Clubman – Country Club Shampoo

It’s about time I get back to another shampoo. It’s been a while since I reviewed one. Same with some shave products, I need to get back into the swing of reviewing grooming products more regularly again. Anyway, back to the point. I couldn’t resist picking this stuff up when I saw it on the West Coast Shaving site one day when I was buying some stuff. I love all of their other products that I’ve tried so I had to try this one too.


It comes in a huge soft rubber plastic bottle. Much larger than most shampoos I’ve used, aside from the jumbo bottles you can get at Walmart or any other super market. The labeling is printed right on the bottle. And is in the same classic Clubman style. This ones color scheme is forest green and yellow. It has the company name and product name up top. Then some info about the shampoo’s ingredients below that. The Clubman logo is toward the bottom, and then more info about the shampoo is under that. It says that it has ingredients that thicken the hair so we will see if that’s true or not.


The back has “Clubman” up at the very top along with “Country Club Shampoo.” Then just below that is a blurb about the shampoo. Under that is the directions and a caution. The ingredients, company info, and barcode are all at the bottom. This side left out the yellow and is all green. In case any of you didn’t know this company has been around since 1810! Which is why I have loved all of their products so far. You don’t stay in business for over 200 years if you aren’t doing things right. It also says that they have been around that long at the very top of the front label above the name.


The cap of this one is one of those old caps that has the flip up spigot in it. You don’t see these types of caps too often anymore, so for me it was a pretty cool touch. I like these caps a lot. Nice little blast from the past. My lady doesn’t understand why I get so excited over little stuff like this, but I do. It’s the little things that count and make everyday life interesting.


The shampoo is a very thick shampoo. It’s not runny at all and is almost gelatinous. It’s not viscous whatsoever, and really stays together in the little blob in my hand. The blob will move if I tilt my hand, but it doesn’t run really. It all kind of moves together somewhat. It does this even when I squeeze some into the counter. It’s weird to see a shampoo do this. It reminds me a little of the texture of JS Sloane’s cleansing shampoo, but it feels softer in my hands. It sticks together more than that shampoo does. It’s really cool. It has the same awesome smell as their talc and original aftershave does! Even if I don’t love the shampoo I may keep buying it strictly for the scent! Yeah, I love it that much.

It was brought to my attention that I never show the lather on shampoos in my reviews. And a few of you have requested that I do so from now on. I never thought about posting them since I’m in the shower when I lather up my hair. But I figured since I have a good protector case on my phone I might as well take some. I’ll try and get a good picture of the lather at it’s peak each time I review a shampoo from now on.


It lathers up pretty much like any other generic shampoo does. Nothing overly special, but not a dismal, minuscule lather either. The scent exploded in the steam too! It was awesome!!! It filled the entire bathroom, and I could still smell it after I got out of the shower. Definitely buying more of this stuff in the future strictly for this effect!

As far as the performance of the shampoo, it’s also kind of neutral. I didn’t notice any significant change in my hair either way. It wasn’t overly soft and smooth afterward. And it wasn’t dried out and coarse either. My hair didn’t seem to have changed at all, except for the fact that it felt clean. Most of the natural oils had been removed and my hair felt nice and clean afterward. I didn’t notice any difference in my hairs thickness, but I know sometimes ingredients like that take time to work. I’ll have to update you guys on how it does in the future.

I think this one could become my new daily use shampoo. Well every other day technically. I only use shampoo every other day to clean my hair and scalp. I often use baby shampoo just to clean my scalp, especially if I’m using a really greasy shampoo. You need your scalp to be able to breathe, and you need it to stay clean. A healthy scalp is very important to me, and is beneficial for good looking healthy hair.

My final words on this shampoo? Go buy some now! It’s a really good daily driver. Plus the scent is amazing!!! You can’t go wrong with it. It’s by no means a degreasing shampoo so don’t buy it thinking it will remove pomade from your hair. It will work good on super oily ones like Royal Crown Hair Dressing and other light pomades. However it won’t completely remove them. This is just a normal shampoo. And being only $4.50 for a really big bottle you can’t go wrong with it! It is cheaper than most shampoos will find at the store. So head on over to
and pick up a bottle of this stuff. While you’re there browse their site and pick up some other stuff. They have a great selection of all sorts of grooming products! I’ve gotten some awesome shave stuff from there.

Til the next one,



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