Reader’s Choice Top Pomades

Hey guys! Well after finally compiling the list of all the pomades you picked as your favorites and tallying them up, I finally have the list. This list is the top 15 pomades you guys chose as being the best out there during the 2013 Christmas giveaway. I was very surprised to see my pomades on this list. I am so glad you guys like them enough to put them on this list!! Thank you!!!! Some of them were tied for certain places, so some will have more that one pomade. Here you go readers, here is the top pomades out there!

Top 15 Pomades – chosen by the readers

1. High Life – Voodoo Brews (1 & 2)

2. DAX – Wave and Groom

3. Frankengrease

4. Lockhart’s – Goon Grease

5. Black & White

6. Murray’s – Superior/The Iron Society/J Hillhouse & Co. Kustom Brew

7. Royal Crown Pomade/DAX – Green and Gold/Murray’s – Nu Nile

8. High Life – Heavy/Layrite – Super Hold/Silver Dollar Pomade/DAX – High & Tight awesome hold

9. Atomic Pomade

10. Sweet Georgia Brown(blue tin)/Dr. Rubin’s – Firm/Tres Flores(solid)/Shiner Gold

11. The Iron Society – firm/Layrite – Deluxe/Grandad’s Old Fashioned(original)

12. Royal Crown Hair Dressing/Tres Flores(molding)/Lockhart’s – Heavy & Medium/Suavecito Original & Firme

13. Cock Grease XX/Brylcreem/Murray’s – Super Light/DAX – Neat Waves

14. Mr. Ducktail/Blackjack – Double Down/Bona Fide/Grandad’s – Heavy/DAX – Super Neat

15. Dixie Peach/The Classics – 40’s/DAX – High & Tight awesome shine/Bees Knees Pomade(original)/Bone Crusher/Schmiere – Hart/High Life – Medium/DAX – Black Beeswax/Rob’s Chop Shop – Slick w50

All the rest of the choices were tied for 16th-20th place. However, as there were still about another 60-75 pomades I don’t think I need to list all of them. Plus that would just be too many to try and list on one post. Now a lot of my readers always ask me what my favorite pomade/pomades are. So I decided to make my list of my top 10 pomades and top 5 ringing gels/water bases for you. Just like your guys’ list mine has some that are tied for a certain place. My pomades aren’t included in my list, because I made them for what I wanted them to be and they are automatically my favorite pomades, as I made them for myself and what I wanted.

My Top 10 Pomades

1. Steel Toe Pomade

2. Dixie Peach/Tres Flores(solid)

3. High Life – Light/Medium

4. DAX – Green and Gold/Vegetable Oils Pomade/High & Tight awesome hold

5. Murray’s – Nu Nile/Hair Glo/Beeswax

6. Black & White(original and lite)

7. Schmiere – Mittel

8. The Iron Society(original and firm)

9. Royal Crown Pomade/Tuxedo Club Pomade

10. Bees Knees Pomade(original, lite, high sheen, and all the limited edition ones)

My Top 5 Water Bases/Ringing Gels

1. Cool Grease – Blue

2. Grant’s Golden Brand – Medium/Monkey Brains

3. Bona Fide

4. Layrite – Deluxe

5. JS Sloane – lightweight

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these lists and that you find some cool stuff to try out as a result of reading them!

Stay greasy,



2 comments on “Reader’s Choice Top Pomades

  1. Mike in Georgia says:

    Hey man,

    Long time reader, first time commenter here.

    Awesome list. Do you happen to know when/if Steel Toe is ever going to be available again? I’ve been wanting to try some based on your review but it seems to be patently unavailable at this point in time. Thanks,

    Again, awesome blog. Thanks for doing what you do.

    • There is some stuff in the works, and it should be back in full swing very soon. I will make sure to keep you guys updated on the status. Thanks for the kinds words about the blog and for reading, I appreciate it.

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