It looks like I’m off my new pomade kick now. I figure after doing so many new ones it was time to get back to stuff that has been around for a while. Today we are checking out Byrd hair pomade. I got this stuff as a gift from Edgar over at to review. He sent me this along with that HUE pomade and a couple more. I figured it was time to get to another one he sent me. Off we go.


I was kind of surprised to see that this stuff comes in a little 2oz tin. I had seen it on Facebook and other sites on the Internet, but I didn’t know that it came in such a small tin. And for being $16 I totally expected it to be a larger tin. It has a pretty simplistic lid label being just a black background with yellow letters. It also has a side label that’s half yellow and half black. The lid label says “Byrd” in the center, “Hair Pomade” above and below it, and “Superior Quality, Net Wt. 1oz, and Made in CA” in between the bigger writing. The side label says “Wax based, medium shine, classic surf style” in the yellow, and “the original Byrd formula” in the black. The bottom of the tin has a blurb about the pomade, directions, a caution, and the ingredients. I noticed that the main ingredient is petrolatum, so I’m confused why it says wax based on the side label. Kind of weird.


Opening the tin I was slightly disappointed to see a barely more than half full tin. So far I’m pretty unimpressed with this stuff. The pomade itself is an off-white colored medium looking pomade. It has a really nice scent to it. Kind of a mix between fresh out of the shower and PAC-sun cologne. There’s a little bit of a floral note to as well on the back end. Definitely a scent I can see myself wearing again in the future. A cool little thing I noticed too is on the inside of the lid there’s a little yellow bird with an up-do. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a canary, and it has “Byrd” next to it’s feet. Nice little touch to the tin design! Plus it’s painted on there which makes it even cooler.


When I scooped the pomade out I was met with what felt like a cross between the new High Life medium and Mr Ducktail. Kind of a waxy, smooth, and creamy pomade. Just from scooping it I can tell I’m going to like it. You can often tell how a pomade will work and apply just by looking at it and even more so when you scoop it out. I have a strong feeling I’m going to like this pomade quite a bit. However, there are random exceptions when pomades totally pull a 180 on you and don’t work like you expect them to. Only time will tell though. The scent doesn’t seem to get much stronger out of the tin.

When I worked it in my hands it felt just how I knew it would. Creamy, then it gets pretty waxy on you. After you work it around a bit it turns back to being creamy, but then it’s a thick tacky creamy texture. I quite like the feel of this pomade in my hands. Even going in my hair it was like I had mixed those two pomades in my hands and then applied it to my hair. It’s crazy when pomades are so similar to one or two pomades like this. It makes it really easy to describe haha. This stuff was pretty easy to disperse and work in with just my hands as well. I figured I would have to work at it, but I didn’t. It seems to comb a little more like Mr Ducktail, nice and smooth, but with a decent resistance to it. I can tell it will have a nice medium hold and nice control.


I didn’t get a whole lot of lift with this pomade, but I was happy with the medium height I got. It has very nice control to it and keeps all hairs stuck together. That’s one thing I really like from pomades is stickiness and control. This stuff allowed me to get my sides skin tight without even using my boars hair brush. I just used the fine to other end of my comb and bam. It didn’t take a whole lot of combing to get it worked in and into my style either. It was fairly easy to work with. It seemed to hold pretty well throughout the day too. I did notice that it split a little in two areas, but the height and control were still there. I didn’t have any hairs out of place and my hair wasn’t droopy at all.

The shine increases throughout the day too. In the beginning it starts out a kind of low matte shine. Then at the end of the day it’s a very high shine. It’s not quite a real glossy shine, but it’s not matte either. It’s right in between those types of shine, and it’s a very high shine as you can see. I recombed it to get rid of the splits in my hair and surprisingly it had the same resistance to it that it did in the morning. That surprised me quite a bit, because very rarely does a pomade ever do that. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.


The buildup on this stuff is pretty nice. Enough of it comes out to allow you to put a decent scoop in the next day. The only problem with that is that you will go through the pomade very quickly. And being $16 a can it can get a bit pricy if you use this on a regular basis. The hold was a little better the second day and I didn’t have any splits in my hair toward the end of the day either. The buildup seems pretty key for me in using this stuff. I mean my hair looked ok the first day, but it did split. The second day was much better and didn’t split. It usually takes a day or two to truly see the true performance of a pomade. However, most pomades aren’t $16 for a half full 2oz can. So I think this one will be in the same category as the Hairgum products for me. Some stuff I really like, but don’t use too often, because they’re pricy and I go through them quickly.

I am pretty pleased with this pomade as a whole. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the fact that the tin was barely more than half full. As a pomade make myself, to fill up that little tin doesn’t cost very much at all, so just fill it up for your customers. The texture of the pomade is almost perfect for me. I like the scent and shine on it quite a bit. And the buildup is great. It’s definitely a pomade I can recommend trying out. To get a can head on over to
And while you’re there check out all the other products they have on the site. Edgar has that site stocked up with all kinds of awesome grooming products! I want to send a huge thank you to my friend Edgar for entrusting me to review some of the products he stocks and sending them out to me. I really appreciate it man!!

Keep it greasy,


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4 comments on “Byrd

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey, just want to say that your collection is amazing. For some reason, for the past month, I’ve been fascinated with pomade. All the different brands, the history. The cool containers they come in. I don’t know where this came from- maybe it’s because I somewhat recently got a hairstyle that I could use a pomade for. I found your website when I searched for Byrd pomade, which I just purchased on a whim. I actually got the “slick” formula, which I think is slightly different than the one you reviewed. Maybe I’ll give ya my two cents on it, after I use it a coupe times!

    • Hey Kevin,
      Thanks man I appreciate that. Cool, yeah pomade is kind of on an up-trend right now. I’ve been into it for quite some time now. There are definitely all kinds of cool stuff out there. A lot of the stuff they call pomade these days isn’t actually pomade though. A lot of things get lumped into that category that are actually completely different products. Check out the FAQ on here there’s some interesting stuff on there. As well as the post “What is Pomade?” That is a cool post I think. Offers some insight on pomades and other products. I plan on doing a follow up post to go more in depth due to even more generalization and confusion that’s been happening lately. Oh cool, yeah Byrd is an interesting brand. Yeah the slick one is different. I think that and the matte one are both water based products not pomades though. Sure, let me know what you think if you’d like. Thanks for reading, following, and commenting man, I appreciate it! Have a great weekend buddy.

      Stay greasy,


  2. Justin guzman says:

    They came out with a larger tin.

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