Micro Touch – ONE ~ safety razor set

Hey guys, back with another shave review, finally. This time I’m reviewing a razor, stand, and blade set. I was contacted by Ashante over at Micro Touch a little while back about reviewing their products. I let her know that I usually shave with single blade razors so she sent me out this set to try out. Thank you very much Ashante!! Let’s get to it.


The set comes in a clear plastic box with a bunch of printing on it. The front of it has a picture of the razor on the stand and blades laid out by it. There’s also a picture of the bald guy from that pawn shop tv show by the razor. Next to that is the name of the brand and razor. Up at the top is a “new” sign, and that “as seen on tv” logo. I’ve never seen this on tv, but I’ve seen their other stuff on tv.

Inside the box is the razor, stand, and two packs of razors all stuck inside a black plastic insert. I took everything out and I’ll show you guys what they look like one by one. I’ll start with the razor.


It’s a chrome plated brass butterfly door safety razor. It’s slightly longer than my Merkur razor. It has raised squares along the handle and lines on the twisting part of the handle at the bottom. The doors are nice and smooth polished chrome doors with bars that barely stick out. Opening them up the inside looks like this razor I got from Sally Beauty Supply a while ago. It’s a really light razor too. Maybe half the weight of my Parker razor.


Next the blade. It comes in the same plastic container as the Derby blades. The cardboard insert is black and red with white writing. It has “Microtouch” up top, “-one-” in the red area, and “precision blades” down below. When I pulled out a blade I was surprised to see “Dorco” on the wrapping. It has a picture of the blade and some blue accents. When I opened that the blade was wrapped a second time in wax paper with blue writing on it that says “stainless st300 dorco since 1955.” The blade itself is the same as the picture on the first wrapper, just with a black D instead of a red one.


It fits in the razor very snug, just like the razor I got from Sally. The cutting edges barely stick out from the doors and there’s not very much room between the bar and the blade. I hope this doesn’t cause the razor to clog any. The side tabs stick out pretty far, a little farther than with my other razors. It didn’t seem and thinner than my other razors, but I guess it is.


The stand is also a chrome plated stand that only holds the razor. Some stands hold a razor and a brush, and some hold those and a mug/bowl. It has a circular bottom and a two prong head which holds the razor. It’s only slightly taller than the razor itself. The way the razor sits in the stand indicates that they weren’t made together. As you can see the razor is slightly tilted backward and to the right. Not the best of fits. But it does stay on the stand, so the stand does do it’s job.


Now it’s time for the shave. I had a couple days worth of gross when I shaved for the first time with these blades and the razor. I decided to go with my own shave products for this shave. I’ve been formulating them and am very pleased with them. I figured they would be a good first test with these. Right away with the first stroke I noticed that this blade is not sharp at all. It really tugged on my whiskers. Started to make my eyes water so bad I had to stop shaving and change out the blade.

I switched to my Astra blade for the remainder of the shave and it went much better. The blade is really nice and light in your hands, making the shave really easy and quick. When you have a nice sharp blade that is. It doesn’t glide as easy as my Parker razor since it’s so light, you have to do some of the work. Usually I let the razor do the work for me, but I have to do most of the work with this one. Not a bad thing, it’s just not what I’m used to. I also noticed multiple times during my shave that the razor kept clogging. I would have to loosen the doors, then swish it around in the sink to get all the whiskers unstuck. This kind of became a nuisance while I was shaving. It ended up taking me a lot longer to shave because I kept having to stop and unclog the razor.

My overall opinions on these products is that they aren’t up to my standards. The blades aren’t sharp and tug out your whiskers, making a shave with them nearly impossible. Maybe I just got a bad batch? I’ve heard good things about Dorco so I was surprised that they performed the way they did. The razor has a great feel to it in your hands and glides over your face pretty easily. However, you have to do most of the shaving work instead of the razor, because it’s so light. Also the razor clogs up very often, so that makes your shave take that much longer. The stand is nice, holds the razor, and the razor doesn’t fall out of it. However the razor doesn’t sit flush on it, it’s slightly crooked. Not a big deal to me, but I know some collectors that would be very disappointed in this. If this set is something that interests you and you want to check it out, head over to their website to get it. Huge thank you to Ashante for reaching out to me and thinking of me to try this set out! Sorry it didn’t work for me as well as I’d hoped it would. See you guys at the next shave!

Stay fresh fellas,



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