Clearing my name

Hey everybody, I need a moment of your time to clear my name of false accusations. A person posted in a comment on Facebook and said that Rob Mason’s pomade label looks hipster. Chops Barbershop, the maker of The American Gentleman Soap Co products, then messages Rob and says that I was the one who said that his pomade is hipster shit pomade. I’ve cleared it up with Rob, but I’m making a public statement to everyone everywhere that I am not the type of person to degrade someone’s product like that. Even in my reviews when I don’t like something I find a nice way to say it wasn’t for me, but some people may like it for x and x reasons. I also want you to know the type of person he is, that he tries to ruin my reputation for no reason and makes up lies about me, and who your money goes to when you purchase his products. I’m not in any way telling you not to buy from him! But you should know the type of person and attitude you’re supporting if you do.


As you can clearly see I am not the one who said it. Yet this guy tells Rob that I did. For what reason, I don’t know.


Thank you for your time and allowing me to clear my name publicly.



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