It looks like I’m off my new pomade kick now. I figure after doing so many new ones it was time to get back to stuff that has been around for a while. Today we are checking out Byrd hair pomade. I got this stuff as a gift from Edgar over at to review. He sent me this along with that HUE pomade and a couple more. I figured it was time to get to another one he sent me. Off we go.


I was kind of surprised to see that this stuff comes in a little 2oz tin. I had seen it on Facebook and other sites on the Internet, but I didn’t know that it came in such a small tin. And for being $16 I totally expected it to be a larger tin. It has a pretty simplistic lid label being just a black background with yellow letters. It also has a side label that’s half yellow and half black. The lid label says “Byrd” in the center, “Hair Pomade” above and below it, and “Superior Quality, Net Wt. 1oz, and Made in CA” in between the bigger writing. The side label says “Wax based, medium shine, classic surf style” in the yellow, and “the original Byrd formula” in the black. The bottom of the tin has a blurb about the pomade, directions, a caution, and the ingredients. I noticed that the main ingredient is petrolatum, so I’m confused why it says wax based on the side label. Kind of weird.


Opening the tin I was slightly disappointed to see a barely more than half full tin. So far I’m pretty unimpressed with this stuff. The pomade itself is an off-white colored medium looking pomade. It has a really nice scent to it. Kind of a mix between fresh out of the shower and PAC-sun cologne. There’s a little bit of a floral note to as well on the back end. Definitely a scent I can see myself wearing again in the future. A cool little thing I noticed too is on the inside of the lid there’s a little yellow bird with an up-do. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a canary, and it has “Byrd” next to it’s feet. Nice little touch to the tin design! Plus it’s painted on there which makes it even cooler.


When I scooped the pomade out I was met with what felt like a cross between the new High Life medium and Mr Ducktail. Kind of a waxy, smooth, and creamy pomade. Just from scooping it I can tell I’m going to like it. You can often tell how a pomade will work and apply just by looking at it and even more so when you scoop it out. I have a strong feeling I’m going to like this pomade quite a bit. However, there are random exceptions when pomades totally pull a 180 on you and don’t work like you expect them to. Only time will tell though. The scent doesn’t seem to get much stronger out of the tin.

When I worked it in my hands it felt just how I knew it would. Creamy, then it gets pretty waxy on you. After you work it around a bit it turns back to being creamy, but then it’s a thick tacky creamy texture. I quite like the feel of this pomade in my hands. Even going in my hair it was like I had mixed those two pomades in my hands and then applied it to my hair. It’s crazy when pomades are so similar to one or two pomades like this. It makes it really easy to describe haha. This stuff was pretty easy to disperse and work in with just my hands as well. I figured I would have to work at it, but I didn’t. It seems to comb a little more like Mr Ducktail, nice and smooth, but with a decent resistance to it. I can tell it will have a nice medium hold and nice control.


I didn’t get a whole lot of lift with this pomade, but I was happy with the medium height I got. It has very nice control to it and keeps all hairs stuck together. That’s one thing I really like from pomades is stickiness and control. This stuff allowed me to get my sides skin tight without even using my boars hair brush. I just used the fine to other end of my comb and bam. It didn’t take a whole lot of combing to get it worked in and into my style either. It was fairly easy to work with. It seemed to hold pretty well throughout the day too. I did notice that it split a little in two areas, but the height and control were still there. I didn’t have any hairs out of place and my hair wasn’t droopy at all.

The shine increases throughout the day too. In the beginning it starts out a kind of low matte shine. Then at the end of the day it’s a very high shine. It’s not quite a real glossy shine, but it’s not matte either. It’s right in between those types of shine, and it’s a very high shine as you can see. I recombed it to get rid of the splits in my hair and surprisingly it had the same resistance to it that it did in the morning. That surprised me quite a bit, because very rarely does a pomade ever do that. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.


The buildup on this stuff is pretty nice. Enough of it comes out to allow you to put a decent scoop in the next day. The only problem with that is that you will go through the pomade very quickly. And being $16 a can it can get a bit pricy if you use this on a regular basis. The hold was a little better the second day and I didn’t have any splits in my hair toward the end of the day either. The buildup seems pretty key for me in using this stuff. I mean my hair looked ok the first day, but it did split. The second day was much better and didn’t split. It usually takes a day or two to truly see the true performance of a pomade. However, most pomades aren’t $16 for a half full 2oz can. So I think this one will be in the same category as the Hairgum products for me. Some stuff I really like, but don’t use too often, because they’re pricy and I go through them quickly.

I am pretty pleased with this pomade as a whole. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the fact that the tin was barely more than half full. As a pomade make myself, to fill up that little tin doesn’t cost very much at all, so just fill it up for your customers. The texture of the pomade is almost perfect for me. I like the scent and shine on it quite a bit. And the buildup is great. It’s definitely a pomade I can recommend trying out. To get a can head on over to
And while you’re there check out all the other products they have on the site. Edgar has that site stocked up with all kinds of awesome grooming products! I want to send a huge thank you to my friend Edgar for entrusting me to review some of the products he stocks and sending them out to me. I really appreciate it man!!

Keep it greasy,


Clubman – Country Club Shampoo

It’s about time I get back to another shampoo. It’s been a while since I reviewed one. Same with some shave products, I need to get back into the swing of reviewing grooming products more regularly again. Anyway, back to the point. I couldn’t resist picking this stuff up when I saw it on the West Coast Shaving site one day when I was buying some stuff. I love all of their other products that I’ve tried so I had to try this one too.


It comes in a huge soft rubber plastic bottle. Much larger than most shampoos I’ve used, aside from the jumbo bottles you can get at Walmart or any other super market. The labeling is printed right on the bottle. And is in the same classic Clubman style. This ones color scheme is forest green and yellow. It has the company name and product name up top. Then some info about the shampoo’s ingredients below that. The Clubman logo is toward the bottom, and then more info about the shampoo is under that. It says that it has ingredients that thicken the hair so we will see if that’s true or not.


The back has “Clubman” up at the very top along with “Country Club Shampoo.” Then just below that is a blurb about the shampoo. Under that is the directions and a caution. The ingredients, company info, and barcode are all at the bottom. This side left out the yellow and is all green. In case any of you didn’t know this company has been around since 1810! Which is why I have loved all of their products so far. You don’t stay in business for over 200 years if you aren’t doing things right. It also says that they have been around that long at the very top of the front label above the name.


The cap of this one is one of those old caps that has the flip up spigot in it. You don’t see these types of caps too often anymore, so for me it was a pretty cool touch. I like these caps a lot. Nice little blast from the past. My lady doesn’t understand why I get so excited over little stuff like this, but I do. It’s the little things that count and make everyday life interesting.


The shampoo is a very thick shampoo. It’s not runny at all and is almost gelatinous. It’s not viscous whatsoever, and really stays together in the little blob in my hand. The blob will move if I tilt my hand, but it doesn’t run really. It all kind of moves together somewhat. It does this even when I squeeze some into the counter. It’s weird to see a shampoo do this. It reminds me a little of the texture of JS Sloane’s cleansing shampoo, but it feels softer in my hands. It sticks together more than that shampoo does. It’s really cool. It has the same awesome smell as their talc and original aftershave does! Even if I don’t love the shampoo I may keep buying it strictly for the scent! Yeah, I love it that much.

It was brought to my attention that I never show the lather on shampoos in my reviews. And a few of you have requested that I do so from now on. I never thought about posting them since I’m in the shower when I lather up my hair. But I figured since I have a good protector case on my phone I might as well take some. I’ll try and get a good picture of the lather at it’s peak each time I review a shampoo from now on.


It lathers up pretty much like any other generic shampoo does. Nothing overly special, but not a dismal, minuscule lather either. The scent exploded in the steam too! It was awesome!!! It filled the entire bathroom, and I could still smell it after I got out of the shower. Definitely buying more of this stuff in the future strictly for this effect!

As far as the performance of the shampoo, it’s also kind of neutral. I didn’t notice any significant change in my hair either way. It wasn’t overly soft and smooth afterward. And it wasn’t dried out and coarse either. My hair didn’t seem to have changed at all, except for the fact that it felt clean. Most of the natural oils had been removed and my hair felt nice and clean afterward. I didn’t notice any difference in my hairs thickness, but I know sometimes ingredients like that take time to work. I’ll have to update you guys on how it does in the future.

I think this one could become my new daily use shampoo. Well every other day technically. I only use shampoo every other day to clean my hair and scalp. I often use baby shampoo just to clean my scalp, especially if I’m using a really greasy shampoo. You need your scalp to be able to breathe, and you need it to stay clean. A healthy scalp is very important to me, and is beneficial for good looking healthy hair.

My final words on this shampoo? Go buy some now! It’s a really good daily driver. Plus the scent is amazing!!! You can’t go wrong with it. It’s by no means a degreasing shampoo so don’t buy it thinking it will remove pomade from your hair. It will work good on super oily ones like Royal Crown Hair Dressing and other light pomades. However it won’t completely remove them. This is just a normal shampoo. And being only $4.50 for a really big bottle you can’t go wrong with it! It is cheaper than most shampoos will find at the store. So head on over to
and pick up a bottle of this stuff. While you’re there browse their site and pick up some other stuff. They have a great selection of all sorts of grooming products! I’ve gotten some awesome shave stuff from there.

Til the next one,


Bona Fide – Fiber

Today I’m checking out Bona Fide’s brand new Fiber product. They just released this one like a week ago so it’s brand spankin new. I bought it a few days before it was released and it arrived Thursday so I’m putting it to work right away!


The packaging and label design is the same as their original. The only difference is the color of the label, this one is orange instead of red like the original. Everything else is the exact same though.


The product itself is much different however. It’s a light pinkish orange glittery looking gel rather than clear like their original. It kind of reminds me of a slightly drier version of JS Sloane’s mediumweight. It has those same silver sparkles in it. The scent on this one is a strong artificial grapefruit scent. It smells exactly like REDKEN’s water wax does. Come to think of it, the look of it is kind of like that stuff too. At least from what I remember. I haven’t used that stuff since like freshmen year of high school. I like this scent better than the original by far. You do still smell the chemicals in it, but the grapefruit really shines through nicely. Their promo said it was a light scent, but it’s definitely not light. It’s a much stronger scent than their original.


When I scooped it out it also reminded me like a drier version of JS Sloane’s mediumweight. It was slightly softer and more aerated as well. And it had some stringy pull offs from the end of the scoop. Kind of cool texture, definitely unique for sure. I haven’t felt anything quite like this stuff before. It’s like a cross between a paste and a fiber.


It spreads in your palms pretty easily, but it’s very tacky/gummy at the same time. Definitely keeping it’s extremely unique texture when spreading it. I went to go apply it to my hair and that’s when I saw something crazy. This stuff has crazy pull offs almost like rubber cement! It sticks together for over 3″!! Second picture is kind of blurry, but you can really see how this stuff is. Never had something do this before, pretty nuts.


Going in your hair, it’s a little bit easier than their normal stuff does. But it leaves kind of silvery streaks in your hair when you’re working with your hands. So far it’s nothing like any of the other fiber products I have used in the past. Combing your hair is fairly normal for a water soluble product. Not too hard, but still has a resistance to it. It took only a little bit to get all the silver streaks worked out of my hair. Even when combing my hair this stuff feels a little drier than normal. That kind of worried me and made me think I wouldn’t be able to get my hair into place before completely dried. Hopefully it doesn’t do that. Their promo claims it doesn’t dry, but it’s kind of showing the opposite right now. So we will see if that’s true or not in a little bit.


This stuff has a lot more hold them their original does. Their promo also said it’s a medium hold, but it’s for sure a heavy hold. As you can see I got a really tall pomp with it. Almost as tall as I can get with the likes of Shiner Gold or other heavies like that. Nice surprise for sure. It seems to have a medium shine like they said it would. From what I remember it’s a little less shine than their original has.


It definitely does dry tho. Not quite as hard as other fibers and ringing gels do, but it dries nonetheless. It’s kind of gummy like Monkey Brains, but harder when it dries. I was pretty happy with the hold most of the day, but toward about 7 o’clock my left side started to droop a bit and my cowlick came through on the right side. So I decided to recomb my hair without water to see of the “non-flaking/highly pliable” claim was true. Highly pliable, absolutely! It was much easier to recomb dry than most water soluble products. Almost like recombing a heavy wax.


But, it did flake on me. You can see them all along the side of my head. They’re not as big of flakes as I usually get from other products, but they are noticeable. A quick spray of water and another recombing and they are all dispersed back into your hair however. But when I sprayed the water I lost most of the hold I had. So I sprayed a bit more and got my hair nice and damp then added some more product to it. Once that dried I had a really rigid hold that wouldn’t move at all. I even messed with it a little with my hands and it didn’t move. That held up the rest of the night at my friends party. Even during beer pong, my teammate and I both went to grab the same ball from the floor and his hat hit my head pretty good and it didn’t really move. I think I had two stray hairs, but that was it really.

When I was washing it out I got really bummed, because it had noticeably dried out my hair a lot. Normally I can’t really tell until I get out of the shower, but I could tell while my hair was still wet. Bummer. I then got out and dried my hair and started combing it back. That’s when I was thrown for a total loop. My hair was really really easy to comb, not like it usually is when ringing gels and other water soluble products dry it out. So I ran my fingers through my hair and was pleasantly met with fairly soft hair. It wasn’t quite as soft as normal, but it wasn’t anywhere near as dried out as it had led on in the shower. Totally pulled a switcheroo on me!

Overall this stuff is pretty dang good. I can’t decide if I like it better than their original or not, but it’s pretty close to it in my book. It did some crazy stuff throughout the process of using it! It didn’t quite live up to the promo claims, but I honestly didn’t expect it to. The only water soluble product I know of that doesn’t dry is Cool Grease blue, so I was totally expecting it to dry and flake when I recombed it. That’s just the nature of these types of products, so I’m always prepared for it and fine with it. I’m very glad that the scent was strong instead of light too, I love the smell of grapefruit. I do wish it had a little more shine, but I can always add my Silver Dollar Hair Dressing or something on it as a topper for shine. I’m definitely happy that I bought this stuff and can for sure see myself using it again in the future multiple times. For all you guys that love water soluble products you have to try this stuff. For the guys that generally use pomades, I would still recommend it. It has great hold, can help with degrease days, doesn’t leave your hair dried out after using it, and has a great scent. So head over to their site and pick up a tub!
Luis, you guys have another good product on your hands here! And a very unique one as well. Congratulations on this one, I hope it does well for you guys!



Layrite – Grooming Spray

Alright guys, after reviewing all three of their pomades and their comb, we are at the final stop in the Layrite hair care line. Their grooming spray is what I will be checking out today. While up at Viva I met with Mike and he handed me a bottle of this stuff to try out. Great guy! Thanks Mike! So off we go….


It is an amber colored round plastic bottle with a black pump-spray nozzle. There is just one large, wrap around label. It’s yellow like their Deluxe label, but it has a very noticeable difference. The girl is in color this time! It’s cool to see her in color rather than an outline. Above her is the company name, and below her is the product name. Everything is encased in a crown molding style border. Pretty cool looking front of the label.


The right side of the label has the directions, bar code, and company info on it. It also has “Made in the USA • Cruelty Free • pH Balanced” up at the top. The right side of the label has the company and product name on the top half of the label. Then on the bottom half is a blurb about the product, a warning, and the ingredients. Fairly simplistic design for the label as a whole, but pretty cool and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

The spray is a very light yellow almost not even colored clear liquid. It just kind of smells like really watered down rubbing alcohol. Not really any scent to it at all. I don’t think it’s supposed to have much scent if any though. After talking with Mike about using this product I kind of gathered it probably shouldn’t have a scent. He suggested using it as a prep for applying their products to your hair instead of just water. I will be trying that as well, but I want to mainly keep the review focused on this product as a stand alone spray.


When I sprayed it in my hair I picked up another scent to it, but it was very faint. It kind of smelled like regular hair spray, but it was barely detectable. Combing my hair felt like I had sprayed water on my hair. Doesn’t feel like combing a tonic or even a hair spray at all. It felt like I sprayed a little too much in my hair the first time I used it so I had to let my hair kind of dry out for a minute. I was surprised to find this stuff doesn’t harden whatsoever. It leaves your hair kind of like how Vitalis hair tonic does. You are also left with a matte shine to you hair, which I kind of liked. This spray really accented my waves a lot.

Obviously I didn’t get any lift to my hair with this stuff, but I wasn’t expecting to. It seemed to give my a lot of control and I didn’t have a ton of stray hairs sticking out. It did allow my hair to split slightly, but not nearly as much as I expected it to. All throughout the day I kept checking my hair waiting for it to be all messed up and fallen out of place. To my surprise my hair was still in the same place towards the end of the day. It seemed to work about the same as Vitalis did for me, only with less hold/lift. The other major difference I noticed with this, is that my hair didn’t feel as soft when I washed it out as it does with Vitalis. My hair didn’t feel dried out or anything like that, but there was in a noticeable difference in the feel of my hair like there was with Vitalis. I would almost classify this more as a hair tonic than a grooming spray.

I decided to take Mike’s advice and use it as a prep for their products. I noticed a pretty significant difference when using their Super Hold. It allowed me to comb that stuff through my hair a little bit easier. At the same time I noticed that the product had dried a lot quicker than it normally does, which made styling a little more difficult. I also was able to get a little bit more of a full looking pomp when using this spray as a prep. When I used it with their Deluxe I didn’t really notice any difference at all. It seemed to comb about the same, and didn’t dry quicker at all. My hair also seem to look about the same once I was finished styling it. I didn’t try it with their Super Shine, because that stuff works good enough on it’s own that I didn’t need to.

This stuff is pretty decent for what it is. I’m not too big on sprays, but I did like this one because it performed more like a hair tonic. Don’t like it as much as I like Vitalis, but it wasn’t bad by any means. Definitely helped a little bit with applying in using their Super Hold. So based on those two performances alone, I can recommend you guys to try this stuff. If you like hair tonics like Vitalis, you should try this stuff out. If you have any trouble applying are using their Super Hold, should try this stuff out. I should have posted this review long time ago, but somehow I forgot about it and I’m just getting to it now. Sorry about the wait Mike!! Cute thank you to my friend Mike from Layrite for giving me a bottle of this stuff at Viva Las Vegas to try out. To get a hold of the stuff head over to their website
I want to give Mike, his team and all the great folks over at Layrite a huge “THANK YOU!” for all their support of me and this blog. You guys are awesome! And thank you for all the conversations Mike, you’re a good friend. Make sure you guys check out their website and all of their products. I only have one product left in the Layrite line to review which is their Bay Rum. I will be getting to it soon for you guys so stay tuned.

Stay fresh fellas,


Dunn’s Pomade

Hey guys, back with another pomade for ya. This one I found out about on Instagram and the maker sent me out a tin of it to review. It took a little while to get it into rotation, but now I’m getting to it! So let’s see what’s up with Dunn’s Pomade.


This one comes in a very unique tin. It’s a rectangle tin like the Schmiere Doktor Corvus tin, only this one is larger and is a slip cover tin. When I first saw it I was totally expected hinges, but was pleasantly surprised to find none. It has just a lid label on it. The label is a clear label with blue and black writing. In the center there are two flags crossed and an anchor in the center of them. On each tip of the flags is the four directions. Then in between the flags in a banner is “Dunn’s Pomade.” At the very top it says “waverunner” and at the bottom is the ingredients list.


Opening up the can you see a light yellow creamy looking pomade. It looks to be pretty soft just from the surface. I did notice that there are a bunch of finger marks all over the surface. Like someone took their finger and dragged it over the entire surface. That’s pretty disheartening to say the least. The scent on this one is very cologney. It reminds me of something you’d smell at a store in the mall like PAC-SUN or Tilly’s or something like that. Not really my cup of tea, but I know a lot of people that would like it a lot.


When I poked my finger into the pomade my suspicions were confirmed. It feels like scooping whipped butter out of a tub. It literally feels like whipped butter. Same thing when I worked the pomade around in my hands. It felt like what I think whipped butter would feel like if you were to spread it around in your hands.

It goes in very easily, kind of like applying a medium pomade. I expected it to be a lot lighter in my hands and hair since it’s a bunch of oils and beeswax, but it feels like a decent medium. Combing my hair was very easy, that’s when I started to get more of an oily feel to it. The pomade seemed to almost break down and leave my hair just oily. It was very strange, I’ve never had a pomade do this before.


I didn’t get much height or hold out of this pomade. My hair was very floppy and wanted to separate a bunch. My hair did have a really high shine to it though. That’s always a plus. I’m not sure how much of a plus when your hair won’t stay for more than 10 minutes. Even when I just tried to slick it back or rock an Ivy League, my hair just wouldn’t stay. I wasn’t even out in the heat or anything, I had to stay at the house all day. Definitely bummed out about this pomade the first day trying it.

When I got out of the shower the next morning I noticed most of the oil had come out and left me with a slightly waxy feel to my hair. Very little buildup left in my hair. Hopefully the waxy feel will give me some more hold and control this time around. It seemed to go in slightly less easy, so it’s off to a good start. Then when I was combing it in and styling my hair it got oily on me again. I wasn’t able to get any more hold out of it the second day than I did the first. It completely melted and fell apart in the heat, as I knew it would. Definitely bummed about this stuff.

It’s not really a pomade I would recommend for daily use. This one might be good as a topper or for a low profile hairstyle in the winter, but that’s about it. This one kind of goes in the same class as Levin’s light for me. Might be good as a topper, but mainly just a collectors item for me. I know some of you guys that really like soft pomades would like it. Same goes for you combo and cocktail guys that use two or more pomades per day. You guys may like this stuff. If this seems like something you want to try you can find the guy who makes it on Instagram. The username is @dunnspomade. Sorry I didn’t like the pomade man, huge thank you for sending me out a can to try and thinking of me to review your pomade. Sometimes pomades just don’t work for me though. However, like I say, pomades do work differently for different people. So you’ll have to make up your own mind about this stuff really.

See ya next time,


Straight Edge Eddy’s Pomade

Hey guys in continuation of the new product roll I’m on I will be reviewing my good friend Eddy’s pomade. I’ve been using this stuff since he first started testing it about a year ago. So it’s not new to me per se, but the formula has been tweaked a little and the labels are new. Plus, it’s new to you guys and newly for sale up on his etsy store.

Eddy is a friend of mine from the Arizona Hardcore scene. I first met him at a show a few years ago then started talking to him more and more. He then told me at one of the shows he booked that my band was playing that he had started making his own pomade. Being the pomade lover that I am I was eager to try it out. A few months later he texted me about getting a sample from him when I was down in Tempe getting my back tattooed. So I picked it up from him and thus began my relationship with this pomade. Eddy is also my barber. He works at Electric Haven in Tempe, AZ. So if you’re in AZ, stop in a get a cut by him. It will be one of the best, if not the best cut you’ve ever had. Top notch barber and guy.


He packages his pomade in flat 4oz slip cover tins, like the Bees Knees or Blackjack tins. He has just one lid label on it, and it’s a bad ass label! It’s a tan back ground with a dark grey border and writing. Up top is “Straight Edge” in some western style lettering, then just below that is “Eddy’s” in cursive with an arrow underneath pointing to the left. Just under that is a Barber Pole with a blue banner that has “original hold” in it. At the very bottom in cursive rope lettering is “Mesa, AZ.” Such a rad label! Simple, but the little details really give it a nice panache and flare. His very first run of labels had a white border, but I like the dark gray border much better. It matches the label and lettering a lot better.


When you pull off the lid you see a cream colored waxy pomade. Then the scent hits you right in the face! It is a wonderful bouquet of strong Sandelwood, followed by medium notes of cinnamon and vanilla, then a hint of fresh coconut at the end. By far one of the best smelling pomades out on the market today! This scent has changed a little bit since his original tester that he gave me, but it has changed for the better for sure. It was a good scent before, but now it is amazing.


This stuff scoops out fairly easily. You have to push kind of hard to break the surface, but immediately it comes out like a real creamy wax. You can see the flat surface on the scoop and then the creamy trail from the scoop. This stuff is by far one of the creamiest pomades I’ve ever tried. In your hands it is just awesome. It spreads like butter, no clumps whatsoever, real nice creamy feel. The scent doesn’t change much in your hands other than it gets a bit stronger. I really like the sandalwood note of this pomade, it’s such a great scent.

Going in your hair, it feels like you’re applying a light pomade. The creaminess to it really makes application very easy. You can easily coat all sides of your hair and work it in pretty evenly with just your hands. You start to see the shine this stuff gives your hair before you even grab your comb. One of my favorite things about this pomade! It’s very easy to run your comb through too. Even the very first combing feels more like you’re recombing your hair instead of working it in. Really nice to comb around and work the pomade into your hair. Once you get it combed into your hair the cinnamon really comes out! It’s great! Reminds me of fresh cinnamon sticks. I like when scents expand and reveal different notes throughout application and whatnot, it’s really cool.


I decided to go with a regular pompadour instead of a parted one this time. Now that my hair has been adjusted accordingly I can start doing this type of pomp. It was a little tricky getting it going though. My hair is so used to being parted that it kind of wanted to split. You can see a couple gaps where it was trying. It was also a little weird blending the left side without my part, and it took me a little longer to comb. It will be fun to try and get my hair trained to this hairstyle over the next few months.


Back to the pomade! It has a really nice medium hold to it, kind of along the lines of Nu Nile or High Life medium. Way different feel to it, but this pomade holds about the same as those two do. The shine is more of a natural looking shine, but it is a nice shine. It makes your hair look really healthy. I love a nice high, chrome-like shine, but this type of shine is a really nice change up. Kind of a breath of fresh air from the wet/greasy look. Being from Arizona, Eddy did his research with his pomade holding up to the heat. It’s been in the upper 90’s out here lately and this stuff does a great job staying all day. By far one of the better staying mediums I’ve tried. I also love the fact that this stuff doesn’t get super greasy toward the end of the day. Some pomades make your hair feel real greasy or oily at the end of the day, but this one leaves your hair more smooth than greasy. You can run your hand over your hair and not be left with a greasy residue on your hand. Super easily recombable as well, not that you’ll need to recomb it because it holds well, but if you do you’ll find a nice recomb to this pomade.


The buildup on the second day is perfect! Not too much of the pomade comes out of your hair, but enough comes out to give you a nice base to build off of. I used a little less than half of what I used the first day. I noticed a little increase in shine too. Hold was the same, but I had a little more control and no flyaways the second day. My pomp was much more rounded and bulbous the second day. It seemed to be more full looking too. I decided on a parted pomp this time, and I like the results much better. I knew I would, my hair is used to being parted. It held really really well all day long and it didn’t seem to move at all. My hair seemed like it was in the same place at the end of the day. Definitely happy with it at the end of the second day, as I have been every time I’ve used the stuff.

This is a pomade that you guys definitely have to have in your collection. There really isn’t anything bad I can say about this stuff. It’s one of the most solid medium pomades out there these days. The creamy texture makes it one of the easier to apply mediums out there. The scent is a nicely balanced blend of scents that compliment each other. Buy a tin of this stuff ASAP!! You can find it on Eddy’s etsy store.
Make sure to get a tin ASAP and tell him JC sent you. Maybe he will give ya a free sticker or something. I want to give my friend Eddy a thank you for giving me a tin of his pomade to review and for letting me test it out since the beginning. I appreciate it man! I’ll be down soon to get a cut and I have some stuff for you to try out as well.

Stay slick fellas,


Another thank you!

Hello everybody! Just wanted to take some time and make a little thank you post after finding out some cool stuff! So a friend of mine told me yesterday that when he searched pomade reviews, my blog was the first thing in the search. WOW!!!! That’s the most awesome thing ever. I can’t thank everyone who reads and supports my blog enough for making that happen!!! My blog wouldn’t be where it is today without all of you!! And neither would I. To be at the top of the Google search engine is a huge milestone for me and this blog. And by far one of the coolest things that has ever happened with this blog. Thank you so much everybody! You all know who you are!

Keep on reading and sharing!!!