Cock Grease – XXXX

Still on my new product kick guys and gals. This one is a brand new product from Cock Grease. I picked a tin of this stuff up in Vegas while I was at Viva. I chatted with Rea a little bit while I was there after I had bought it and told her I would get to it after the XX, and XXX. However I decided I wanted to try this one out first instead. She said this one has twice as much wax as the XX does. I’ve used that one in the past and it’s pretty damn heavy. I imagine this one will be like a candle. I wanted to keep going on the new product kick I’m on. Plus I had the first show at our new venue coming up, which was also my new band’s first show. I figured a nice heavy pomade would be a good choice, so I went with this one. Let’s get started shall we?


It comes in the same size tins as their other pomades in the line do. It’s a 6oz stainless steel slip cover tin. It has a lid label and a can wrap on it. The lid label looks a lot like their other labels, but with a different color scheme and some different wording. The color scheme on this one is black, orange. and burnt yellow. It has the familiar rooster in the center, but his color has also changed to suit this label. In the banner just below him it says “The Big Black from cock grease.” Above and below it says “Hair Wax” and “Brown Sugar Limited.” In the area by the rooster it has “-ultra- -hard-” and “XXXX, once you go black…” Kind of a funny label. The can wrap is way different from their old oval labels. It has an oval shape, but it’s like the new High Life labels. It goes partway around the side of the can and has the company info and ingredients on it. It still has the oval which has the rooster, Cock Grease, and XXXX on it.


When you open up the tin you see a very waxy looking blueish-grey colored pomade. I was totally expecting a black pomade, but this one is more of a steel blue/charcoal grey color. Very cool color, just not what I was expecting. The label said that this one is brown sugar scented, but I smell the wax right off the bat. Then after I smell it a little bit I can really make out the brown sugar scent. It smells like if you were to cover a jar of brown sugar with a layer of wax to seal it. Pretty unique scent, very sweet too.


As I prepared my finger to dig into a candle, I was completely surprised to find how easy it was to scoop out. It felt more along the lines of High Life’s Heavy. It was by far easier to scoop out then their XX. Which to me is very surprising, because Rea said that it has twice as much wax. I’m guessing it is the micro wax that has doubled, since it is so easy to scoop out. Beeswax would make this stuff like a candle. When I scooped it out I got more of the brown sugar scent then I did from the surface. You can also smell notes of honey and the coconut oil in there too. They’re very faint, but you can detect them in there.

Rubbing in my hands was where I really saw the wax come into play. It was so waxy I couldn’t just rub my hands together to soften it up and spread it around. I had to push in flat into my palm first then rub my hands together. I had to start spreading it out slowly until it covered my whole hands before I could soften it up. When I tried to soften it up, it became very candle like in my hands. I had to do what I do with Putrescence and clap my hands together to keep it from having a hard surface. This allowed me to get it onto my hair, otherwise it wouldn’t have come off my hands.


It goes into your hair very hard. It was even harder to apply than NorCal Knockout pomade or Putrescence. Took me a while to get it worked into my hair with my hands, because it wanted to stick just on top. I did eventually get it worked in somewhat evenly after a little while. I knew with how it applied it would be difficult to comb, but not as difficult as it was. It’s by far the hardest to comb pomade I have used. It took me 5 minutes just to get it combed in somewhat evenly. Once I did that, it became much easier to comb. It was still hard to comb, but not nearly as hard as at first.


I was able to get a HUGE pomp/quiff with this stuff! Probably the tallest I’ve ever gotten. It would literally make my hair stand straight up. So I combed it as high as I could with still making it look decent as a pomp/quiff. It surprisingly has a little bit of shine to it. I definitely wasn’t expecting that from this stuff because it’s so waxy. It was more of a matte shine, but it still had some shine. This stuff left white streaks in my hair too, even with all the combing and styling there were still streaks in my hair. It didn’t flake like other pomades do, but left white waxy streaks in my hair. Kind of weird. I’ve never had a pomade do that before.


It was kind of windy and hot the first day, and when I was loading up all the music equipment and merch I noticed that my hair was starting to split. The cowlick on the right part of the front of my hair was no longer tamed, but split wide open. And the top part of my pomp was drooping down toward my head. This only happened about 20-30 minutes after I styled my hair. Bummer. I grabbed mike home and styled a lower pomp instead. It felt like combing Murray’s in my hair for the first time when I recombed it. Tons of resistance to it, and it kind of made my shorter hairs stick straight out. When I got to the show, I noticed my hair hadn’t moved at all. However halfway through our set, my hair was a wreck. Not surprised at that one bit though. I jump around, head bang, and sometimes mosh while I play. And no pomade I have ever use has held up to the rigors of a hardcore show. It was much easier to recomb the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. etc. time though. I could still comb a palm when the show was over at 11:30. So the first day had some pluses and minuses, but overall was decent. I never try and judge a pomade based off the first day I use it, because there’s so many other factors that can be added to the performance of it once you get the buildup of it in your hair.

The second day I noticed basically none of the pomade had come out. So I didn’t even have to add hardly any pomade to my hair. The work a couple areas where I had to touch up a tiny bit, but I didn’t even use 1/4 of a finger full. I tried again to comb a really tall pomp, which I was able to do. However, like with last time it only lasted about 20–30 minutes. Then I had to recomb it into a lower pomp, and that seemed to hold all day long up until I did my insanity workout. I had a few strands hanging in my face when I was working out. I took a shower after my work out and noticed that a little bit more of the pomade had come out.

When I woke up the next morning I noticed even more of the pomade had come out of my hair. I wanted to see how this stuff would work as a base to a lighter pomade so I decided to put in some of my Sodapomp. It seemed to work pretty well as a base. It was much easier to comb my hair, I had a little bit more control to it, and the styling was a little bit more manageable. My hair didn’t move one bit throughout the day while I was running errands. I am definitely starting to like this combo. I may be using this more often in the future, especially during the summer.

This stuff was kind of rough on me at first, but seem to get better the more I used it. It was really hard to apply and comb, and left streaks in my hair the first day. The hold was very good for a medium tall pomp, but you can’t get crazy height and control with it. you can get a height, but your hair won’t stay all combed together and look uniform and nice. It will kind of slick and wave a little bit, which may be cool for some of you guys. The second and third day were much better. I have much more control those days, and especially when I used a slightly softer pomade as a topper to this one.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool hair wax. The label and name make me laugh quite a bit. It has a good sent, and doesn’t scoop out like a candle. It is a little difficult to apply at first, but does have a nice solid hold to it. It works great as a standalone heavy, or as a base pomade. For all of you guys and love the super heavy stuff I can definitely recommend this one. However, it is not up on their website just yet. And with it saying “limited” on the label, I’m not sure if they will have it as a regular product, or if it was just something you could get at Viva. But if you do want some of this stuff I would encourage you to contact Rea via their website.
Thanks for the chat, and the info about this pomade when we talked at Viva Rea. I will get to the XX and the XXX this summer for you. And maybe the Beaver Cream in the fall.

Once you go black…..


Alfred Lane – Solid Cologne (Vanguard)

Hey guys, I am continuing the new products low that I am on with another new product today. It is also a new type of review for you guys. This review is of a solid cologne. I have heard about these before, but have never seen one or tried one. So when the fine folks over at contacted me about trying one I said “of course!” Those guys of been really supportive of me and my blog so I would like to give them a very big thank you!! Let’s see what this solid cologne is all about.

It comes in a really cool looking tin! It’s a little 1-1 1/2oz slide cover tin with a single label on top. The tin reminds me of the little candy mint tins you can get at a old-timey candy shop. The label is made of what feels like brown paper bag material, but more heavy duty than the standard bag. It’s brown with black writing and a green stripe in the middle. It says “Alfred Lane” up top with their logo, “Vanguard” in the green strip, the has “men’s solid cologne” and the ingredients, weight, and company info at the bottom. Pretty cool label, super simple, yet leaves a lasting impression with you.


The instant you start to slide the lid off you can smell the cologne. You get a nice sharp fresh scent like clean soap right off the bat. Then as you smell it some more you pick up notes of lemon zest and flowers. The more you smell it you can also kind of pick up a slight pine note, and it has a very crisp clean musky finish to it. Very well-balanced scent. Lots of layers, yet none of them muddy up one another. You can distinctly pick out all the different sense, and they go together very well to make a nice clean manly scent. The cologne itself is a white waxy and grainy looking cologne. Looks a little bit like an organic pomade on the surface.


When I went to press my finger into the cologne it felt a lot like that Hue pomade I reviewed, just not as oily. Once I worked it around in my fingers it became much more oily and tacky. It felt kind of like mixing Bees Knees light and Hue together. It feels kind of like applying a lighter pomade to your skin, or a thick ointment. The scent gets nice and strong once you apply it. It fills the entire room when you first apply it, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s again nicely balanced.


This stuff lasts a lot longer than your average spray cologne. I could still smell it towards the end of the day. The scent wasn’t super strong, but it was still present unlike with a spray cologne. It was kind of cool to keep getting whiffs of it throughout the day. I’m not usually one for colognes, but this one was actually pretty cool. I ended up wearing it with a very light scented pomade so the scents wouldn’t clash. However this cologne would go great with a few pomades I have.

After trying this stuff out I definitely like it. As I said before I’m not usually a cologne wearer, but I can see myself using this stuff in the future. Both with the pomades it will go well with and the lighter scent pomades. It is definitely something I can recommend for you guys that wear cologne, and you guys that don’t usually wear cologne. It has a great scent, isn’t overpowering, and lasts all day. To try some of this stuff out, head over to their website.
Thank you again to my friends at Birchbox for thinking of me and sending me this stuff to try out.

See ya next time,


Micro Touch – ONE ~ safety razor set

Hey guys, back with another shave review, finally. This time I’m reviewing a razor, stand, and blade set. I was contacted by Ashante over at Micro Touch a little while back about reviewing their products. I let her know that I usually shave with single blade razors so she sent me out this set to try out. Thank you very much Ashante!! Let’s get to it.


The set comes in a clear plastic box with a bunch of printing on it. The front of it has a picture of the razor on the stand and blades laid out by it. There’s also a picture of the bald guy from that pawn shop tv show by the razor. Next to that is the name of the brand and razor. Up at the top is a “new” sign, and that “as seen on tv” logo. I’ve never seen this on tv, but I’ve seen their other stuff on tv.

Inside the box is the razor, stand, and two packs of razors all stuck inside a black plastic insert. I took everything out and I’ll show you guys what they look like one by one. I’ll start with the razor.


It’s a chrome plated brass butterfly door safety razor. It’s slightly longer than my Merkur razor. It has raised squares along the handle and lines on the twisting part of the handle at the bottom. The doors are nice and smooth polished chrome doors with bars that barely stick out. Opening them up the inside looks like this razor I got from Sally Beauty Supply a while ago. It’s a really light razor too. Maybe half the weight of my Parker razor.


Next the blade. It comes in the same plastic container as the Derby blades. The cardboard insert is black and red with white writing. It has “Microtouch” up top, “-one-” in the red area, and “precision blades” down below. When I pulled out a blade I was surprised to see “Dorco” on the wrapping. It has a picture of the blade and some blue accents. When I opened that the blade was wrapped a second time in wax paper with blue writing on it that says “stainless st300 dorco since 1955.” The blade itself is the same as the picture on the first wrapper, just with a black D instead of a red one.


It fits in the razor very snug, just like the razor I got from Sally. The cutting edges barely stick out from the doors and there’s not very much room between the bar and the blade. I hope this doesn’t cause the razor to clog any. The side tabs stick out pretty far, a little farther than with my other razors. It didn’t seem and thinner than my other razors, but I guess it is.


The stand is also a chrome plated stand that only holds the razor. Some stands hold a razor and a brush, and some hold those and a mug/bowl. It has a circular bottom and a two prong head which holds the razor. It’s only slightly taller than the razor itself. The way the razor sits in the stand indicates that they weren’t made together. As you can see the razor is slightly tilted backward and to the right. Not the best of fits. But it does stay on the stand, so the stand does do it’s job.


Now it’s time for the shave. I had a couple days worth of gross when I shaved for the first time with these blades and the razor. I decided to go with my own shave products for this shave. I’ve been formulating them and am very pleased with them. I figured they would be a good first test with these. Right away with the first stroke I noticed that this blade is not sharp at all. It really tugged on my whiskers. Started to make my eyes water so bad I had to stop shaving and change out the blade.

I switched to my Astra blade for the remainder of the shave and it went much better. The blade is really nice and light in your hands, making the shave really easy and quick. When you have a nice sharp blade that is. It doesn’t glide as easy as my Parker razor since it’s so light, you have to do some of the work. Usually I let the razor do the work for me, but I have to do most of the work with this one. Not a bad thing, it’s just not what I’m used to. I also noticed multiple times during my shave that the razor kept clogging. I would have to loosen the doors, then swish it around in the sink to get all the whiskers unstuck. This kind of became a nuisance while I was shaving. It ended up taking me a lot longer to shave because I kept having to stop and unclog the razor.

My overall opinions on these products is that they aren’t up to my standards. The blades aren’t sharp and tug out your whiskers, making a shave with them nearly impossible. Maybe I just got a bad batch? I’ve heard good things about Dorco so I was surprised that they performed the way they did. The razor has a great feel to it in your hands and glides over your face pretty easily. However, you have to do most of the shaving work instead of the razor, because it’s so light. Also the razor clogs up very often, so that makes your shave take that much longer. The stand is nice, holds the razor, and the razor doesn’t fall out of it. However the razor doesn’t sit flush on it, it’s slightly crooked. Not a big deal to me, but I know some collectors that would be very disappointed in this. If this set is something that interests you and you want to check it out, head over to their website to get it. Huge thank you to Ashante for reaching out to me and thinking of me to try this set out! Sorry it didn’t work for me as well as I’d hoped it would. See you guys at the next shave!

Stay fresh fellas,


Lockhart’s – Goon Grease

Today I am checking out Goon Grease from Lockhart’s. I got this one a while ago, and hadn’t been able to work it into rotation until now. So let’s check out this stuff and see how it is!


It comes in the same tin that his heavy does, a black 4oz slipcover tin. The label on it is laid out similar to the other labels, with a few changes. It’s a tan background and instead of “Lockhart’s” across the front it says “Goon Grease” in green goopy lettering. Instead of “Authentic” up at the top it says “Lockhart’s.” Pretty simple label, but it does stand out. The lettering makes it pop a little bit.


The pomade itself is a kind dark lime green colored waxy looking pomade. It’s a pretty cool looking color, not something you see every day. It has a very distinct scent to it. You get sweet lemonade/lemon drop right upfront immediately followed by a bitter bergamot scent. But it’s not a bad bitter scent, its a perfectly balanced bergamot scent. I also detected a slight woodsy note in there as well. Pretty good scent in my opinion, I don’t know why people complain about it.

When I scoop it out it has a very soft texture to it. It’s very easy to scoop, but does have a very long pull off at the end of the scoop. The label says it’s a heavy hold, but this feels more like a medium to me. It does have a nice tacky feel to it as well. Maybe that tackiness will come into play with the hold. It gets very soft and oily in my hands when I spread it around. However the second I pull my hands apart the tackiness comes back to it. Kind of a weird pomade so far, it keeps changing on me.


When I applied to my hair it went in fairly easily, but does have a little resistance to it. Kind of almost feels like a cross between Murrays Nu Nile and my Atomic pomade. It’s pretty easy to work into your hair with just your hands. However, soon as I went to comb my hair I noticed a lot of resistance. This stuff feels sort of like combing Bees Knees Pomade. It’s not hard to comb by any means, I just expected it to be much easier to comb from the feel of it.


I was able to get some decent height with this pomade, but my pomp wasn’t quite as shaped as I’d like it. Some areas wouldn’t stay up as tall as others for some reason. I just got a cut a couple weeks ago so it shouldn’t be that my hair is too long. This was about as even as I could get it. Maybe I’m just having a bad hair day or something. It has ok shine to it, I figured it would have more from the feel of it. About an hour after I took this picture my hair started to split where my cowlick is and on the crown of my head. So I went ahead and recombed my hair, which was very easy to do. A little while after that it began to split over by my part and droop in the middle of my head. I began to get a little frustrated with it, but after the third time of recombing my hair I finally got my hair to look perfect. Maybe I should’ve just taken a little more time combing my hair in the morning. It’s seem to hold all evening and night after I had recombed the third time.

I was pretty interested to see how the buildup would be and see if it would hold better the next day. The first day the heat seemed to make it droop. When I got out of the shower the next morning, basically all of the pomade was still in my hair. So needless to say I didn’t have to add hardly any pomade to my hair. The second day seemed to yield a little bit better results than the first. I had a little more control and was able to get a better shape to my pomp. I noticed my hair had a little bit more shine to it as well. The hold was about the same though. I had to recomb it quite a few times again the second day, even though I spent more time combing it in the morning. And yet again after multiple recombings my hair became perfect again. This pomade is weird. It takes multiple combings throughout the day in order to get my hair right. When I finally do it’s not as tall as the first time I comb my pomp up, but it holds great the rest of the day.

After using Goon Grease for a couple of days I have decided that I do like it. However, I don’t see what all the hype is about. It’s a pretty dang good pomade, but the medium and heavy are way better. I’m very surprised that most people like this one over those two. Maybe it’s the scent I’m not sure, but I prefer the medium and the heavy over this one. It’s a pomade I can recommend for you guys to check out. And from what I remember it comes in two scents, so if you’re not into lemon you can get the other scent. To get a tin of this stuff head over to his etsy store.
Thanks for everything Steve. I will get to the medium and light reviews as soon as possible.

Keep it greasy,