Doc Elliott – Shave Soap

Hey guys, back with another Doc Elliott product, and another shave soap. It has been far too long since I reviewed a shave soap. I felt the need, and desire, to get back to reviewing more shave products so you guys will be seeing more in the coming weeks and months from me. After loving their pomade and shave oil I was very excited to try this soap out. I’m not sure why I didn’t get to it earlier, but we’re here now!


The container for this soap is one of the biggest I’ve seen! It’s a huge 8oz flat slip cover tin. This soap is going to last forever!! I’m actually using these same tins for a limited edition pomade I’m making. So when I saw it came in this tin I was really ecstatic about it. This one only has a lid label on it. It looks almost exactly like their pomade label. There are only a few minor differences to it. Mainly the color on this one is yellow, just like the oil. Obviously the name above the beetle is different and says “Classic Shaving Soap.” Everything else is the same, logo, font, filigree. The ingredients go around the edge of the label since there is no back label.


The soap is also yellow, and it’s a clear soap. It’s very very clear, almost as clear as water. You can easily see the bottom of the tin. You can even see the ring groove around the edge of the tin very clearly. Very cool looking soap! It has virtually the same scent as the preshave oil does. However this one has the obvious soap smell to it. For me this note overpowers the rosemary and it gets lost. The vetiver isn’t quite as strong as it was in the oil, but the clove is stronger than it was in the oil. Being a huge clove fan I was more than happy with that.

One thing I noticed is that Courtney filled this tin almost all the way to the brim! That means it is going to last me a very long time. At the same time it also means it could be hard to soak the soap. However it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I just made sure that the water was scalding hot because of how little it holds. It will lose heat pretty quickly so I wanted to make sure it was hot so it would soak the soap well.


You can really see the thickness of the lather on the brush. It’s really a nice thick lather and there’s a lot of it. Just for shits and giggles I decided to push some of the lather and added more water. After another 15-20 seconds I had double the lather I did the first time. I was super surprised to see how much lather I got out of this soap! Especially for only loading my brush for like 20 seconds. It’s insane! By far the most lather from any soap I’ve used thus far. When I doubled the lather it became more like fluffy clouds too.


On my face it stays a very fluffy and thick lather. It looks more like sour cream or whipped cream when I apply it to my face though. It kind of loses a little thickness to it when I lather my face. There was a ridiculous amount of lather in the bowl still. I’d say enough left for probably 20 shaves. I really enjoyed the soapy clove scent once I had my face lathered up. It really is a nice smell. One of the better scented shave soaps I own.


I proceeded to shave my face, taking my time to enjoy the scent. My shave went really smoothly too. I used their shave oil before I applied the soap. And the combination of the two really makes for a nice shave! Along with using my favorite blade, my shave went very very smoothly. The lather stayed nice and thick all the way to the last razor stroke. Very cool soap! My face didn’t feel dried out either. I have had a couple soaps do that to my face in the past. It’s slightly annoying when it happens, but they were cheap soaps. You get what you pay for I suppose.

Overall I feel it is a great shave soap. One of the best I have used and one every shave enthusiast should own. It has a cool label, with kind of a cool history lesson if you do some digging. The color of the soap is quite unique, and the scent is great. The lather is unreal and the amount you get is gargantuan! Buy a tin of this soap as quickly as you can guys! To get some of it, head to their website
While you’re there, check out all the other stuff Courtney has on there. She makes great products, so I know you’ll love them! Thank you again for the soap Courtney! I really love it!

Stay fresh fellas,



One comment on “Doc Elliott – Shave Soap

  1. Brittius says:

    Bravo. That appears to be a rich lather. Work it into your whiskers, go down the throat a little beyond where you shave and cover the upper lip by working it in and that should give some real smooth shave. If you have a natural bristle/boar bristle brush, especially one with a donut gap in the bristles that many guys complain about, load the brush by swirling the soap then, tap, tap, tap, into the suds to pick them up into the brush, and face lather directly. I will bet that shaving soap will pass with flying colors. You can finish with alum. A good soap scent will carry nicely.

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