Bloody Pomade

Hey guys, today’s pomade comes all the way from Malaysia! I talked to Shahril a while back and he decided to send me a can to review. I got it a little while later and then put it into the line up and am finally getting to review it. Big thank you to Shahril for sending me this tin and the sticker. Let’s see what’s up with the first Malaysian pomade I’ve had a chance to try.


It is packaged in the same tins as Crown pomade. Only these ones are silver not gold. The lid label covers the entire lid, kind of cool to see. You usually never see labels that cover the whole lid. The label is a black background with red writing. In big block letters is “BLOODY est13” in the center with some filigree around it. Then there are little flowers around the edge and it says “Handmade Pomade” up top and “Firm” down below. Under BLOODY it has the weight and that it’s a petro free pomade. Cool! Another petro free pomade to try out. These seem to be popping up everywhere these days. It’s kind of a cool alternative to traditional pomades.


This one has a bottom label on it as well, with the same color scheme. It basically has a mini version of the lid label in the very center of it, then “proudly made in Malaysia” below that. Followed by the weight info and the ingredients in a circle around everything. Now on the outer edge of the label it says “Warning: Non Water-Based Pomade.” Why they have that there I’m not sure. I don’t get why people should be warned that it’s not a water based, but whatever. More power to em. Oh, there’s also a little white dot with a 1 in the center of it on the label. Not sure what it’s there for, but it’s there.


When you unscrew the lid you see a slightly yellow/off-white pomade. I was kind of hoping for a blood red colored pomade to go with the name. That would’ve been so rad! It has a very matte surface and seems to be pretty waxy. The scent on it hits you right away with a front note of tea tree. Then you start to pick up notes of lavender and bergamot, which are great scents and go well with the tea tree. I detected a slight hint of fresh soap, but my roommate said he couldn’t smell that so you’ll have to be the judge on that. For sure a nice smell, kind of more of a bitter and fresh smell, but in a great way.

It’s fairly easy to scoop out. You can definitely tell it’s got lots of soy wax and oils in it. It has a slight oily feel to it just scooping it out of the tin. And boy does this pomade go every which way when you push your finger into the tin. It went in three different directions and ribbons when I scooped it out. Then when you try to spread it out it gets real oily while leaving wax chunks in your hands. Tell tale sign of soy wax. The few soy wax pomades I’ve used I liked quite a bit so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one. The scent gets really nice and strong with the bergamot when you get the pomade worked around in your hands. You do have to kind of squish the wax clumps to spread them out, but once you do it gains a nice sticky feel to it.


It goes in you hair like butter! It’s one of the easiest pomades to apply. It reminds me a lot of the Polished & Proper pomade. Both scooping and application of the pomade. This one is a bit more resistant when you comb it though. That is no doubt due to the beeswax in it, gives it more rigidity when you comb your hair. It definitely dispersed into my hair really easily and was worked in completely with very little combing.


This pomade had a pretty good hold to it for being as oily as it was. I was able to style a nice short medium pomp with it. My hair had some wave to it, but held up and didn’t fall over or sink or droop at all. The shine is also really nice, very reminiscent of Polished & Proper there as well. I really liked that this stuff stuck all my little hairs to my do. I was wondering if they would stick or kind of clump together on their own and not adhere to the rest of my hair. Glad they complied and stuck with the other hairs.

I was very surprised to see that this stuff didn’t turn to just oil in the Arizona heat. I did quite a bit of running around and being outside in the first day that I use this stuff and it seem to hold pretty much in the same place all day long. Very surprised and impressed with that. Now it wasn’t quite summer temperatures, and I didn’t have a very tall pomp, but still my hair didn’t really move out of place and that’s what matters. I ended up taking another shower at the end of the day because I got all sweaty throughout the day. When I got out of the shower I checked my hair and found that about half the pomade had come out. This should make for a nice build up on day two!

Second day build up allowed for a slightly taller and more controlled pomp. Same amount of shine as the first day, but less wave and more height. Don’t see anything wrong with that! It was pretty windy and hot that day so I had to keep recombing my hair. About every 30-45 minutes the wind would blow a big strand out of place. Towards the end of the day, with the heat and wind an recombing, my hair looked really oily. The pomade seemed to have kind of broken down and most of the oils were coming through. I didn’t have an oily head or face, just my hair looked like it was very oil. I lost pretty much all the hold and control and big grouped strands were just flopped everywhere. Kind of a bummer for me. That night pretty much all of the pomade came out of my hair in the shower. That was actually pretty nice, allowing me to have a fresh start the next day.

All in all, pretty cool pomade. Definitely something I can see myself using again in the future. Probably more in the late fall and winter, but I will for sure use it again. It’s a great collectors item too as it comes from Malaysia and there aren’t too many pomades from there. Cool label, great scent and shine, decent hold, comes out fairly easily. The only thing I didn’t like about it was how it kind of broke down when put through the rigors of daily use. However, on days that aren’t hot and windy it works great. So just don’t use it on those days. Now I’m not sure if Shahril has a website up yet or not but you can definitely search on google or Facebook and find this stuff if you want to check it out. Thank you again for letting me try this stuff out Shahril! Sorry it took me a while to get to it in the rotation. Pick up a can of this stuff guys, great collectors item.

Keep it greasy,


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