Mr. Prabs – Sexy Shine

Back with another foreign pomade for you guys. This is one of 3 from the Mr. Prabs line. I think this is the lightest one. At least it looks that way from the surface and the other two say stuff about hold on them and this one just says shine. The maker and I got ahold of each other on Instagram and then my friend Ivan sent them to me along with some other stuff from Indonesia. Big thank you to Mr. Prab for giving me a can of each hold to review!


This pomade comes in a unique tin to us, but seems to be the standard for Indonesia. It looks like it’s an 8oz tin, could be 6oz though, and has a slip cover lid. The can itself is seamed like a Murray’s can, but looks like a food can on the bottom. It’s really unique. There is a lid label and a can wrap on this one. The lid label is pretty awesome! It’s a black background with blue accents and yellow lettering. There are blue rings around the edge then a chain encircling a skull with a pomp and two old school microphones that are just above a banner that says “Mr. Prabs.” Up top in yellow lettering it says “proudly Indonesian hair machine” and below it says “sexy shine.” The can wrap has the same banner with “4oz” above it and “made in Indonesia” below it. The back side of the can wrap has the ingredient list. Pretty cool label!


The moment you open the tin you are hit with the scent of this pomade. And man is it a great scent that will take you back! This stuff smells exactly like blue pop rocks!!! By far one of my favorite scents from a pomade so far. It’s so unique and it takes me back to being a kid. The pomade is about the same color as blue pop rocks too, it’s awesome. I just kept smelling and smelling the pomade for a good 5 minutes before I decided to scoop it out. I like the scent that much. And surprisingly it’s not too novelty for me. It doesn’t get old.


I was very surprised to find a fairly waxy pomade when I scooped it out. It kind of scoops out like that Byrd pomade I just reviewed. The surface is slightly harder to push through, but not by mulch. And it doesn’t come out of the tin quite as smooth. I really like the texture of it from scooping it out. I can tell just by looking at anyone have a slightly waxy texture to it, but I didn’t think it would be this heavy. It’s definitely more of a heavier medium pomade, not the light to medium I was expecting. In my hands it turned into a candle at first. No joke, it got super wax and just stuck to each palm leaving a smooth surface. So I smacked my hands together to break it up and then rubbed my hands together some more. The more I worked the pomade the better it got to work with. After a minute or two it got a creamy texture to it the went back to being really waxy. I definitely didn’t expect it to be so waxy, but I think I kind of like it.

It goes in your hair just like any really waxy pomade does. Kind of sticks on top and is a bit hard to work in evenly with just your hands. I had to get a second scoop to even start to get the back side of my hairs. It reminds me of Putrescence the way it goes in. It’s not nearly as difficult to get it as that stuff, it just goes in like a lighter version of it and the same way that stuff does. Surprisingly for the feel of this stuff, it combs like a super heavy really waxy pomade. It’s like combing High Life heavy! It pulled quite a few of my hairs out too. It took me a while to get it combed in evenly, but it flaked pretty badly on me. I hate it when pomades do that. For how soft it felt in the tin, this stuff sure performs like a heavy or super heavy pomade does.


I was able to get a fairly tall do with it, but I couldn’t get it rounded out, and it kind of waved on me a little bit. You can really see the flakes in my hair too. The right side wanted to wave on me, that’s where my biggest cowlick is. I figured from how it combed and went in that it would tame it, but it didn’t. Surprisingly it didn’t have any shine to it, even though the label says “Sexy Shine.” My hair looked the same as it does with nothing in it, shine wise. Maybe with the buildup you get the shine, only time will tell.

My hair didn’t stay that way very long. The heat got to it pretty early in the morning and I ended up having to recomb it about 30 minutes after I styled it. I went for more of a contour look in the front and slicked the sides back. By that time, the scent had died down a little. It became “bearable now” according to my mom. She thought the scent was way too strong at first and said it burned her nose. I didn’t notice any difference in the shine toward the end of the day though. My hair did stay nicely in that lower do, I didn’t have anything out of place.

Hardly any of this pomade came out of my hair so the buildup was very high. I only added about 1/4 of a scoop just to kind of freshen up my hair the next day. It was just as difficult to comb the second day, but it didn’t flake this time. I didn’t notice any increase in shine at all, my hair looked the same as the first day. I also didn’t see any difference in hold or control with it the second day. It worked better with a lower do again. I still couldn’t get it to round out either. It’s kind of weird how this pomade performs. It kind of takes you on a twisting turning ride and doesn’t do anything you think it will. Very confusing pomade.

After a couple days of using this stuff, I am kind of on the fence with it. I love the scent, I like the texture, the label is cool, and it has a high build up so it will last longer. However, it goes in and combs much more difficult than I like from a medium pomade, it doesn’t allow me to comb a pomp, the shine is nonexistent, and it flakes the first day. Definitely pluses and minuses for me. I will recommend buying this stuff strictly on scent though. It’s way too awesome not to have. I will be using a lot as a topper strictly for the scent! Also, this stuff would be a great pomade for all you guys that rock contours and Ivy Leagues and cuts like that too. To get a tin you’ll have to get ahold of the maker on Instagram, his screen name is @igoprabs. He also has an account for the pomades which is @mrprabspomade. So give both profiles a follow and pick up a tin of this stuff. He also makes 2 other ones that I will be reviewing as well. Huge thank you to Mr. Prabs for sending me some pomade to review!!

Taste the explosion!


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One comment on “Mr. Prabs – Sexy Shine

  1. NOAM says:

    don’t want it now. thanks for the review and for saving my money 🙂

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