Astra Razorblades

Finally getting to trying out some new razor blades. I got these a while back from a friend and have put off trying them until now for whatever reason. Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to try out some new blades. I even ordered a huge tester package of around 25 brands and types of different razor blades. So I’ll be trying more new stuff out this year. Today I’m checking out Astra blades.


They come in a small cardboard box just barely bigger than the blade itself. It’s a white a green background with black writing. “Astra” is real big up at the top of the box followed by “superior platinum double edge” just below it. In the bottom right corner is a picture of the blade and the number of blades in the box. Pretty cool looking little box.


The blade is wrapped in paper with the same design as the box on the paper. When you open the paper you see the blade wrapped a second time. This time it’s wrapped in wax paper. Most blades are wrapped in one or the other, but these come twice wrapped. Kind of cool. The blade itself has “Astra” etched across the top, and “superior platinum” across the bottom. Kind of your standard etching on the blade.


I decided to use my Merkur razor for the first shave with this blade. I still love this razor above all my other razors. One of the best razors out there. So it was kind of a no-brainer for me to use this razor when trying these blades out for the first time.


I had a decent amount of growth the first time I used these blades. A great first test to see how they work. The moment I made the first stroke of the razor I knew I was in for a great shave. It was very smooth and seemed to cut my hairs like they were sewing thread. I didn’t even feel the blade cutting my hairs it was so smooth. Working so well, my shave went a lot quicker than it usually does. Even my chin, where I have a few scars, was much easier to shave with this blade.


My face was really closely shaved when I got done! Holy moly! This shave was just as close as when I used those Feather blades. However this shave went a lot faster and I didn’t have any nicks or cuts at all. You definitely don’t have to be nearly as steady handed or careful with these blades, and they give just as close of a shave. I’m definitely loving these blades a lot! But, before I make too much of a decision I am going to use them a bit more.

I tried them in all of my razors, with different lengths of growth, an with different shave products. Each time I got the exact same result. The perfect shave! I went through the whole box of five before I finished up this review. The moment I was out I ordered some more. I haven’t done that with a bald before. I also purchased a big sampler pack so I have a bunch more to try out and review for you guys. However, I don’t think I will like any of the blades better than this one. I can’t see how anything can be a better shave than these. You have to pick up a box or 10 of these blades! Yes, very really that good. Like I had said earlier, a friend had given me my original box, but you can order them on almost every shaving supply site. A few beauty supply stores carry them as well. So go out and pick up a box as soon as possible.

Stay fresh fellas,



3 comments on “Astra Razorblades

  1. Matthew says:

    Astra’s are a great blade – they seem to work for most guys and they are one of our best sellers. They are a good blade to try when you first start using a safety razor because they give good shaves but without being too “sharp” for beginners.

  2. Kyle says:

    The only blades I like more than these are Polsilver Iridium. As sharp as feathers, but smooth like Astra Platinums. I highly recommend trying them out.

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