Lone Star Pomade – Texas Crude Wax

Like I was saying in the last review, this pomade is another new product. It only came out a few months ago. However, Chris over at Lone Star is a good friend of mine so I’ve been using this one since the first test batch. I’m pretty excited to see how the final recipe turned out. He tweaked a few things since the last batch he said. So let’s check it out!


It comes in a 6oz, stainless steel, slip cover tin. It has a lid label and a bottom label on it. And to my great surprise, these are shrink wrapped! Very cool to see this, as you very rarely see a pomade shrink wrapped. The lid label is the same label as the water bases, but with a black background instead of a white one. It also has “Texas Crude Wax” at the very bottom of the label. Nice change up. The bottom label is also black with white lettering. It has the name, website, directions, and company info on it.


Opening up the tin you immediately get that Lone Star scent. It’s not quite as strong as the water base is, but it’s still strong and hits you right away. The pomade itself is a nice white pomade. Has a very clean look to it, keeping in the Lone Star tradition. You can tell it’s a pretty waxy pomade just from looking at the surface. It doesn’t look much different from the last installment I tried so far.

When I dug my finger in the pomade I noticed the first difference. It’s really waxy! It comes out in lots of waxy ribbons and two small clumps. Kind of like a mix between South Side pomade and Gasoline Grease. It seems a little bit waxier than the previous installments. It took a little while to get the clumps broken down in my hands. They didn’t seem to want to spread at first. After a little working with it I got it all spread out evenly. The scent gets quite a bit stronger when you work it around too. It fills up the entire room with the crisp and clean scent.


It goes in like a really waxy pomade. Kind of stays on top and on your hands at first then slowly starts to go in. Being a bright white waxy pomade it leaves your hair with white streaks in it at first. It takes a little combing to get all of it worked in evenly and the white coloring dissipated. It was slightly tough to comb in at first. It combs kind of like High Life heavy, rough and resistant at first, then smooth yet waxy. You have a lot of control with this stuff when you’re combing it, and it always maintains it’s resistance the whole time.

20140216-233917.jpg“Oh hey, what’s up dad?!”

As you can see my kid photo bombed me while I was taking the picture of my hair. The pomade has a really great hold to it. And a nice, natural kind of shine to it. I was able to get a really nice rounded pomp with this pomade. One thing it didn’t do, and it’s only because it’s not greasy/tacky, was keep all the little hairs stuck together. They seemed to want to do their own thing. This generally happens whenever I use a waxy pomade. With some they’re all over the place, and with others they are somewhat controllable. This pomade allows for slight control, but they don’t stick to my other hairs.

I went out to run a few errands, mailing off orders, store, lunch, and I was outside for a few hours. Yeah it’s winter, but in AZ that doesn’t mean anything the past week has been mid to upper 80’s. So it was slightly warm outside, and there was a little breeze as well. When I got home I snapped another pic, this time free of any bombing by my son. To my surprise my hair hadn’t really moved at all. It seemed slightly shorter and I had more of those little hairs sticking out, but it was still in the same place pretty much. I’m definitely like that about it! It seems to have a longer lasting and better hold than the testers I tried. I didn’t notice any difference in the shine at all, it seemed to stay the same.


The buildup of this stuff is pretty strong. I’d say about 95% of it stayed in my hair. I only skimmed a little bit out of the tin for touch ups the second day. It seemed to hold just as good the second day a it did the first. Instead of just cleaning my scalp like I did after the first day, I decided to shampoo my hair and try and wash it out. I applied some JS Sloane moisturizing shampoo before I wet my hair and let it sit for a few minutes, then worked up a lather and rinsed it out. To my surprise, when I got out of the shower I noticed a little more than half the pomade had come out. So even with a non-clarifying shampoo this stuff comes out of your hair decently.

I will say I liked the build up on the third day after washing some out much better than the second. The second day was good, but the third day was better. I didn’t get any more height, but I had better control and less flyaways. This is definitely a pomade you guys should check out! All around a top quality pomade made by a great dude. Thank you again Chris, I really appreciate it! Head over to http://www.lonestarpomade.com and pick up a tin of this stuff. He’s got some new merch up on the site as well. So be sure to poke around and check everything out.

Keep it slick,


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3 comments on “Lone Star Pomade – Texas Crude Wax

  1. NOAM says:

    great review, the pomade does not sound like something that i’m going to love

    i don’t understand why to change it to more waxier, tell him to change it back to the previous recipe

  2. NOAM says:

    you’re right, this is his pomade and he make it how he like it. sorry, i will buy it someday

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