Layrite – Grooming Spray

Alright guys, after reviewing all three of their pomades and their comb, we are at the final stop in the Layrite hair care line. Their grooming spray is what I will be checking out today. While up at Viva I met with Mike and he handed me a bottle of this stuff to try out. Great guy! Thanks Mike! So off we go….


It is an amber colored round plastic bottle with a black pump-spray nozzle. There is just one large, wrap around label. It’s yellow like their Deluxe label, but it has a very noticeable difference. The girl is in color this time! It’s cool to see her in color rather than an outline. Above her is the company name, and below her is the product name. Everything is encased in a crown molding style border. Pretty cool looking front of the label.


The right side of the label has the directions, bar code, and company info on it. It also has “Made in the USA • Cruelty Free • pH Balanced” up at the top. The right side of the label has the company and product name on the top half of the label. Then on the bottom half is a blurb about the product, a warning, and the ingredients. Fairly simplistic design for the label as a whole, but pretty cool and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

The spray is a very light yellow almost not even colored clear liquid. It just kind of smells like really watered down rubbing alcohol. Not really any scent to it at all. I don’t think it’s supposed to have much scent if any though. After talking with Mike about using this product I kind of gathered it probably shouldn’t have a scent. He suggested using it as a prep for applying their products to your hair instead of just water. I will be trying that as well, but I want to mainly keep the review focused on this product as a stand alone spray.


When I sprayed it in my hair I picked up another scent to it, but it was very faint. It kind of smelled like regular hair spray, but it was barely detectable. Combing my hair felt like I had sprayed water on my hair. Doesn’t feel like combing a tonic or even a hair spray at all. It felt like I sprayed a little too much in my hair the first time I used it so I had to let my hair kind of dry out for a minute. I was surprised to find this stuff doesn’t harden whatsoever. It leaves your hair kind of like how Vitalis hair tonic does. You are also left with a matte shine to you hair, which I kind of liked. This spray really accented my waves a lot.

Obviously I didn’t get any lift to my hair with this stuff, but I wasn’t expecting to. It seemed to give my a lot of control and I didn’t have a ton of stray hairs sticking out. It did allow my hair to split slightly, but not nearly as much as I expected it to. All throughout the day I kept checking my hair waiting for it to be all messed up and fallen out of place. To my surprise my hair was still in the same place towards the end of the day. It seemed to work about the same as Vitalis did for me, only with less hold/lift. The other major difference I noticed with this, is that my hair didn’t feel as soft when I washed it out as it does with Vitalis. My hair didn’t feel dried out or anything like that, but there was in a noticeable difference in the feel of my hair like there was with Vitalis. I would almost classify this more as a hair tonic than a grooming spray.

I decided to take Mike’s advice and use it as a prep for their products. I noticed a pretty significant difference when using their Super Hold. It allowed me to comb that stuff through my hair a little bit easier. At the same time I noticed that the product had dried a lot quicker than it normally does, which made styling a little more difficult. I also was able to get a little bit more of a full looking pomp when using this spray as a prep. When I used it with their Deluxe I didn’t really notice any difference at all. It seemed to comb about the same, and didn’t dry quicker at all. My hair also seem to look about the same once I was finished styling it. I didn’t try it with their Super Shine, because that stuff works good enough on it’s own that I didn’t need to.

This stuff is pretty decent for what it is. I’m not too big on sprays, but I did like this one because it performed more like a hair tonic. Don’t like it as much as I like Vitalis, but it wasn’t bad by any means. Definitely helped a little bit with applying in using their Super Hold. So based on those two performances alone, I can recommend you guys to try this stuff. If you like hair tonics like Vitalis, you should try this stuff out. If you have any trouble applying are using their Super Hold, should try this stuff out. I should have posted this review long time ago, but somehow I forgot about it and I’m just getting to it now. Sorry about the wait Mike!! Cute thank you to my friend Mike from Layrite for giving me a bottle of this stuff at Viva Las Vegas to try out. To get a hold of the stuff head over to their website
I want to give Mike, his team and all the great folks over at Layrite a huge “THANK YOU!” for all their support of me and this blog. You guys are awesome! And thank you for all the conversations Mike, you’re a good friend. Make sure you guys check out their website and all of their products. I only have one product left in the Layrite line to review which is their Bay Rum. I will be getting to it soon for you guys so stay tuned.

Stay fresh fellas,



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