Dunn’s Pomade

Hey guys, back with another pomade for ya. This one I found out about on Instagram and the maker sent me out a tin of it to review. It took a little while to get it into rotation, but now I’m getting to it! So let’s see what’s up with Dunn’s Pomade.


This one comes in a very unique tin. It’s a rectangle tin like the Schmiere Doktor Corvus tin, only this one is larger and is a slip cover tin. When I first saw it I was totally expected hinges, but was pleasantly surprised to find none. It has just a lid label on it. The label is a clear label with blue and black writing. In the center there are two flags crossed and an anchor in the center of them. On each tip of the flags is the four directions. Then in between the flags in a banner is “Dunn’s Pomade.” At the very top it says “waverunner” and at the bottom is the ingredients list.


Opening up the can you see a light yellow creamy looking pomade. It looks to be pretty soft just from the surface. I did notice that there are a bunch of finger marks all over the surface. Like someone took their finger and dragged it over the entire surface. That’s pretty disheartening to say the least. The scent on this one is very cologney. It reminds me of something you’d smell at a store in the mall like PAC-SUN or Tilly’s or something like that. Not really my cup of tea, but I know a lot of people that would like it a lot.


When I poked my finger into the pomade my suspicions were confirmed. It feels like scooping whipped butter out of a tub. It literally feels like whipped butter. Same thing when I worked the pomade around in my hands. It felt like what I think whipped butter would feel like if you were to spread it around in your hands.

It goes in very easily, kind of like applying a medium pomade. I expected it to be a lot lighter in my hands and hair since it’s a bunch of oils and beeswax, but it feels like a decent medium. Combing my hair was very easy, that’s when I started to get more of an oily feel to it. The pomade seemed to almost break down and leave my hair just oily. It was very strange, I’ve never had a pomade do this before.


I didn’t get much height or hold out of this pomade. My hair was very floppy and wanted to separate a bunch. My hair did have a really high shine to it though. That’s always a plus. I’m not sure how much of a plus when your hair won’t stay for more than 10 minutes. Even when I just tried to slick it back or rock an Ivy League, my hair just wouldn’t stay. I wasn’t even out in the heat or anything, I had to stay at the house all day. Definitely bummed out about this pomade the first day trying it.

When I got out of the shower the next morning I noticed most of the oil had come out and left me with a slightly waxy feel to my hair. Very little buildup left in my hair. Hopefully the waxy feel will give me some more hold and control this time around. It seemed to go in slightly less easy, so it’s off to a good start. Then when I was combing it in and styling my hair it got oily on me again. I wasn’t able to get any more hold out of it the second day than I did the first. It completely melted and fell apart in the heat, as I knew it would. Definitely bummed about this stuff.

It’s not really a pomade I would recommend for daily use. This one might be good as a topper or for a low profile hairstyle in the winter, but that’s about it. This one kind of goes in the same class as Levin’s light for me. Might be good as a topper, but mainly just a collectors item for me. I know some of you guys that really like soft pomades would like it. Same goes for you combo and cocktail guys that use two or more pomades per day. You guys may like this stuff. If this seems like something you want to try you can find the guy who makes it on Instagram. The username is @dunnspomade. Sorry I didn’t like the pomade man, huge thank you for sending me out a can to try and thinking of me to review your pomade. Sometimes pomades just don’t work for me though. However, like I say, pomades do work differently for different people. So you’ll have to make up your own mind about this stuff really.

See ya next time,


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2 comments on “Dunn’s Pomade

  1. Mati says:

    Very cool blog- i’m reading it from few weeks.

    In my opinion You will look better with mustache.

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