Doc Elliott – Pre-shave oil

Shortly after the holidays were over Courtney contacted me about reviewing her shave line, which I of course said an excited yes to. To my surprise, she sent them to me as a gift and didn’t let me pay for them. I thank you very kindly Courtney, you’re the best! I can’t wait to get to all of these products! After loving her pomade so much I am very thrilled to be using her shave line. I’m starting with the pre-shave oil first. I was going to review it as a set like the Soapbox Gypsy and Walter Wilson, but she said to try them individually so I am.


It comes in the familiar glass bottle with the dropper lid. This bottle is brown and has a bright yellow label across the front. The label is basically the same label as the pomade with the obvious product name change. The ingredients and directions are on the ends of the label. I really love the scarab beetle logo a lot. And the history behind the beetle and it’s significance in Egyptian culture.


The oil itself is kind of your standard light yellow/clearish oil. This one seems to be about the same consistency as the Barberside oil. Little bit lighter of a color than that one though. The scent of this oil is just awesome! You get a whiff of vetiver right off the bat, followed by a nice rosemary note, and I could detect a hint of clove in there too. Very nice scent. Best scent for a pre-shave oil I’ve had so far.

It goes on really great too. Feels a bit like the Barberside oil as well. It leaves a very light residue on your face and whiskers. Not shiny at all, most of it soaks into your face. I happen to like when oils do this. I’m not a fan of an oil face before I go to shave. I like less of a residue personally, so this one is just about perfect for me.


The oil seemed to make the shave go nice and smoothly. Definitely better than a shave without the oil. It’s effectiveness seemed to be on par with most of the other shave oils out there. I’d say it’s better than a couple of the ones I’ve tried too. This oil will definitely be in my normal use rotation. It smells great and works for me. I can definitely recommend this one for you guys to try out. Based on the scent alone it’s one you should work into your regular shave product lineup. Plus the label is really cool! And it works good for ensuring a nice smooth shave. Courtney thank you very much for sending this to me and the opportunity to review it! Hit her up for your shave and pomade needs on her site
And make sure to check out everything she has on there. I haven’t been disappointed in any of her products that I’ve tried. And I doubt I will in the future.

Til next time,



2 comments on “Doc Elliott – Pre-shave oil

  1. Brittius says:

    Does it work better than white petroleum jelly?

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