Alfred Lane – Solid Cologne (Vanguard)

Hey guys, I am continuing the new products low that I am on with another new product today. It is also a new type of review for you guys. This review is of a solid cologne. I have heard about these before, but have never seen one or tried one. So when the fine folks over at contacted me about trying one I said “of course!” Those guys of been really supportive of me and my blog so I would like to give them a very big thank you!! Let’s see what this solid cologne is all about.

It comes in a really cool looking tin! It’s a little 1-1 1/2oz slide cover tin with a single label on top. The tin reminds me of the little candy mint tins you can get at a old-timey candy shop. The label is made of what feels like brown paper bag material, but more heavy duty than the standard bag. It’s brown with black writing and a green stripe in the middle. It says “Alfred Lane” up top with their logo, “Vanguard” in the green strip, the has “men’s solid cologne” and the ingredients, weight, and company info at the bottom. Pretty cool label, super simple, yet leaves a lasting impression with you.


The instant you start to slide the lid off you can smell the cologne. You get a nice sharp fresh scent like clean soap right off the bat. Then as you smell it some more you pick up notes of lemon zest and flowers. The more you smell it you can also kind of pick up a slight pine note, and it has a very crisp clean musky finish to it. Very well-balanced scent. Lots of layers, yet none of them muddy up one another. You can distinctly pick out all the different sense, and they go together very well to make a nice clean manly scent. The cologne itself is a white waxy and grainy looking cologne. Looks a little bit like an organic pomade on the surface.


When I went to press my finger into the cologne it felt a lot like that Hue pomade I reviewed, just not as oily. Once I worked it around in my fingers it became much more oily and tacky. It felt kind of like mixing Bees Knees light and Hue together. It feels kind of like applying a lighter pomade to your skin, or a thick ointment. The scent gets nice and strong once you apply it. It fills the entire room when you first apply it, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s again nicely balanced.


This stuff lasts a lot longer than your average spray cologne. I could still smell it towards the end of the day. The scent wasn’t super strong, but it was still present unlike with a spray cologne. It was kind of cool to keep getting whiffs of it throughout the day. I’m not usually one for colognes, but this one was actually pretty cool. I ended up wearing it with a very light scented pomade so the scents wouldn’t clash. However this cologne would go great with a few pomades I have.

After trying this stuff out I definitely like it. As I said before I’m not usually a cologne wearer, but I can see myself using this stuff in the future. Both with the pomades it will go well with and the lighter scent pomades. It is definitely something I can recommend for you guys that wear cologne, and you guys that don’t usually wear cologne. It has a great scent, isn’t overpowering, and lasts all day. To try some of this stuff out, head over to their website.
Thank you again to my friends at Birchbox for thinking of me and sending me this stuff to try out.

See ya next time,



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