Lockhart’s – Goon Grease

Today I am checking out Goon Grease from Lockhart’s. I got this one a while ago, and hadn’t been able to work it into rotation until now. So let’s check out this stuff and see how it is!


It comes in the same tin that his heavy does, a black 4oz slipcover tin. The label on it is laid out similar to the other labels, with a few changes. It’s a tan background and instead of “Lockhart’s” across the front it says “Goon Grease” in green goopy lettering. Instead of “Authentic” up at the top it says “Lockhart’s.” Pretty simple label, but it does stand out. The lettering makes it pop a little bit.


The pomade itself is a kind dark lime green colored waxy looking pomade. It’s a pretty cool looking color, not something you see every day. It has a very distinct scent to it. You get sweet lemonade/lemon drop right upfront immediately followed by a bitter bergamot scent. But it’s not a bad bitter scent, its a perfectly balanced bergamot scent. I also detected a slight woodsy note in there as well. Pretty good scent in my opinion, I don’t know why people complain about it.

When I scoop it out it has a very soft texture to it. It’s very easy to scoop, but does have a very long pull off at the end of the scoop. The label says it’s a heavy hold, but this feels more like a medium to me. It does have a nice tacky feel to it as well. Maybe that tackiness will come into play with the hold. It gets very soft and oily in my hands when I spread it around. However the second I pull my hands apart the tackiness comes back to it. Kind of a weird pomade so far, it keeps changing on me.


When I applied to my hair it went in fairly easily, but does have a little resistance to it. Kind of almost feels like a cross between Murrays Nu Nile and my Atomic pomade. It’s pretty easy to work into your hair with just your hands. However, soon as I went to comb my hair I noticed a lot of resistance. This stuff feels sort of like combing Bees Knees Pomade. It’s not hard to comb by any means, I just expected it to be much easier to comb from the feel of it.


I was able to get some decent height with this pomade, but my pomp wasn’t quite as shaped as I’d like it. Some areas wouldn’t stay up as tall as others for some reason. I just got a cut a couple weeks ago so it shouldn’t be that my hair is too long. This was about as even as I could get it. Maybe I’m just having a bad hair day or something. It has ok shine to it, I figured it would have more from the feel of it. About an hour after I took this picture my hair started to split where my cowlick is and on the crown of my head. So I went ahead and recombed my hair, which was very easy to do. A little while after that it began to split over by my part and droop in the middle of my head. I began to get a little frustrated with it, but after the third time of recombing my hair I finally got my hair to look perfect. Maybe I should’ve just taken a little more time combing my hair in the morning. It’s seem to hold all evening and night after I had recombed the third time.

I was pretty interested to see how the buildup would be and see if it would hold better the next day. The first day the heat seemed to make it droop. When I got out of the shower the next morning, basically all of the pomade was still in my hair. So needless to say I didn’t have to add hardly any pomade to my hair. The second day seemed to yield a little bit better results than the first. I had a little more control and was able to get a better shape to my pomp. I noticed my hair had a little bit more shine to it as well. The hold was about the same though. I had to recomb it quite a few times again the second day, even though I spent more time combing it in the morning. And yet again after multiple recombings my hair became perfect again. This pomade is weird. It takes multiple combings throughout the day in order to get my hair right. When I finally do it’s not as tall as the first time I comb my pomp up, but it holds great the rest of the day.

After using Goon Grease for a couple of days I have decided that I do like it. However, I don’t see what all the hype is about. It’s a pretty dang good pomade, but the medium and heavy are way better. I’m very surprised that most people like this one over those two. Maybe it’s the scent I’m not sure, but I prefer the medium and the heavy over this one. It’s a pomade I can recommend for you guys to check out. And from what I remember it comes in two scents, so if you’re not into lemon you can get the other scent. To get a tin of this stuff head over to his etsy store.
Thanks for everything Steve. I will get to the medium and light reviews as soon as possible.

Keep it greasy,



6 comments on “Lockhart’s – Goon Grease

  1. Kris smith says:

    Have you tried rockabilly rub and their monster rub?

  2. praii says:

    Hi JC, in your experience, which one is better in terms of hold, this Goon Grease or DAX H&T Awesome Hold? I wanted to ask about scent too, but I heard Steve Lockhart has changed the Goon Grease’s scent.
    And one request, please review Lockhart’s Fire & Brimstone. I’d really love your review about that brilliant looking pomade!

    Thanks JC!

    • Dax has better hold and buildup and feel and scent. He has changed it a few times. No idea what the new scent is. As far as fire and brimstone, I tried asking him about getting a tin and he never responded to me on where I could get one. He read the message but didn’t respond. So I won’t be reviewing that one.


  3. Jessie says:

    Goon grease is by far the best sh** I’ve ever used.

    • Hey Jessie,

      I’m glad you like it a lot man. It’s definitely an interesting pomade. I have to disagree with you on that though. For me, it’s one of the most overrated pomades out there, and didn’t work as well as I thought it would, based on people’s liking of it and testimonies about it. I found that each time I tried it, including this review, it didn’t perform very well and was hard to get my hair to do what I wanted it to with this pomade in it. Steve’s medium and heavy are way better than this one, but don’t get as much attention for some reason. Probably cause they’re just “medium” and “heavy.” Whereas this one has a name and special color and label etc etc. Either way tho, I’m glad you like it and that it works well for you! And I appreciate you reading and commenting man! Since you do like this one, I have some other recommendations for you! Shoot me an email real quick and I will give you a list and tell you a little about the pomades! Thanks again for the comment bud, I look forward to chatting with you more via email!

      Take care,


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