South Side Soaps – Crackling Birch Pomade

Still on the new product roll guys. This stuff is a new pomade from my girl Claire up in Canada at South Side Soaps. Having loved her other pomades I was super excited to try this one out! And very honored that she sent me a tester as a gift to review. However, due to US or Canadian customs, I didn’t get it until the other day. But I put it right in the line up since I had a pale for it over a month ago. So let’s see what Claire has cooked up this time!


Because it’s a tester, this one comes in a different container than normal. Now the formula is the finalized formula, but she sent me the pomade before she had tins for it. So I got a jar like her shave soap comes in. It’s an amber plastic jar with a black plastic lid. The labeling is really cool!! Both the lid and the can labels are the same. A nice tan background with red writing and a blue ring and tree bark ring around the edges. The background has a little expedition of sorts and some guys rowing a boat/canoe. Up at the top in between two fleur de lis is “Coureurs de bois” then “hair pomade” and “pomade pour cheveux” just below. At the very bottom is the website for her store. The only difference between the two labels is the front label says “Crackling Birch” and the lid doesn’t. Very cool label, but I think I still like the apple cider label the best. This one is definitely my second favorite though!

The second you unscrew, or in your case pull off, the lid you’re hit with one of the most unique pomade scents ever. It’s really a nice scent, definitely will be a favorite among the ladies. It’s a an obvious birch front note, immediately followed by some floral notes of rose and lily, and I also get kind of a lingering cinnamon after smell. Really nice complex scent. Claire said there’s bergamot, patchouli and vetiver in there too, but I don’t pick those up. Maybe you guys might though. Anyway, great scent, reminds me of like a Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works scent. My lady really likes it a lot. As I said popular with the females. The pomade itself is a really waxy looking cream colored pomade. Very matte look on the surface.


Trying to scoop this stuff out was a pain in the ass at first, but once I prone the surface it wasn’t bad at all. It was very waxy and creamy and tacky all at the same time. You can see how waxy it came out. Long wax globs in one line. I had to scoop it with my middle finger because for some reason I couldn’t get the right leverage with my index finger. First time this has ever happened to me. A little bit of the pomade stuck to my other finger though. At first the globs of pomade didn’t want to break down into my hands so I pushed each one with my finger to flatten them out. Then it spread around nicely. It has a very nice and tacky texture to it in my hands. Kind of reminds me a little of Bees Knees, but not sticky. It feels like it will comb really nicely.


It goes in your hair perfectly!! It the most well balanced pomade between silky to put in and a nice resistance when you apply it. It’s unlike any pomade I’ve applied to my hair before. You can really work it around in your hair with your hands without feeling a bunch of tugging and pulling like with other heavy pomades. Yet it also has a nice resistance and hold to it just applying it with your hands. I had a lot of hairs puffing up from this stuff. Looks like it will hold pretty well. I noticed something kind of cool about this stuff when I cleaned my hands. It comes off super easy. I wonder if it will wash out of my hair as easily as it did from my hands? I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow.

Surprisingly it didn’t have quite the hold I was expecting. I figured I’d be able to get more height from it because of how it felt, but I didn’t. It wasn’t a bad hold by any means. I liked the hold and control I got, it was just a little less than what I was expecting. This pomade gives your hair a great shine! I was really liking that about this stuff. One thing I did notice after I got my hair combed was that my usual stray hairs were all stuck to the rest of my hair. Definitely happy about that! I hate when my little hairs stick out, but this pomade took care of that problem.


My hair held it’s shape pretty much all day long as well. I only had to recomb my hair once when I was playing with my boy and he messed up my hair. Super easy to put your hair right back into place though. My hair felt increasingly softer throughout the day too. By the end of the day it was really soft to the touch and very easily moveable. I decided to take a shower that night to see if the pomade was going to come out or not. As I suspected, a lot of it came out with just Johnson’s baby shampoo. So you guys that like the washable stuff, here’s another pomade for you to try out.

I was kind of curious to see what the buildup would be like since most of it washed out the night before. To my surprise, even more came out in my sleep and I was left with almost no pomade in my hair the next morning. The second day was pretty much a repeat of day one. I noticed a little more control with it since I had a tiny bit of buildup. But overall, it was exactly the same as day one. It kind of throws me for a loop when pomades wash out like this and I basically get a fresh start each day. I definitely like having unique pomades like this in my collection. They make it fun.

After all was said and done, I really dug this pomade. It’s one of the more unique ones I have in my collection for sure. Really cool looking label, fantastic scent, good hold, nice shine, plus it washes out of your hair pretty easily. Everyone should try this stuff! Whether you like pomades, hair creams, ringing gels, doesn’t matter, you will most likely dig this pomade. It caters to all crowds. To get one of these, which you should, head to Claire’s etsy site
Check out her other pomades while you’re there. Oh and pick up either the soap with the deer on it or the tiki soap! They’re awesome!! I’ll be reviewing one of her soaps here pretty soon too. Thank you again Claire, you’re the best!!

See you soon,



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7 comments on “South Side Soaps – Crackling Birch Pomade

  1. NOAM says:

    the globs of pomade didn’t want to break down into my hands so I pushed each one with my finger to flatten them out. Then it spread around nicely

    ^ that’s what i do with Slick Boy Deluxe Romansa Sopir Truk 🙂

    thanks for the review. i will think about it if to try it

  2. Another great review! I just picked up a tin of this.

    Weird question, but where do you get your haircut? It looks pretty awesome all the time.

    Thanks man

  3. Word. I used to get cut there but moved up to the NW corner of Glendale so the drive got too long.

    Thanks for the reply and the reviews bud.

  4. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the review! All of your pomade review are excellent…and I think I’ve read them all!

    I have to know (and I’m not criticizing), why don’t you state what the ingredients of each pomade are?

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