was doing this collection of tutorials for different hair styles using his pomades. He asked if a bunch of us would be interested in contributing. I of course said yes to help out my good friend and have some fun. I chose a parted pompadour and would use his lite pomade. Since I was doing that I figured I might as well just review it at the same time. I’ve already been using this one for a while though. I gave him some feedback when he was first formulating it so I’ve had it in my hair through the whole process. Now it’s time to review the finalized product! Here’s what it’s like.


It comes in the same tin as all his other products do. The label is basically the same as the Original and High Sheen. There are a few changes though. The main one is the background is a light neon green color instead of the usual blues. I like this change up a lot. It’s nice to see fresh color schemes now and then. The next change is a pretty obvious one. It says “Lite Pomade” under the name. Other than those, the label is the exact same.


Opening it up there isn’t much change at first either. It has the same golden yellow color as the Original. And it also has the same sent as the Original. You can tell by looking at the surface that it doesn’t quite have as much wax though. You can easily see that this one is a softer pomade.

The biggest difference is a very obvious one. This one is a lot lighter than all the other pomades. It has the familiar Bees Knees tackiness to it, but it’s not as tacky as the others. This one feels a little more greasy as well. You can see it has a similar look to the original, yet the softer feel is easily noticeable. I love the texture of this pomade. It feels more like a medium than a light, but it is significantly lighter than the others.


It spreads around in your hands so perfectly! Takes about 5 seconds to make it feel like a light tacky grease. Very easily workable and spreadable. The scent really gets nice and strong when you spread the pomade around. It’s not like your normal pomade that softens up when you work it around either. It only softens up a little bit, then keeps a nice tacky feel to it. It goes in quite a bit easier than the Original does obviously, but it does have some resistance to it. It’s kind of like applying DAX’s high & tight awesome hold. Combing it in is a lot easier though. It feels like a nice medium grease when you comb it in.


Hold wise, it’s not a light at all. It holds my hair like a solid medium pomade. I got a nice rounded medium pomp going with it. It allowed me to slick my sides down pretty good even though I have short hair right now. Definitely liking that a lot. I had a perfect part too. I get asked sometimes if I have a razored in part, or if I use a special comb or anything. I do not. It’s just a matter of combing with a wide toothed comb and splitting your hair along one of the lines it makes. It comes out looking super sharp and only takes about 5 seconds tops.

The hold lasts all day long too. I was surprised my hair didn’t move at all. For being as light as it is, it shouldn’t hold as well as it does. I’m thinking the tackiness comes into play with how well it holds. And man, the shine on this stuff!! It starts off as kind of a medium sheen, but at the end of the day it’s a nice high shine. Perfect for me! Medium hold that doesn’t move and a shine that gets better throughout the day. The buildup is with this pomade is great as well. Just enough comes out that it’s not overly greasy the following days.

Guys you have to try this pomade. It’s awesome!! There’s not one thing I didn’t like about it. It works great for a light pomade. It works great as a medium pomade. So if you like either of those types of pomades, buy this one. You can find it on
Drew also has a few other products on there as well. So check out the whole site while you’re there. Thanks again Drew!! I’ll be continuing the new stuff with the next pomade. It’s only been out for a little while now. And like this one I have tried it since it’s first tester installment and have been using it up until the final finished product. So I’m excited to test that one out!

Keep it greasy,


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3 comments on “Bees Knees Pomade – Lite

  1. NOAM says:

    sound awesome, i have samples of all Bees Knees Pomade and i need to try them

    i think that this is the only one that i’m going to love, the light one, why? because the others one feels like concrete and i think that i will need hair dryer to soften the others ones

    great review

  2. Yohann says:

    Thanks for your advices. What do you prefer between original and light bees knees pomade for thin hair?

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