Bona Fide – Fiber

Today I’m checking out Bona Fide’s brand new Fiber product. They just released this one like a week ago so it’s brand spankin new. I bought it a few days before it was released and it arrived Thursday so I’m putting it to work right away!


The packaging and label design is the same as their original. The only difference is the color of the label, this one is orange instead of red like the original. Everything else is the exact same though.


The product itself is much different however. It’s a light pinkish orange glittery looking gel rather than clear like their original. It kind of reminds me of a slightly drier version of JS Sloane’s mediumweight. It has those same silver sparkles in it. The scent on this one is a strong artificial grapefruit scent. It smells exactly like REDKEN’s water wax does. Come to think of it, the look of it is kind of like that stuff too. At least from what I remember. I haven’t used that stuff since like freshmen year of high school. I like this scent better than the original by far. You do still smell the chemicals in it, but the grapefruit really shines through nicely. Their promo said it was a light scent, but it’s definitely not light. It’s a much stronger scent than their original.


When I scooped it out it also reminded me like a drier version of JS Sloane’s mediumweight. It was slightly softer and more aerated as well. And it had some stringy pull offs from the end of the scoop. Kind of cool texture, definitely unique for sure. I haven’t felt anything quite like this stuff before. It’s like a cross between a paste and a fiber.


It spreads in your palms pretty easily, but it’s very tacky/gummy at the same time. Definitely keeping it’s extremely unique texture when spreading it. I went to go apply it to my hair and that’s when I saw something crazy. This stuff has crazy pull offs almost like rubber cement! It sticks together for over 3″!! Second picture is kind of blurry, but you can really see how this stuff is. Never had something do this before, pretty nuts.


Going in your hair, it’s a little bit easier than their normal stuff does. But it leaves kind of silvery streaks in your hair when you’re working with your hands. So far it’s nothing like any of the other fiber products I have used in the past. Combing your hair is fairly normal for a water soluble product. Not too hard, but still has a resistance to it. It took only a little bit to get all the silver streaks worked out of my hair. Even when combing my hair this stuff feels a little drier than normal. That kind of worried me and made me think I wouldn’t be able to get my hair into place before completely dried. Hopefully it doesn’t do that. Their promo claims it doesn’t dry, but it’s kind of showing the opposite right now. So we will see if that’s true or not in a little bit.


This stuff has a lot more hold them their original does. Their promo also said it’s a medium hold, but it’s for sure a heavy hold. As you can see I got a really tall pomp with it. Almost as tall as I can get with the likes of Shiner Gold or other heavies like that. Nice surprise for sure. It seems to have a medium shine like they said it would. From what I remember it’s a little less shine than their original has.


It definitely does dry tho. Not quite as hard as other fibers and ringing gels do, but it dries nonetheless. It’s kind of gummy like Monkey Brains, but harder when it dries. I was pretty happy with the hold most of the day, but toward about 7 o’clock my left side started to droop a bit and my cowlick came through on the right side. So I decided to recomb my hair without water to see of the “non-flaking/highly pliable” claim was true. Highly pliable, absolutely! It was much easier to recomb dry than most water soluble products. Almost like recombing a heavy wax.


But, it did flake on me. You can see them all along the side of my head. They’re not as big of flakes as I usually get from other products, but they are noticeable. A quick spray of water and another recombing and they are all dispersed back into your hair however. But when I sprayed the water I lost most of the hold I had. So I sprayed a bit more and got my hair nice and damp then added some more product to it. Once that dried I had a really rigid hold that wouldn’t move at all. I even messed with it a little with my hands and it didn’t move. That held up the rest of the night at my friends party. Even during beer pong, my teammate and I both went to grab the same ball from the floor and his hat hit my head pretty good and it didn’t really move. I think I had two stray hairs, but that was it really.

When I was washing it out I got really bummed, because it had noticeably dried out my hair a lot. Normally I can’t really tell until I get out of the shower, but I could tell while my hair was still wet. Bummer. I then got out and dried my hair and started combing it back. That’s when I was thrown for a total loop. My hair was really really easy to comb, not like it usually is when ringing gels and other water soluble products dry it out. So I ran my fingers through my hair and was pleasantly met with fairly soft hair. It wasn’t quite as soft as normal, but it wasn’t anywhere near as dried out as it had led on in the shower. Totally pulled a switcheroo on me!

Overall this stuff is pretty dang good. I can’t decide if I like it better than their original or not, but it’s pretty close to it in my book. It did some crazy stuff throughout the process of using it! It didn’t quite live up to the promo claims, but I honestly didn’t expect it to. The only water soluble product I know of that doesn’t dry is Cool Grease blue, so I was totally expecting it to dry and flake when I recombed it. That’s just the nature of these types of products, so I’m always prepared for it and fine with it. I’m very glad that the scent was strong instead of light too, I love the smell of grapefruit. I do wish it had a little more shine, but I can always add my Silver Dollar Hair Dressing or something on it as a topper for shine. I’m definitely happy that I bought this stuff and can for sure see myself using it again in the future multiple times. For all you guys that love water soluble products you have to try this stuff. For the guys that generally use pomades, I would still recommend it. It has great hold, can help with degrease days, doesn’t leave your hair dried out after using it, and has a great scent. So head over to their site and pick up a tub!
Luis, you guys have another good product on your hands here! And a very unique one as well. Congratulations on this one, I hope it does well for you guys!




One comment on “Bona Fide – Fiber

  1. RJ Atiqi says:

    Hello and thanks for all the info love bona fide so I went out and picked this one up not bad I like both

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