Mutant’s Pomade – Rigor Mortis Hold

I’ve got another foreign pomade for you guys today. This one come from Germany and made by a friend of mine in ATP by the name of Uli Meyer. He sent over this pomade with another friend of ours to give to me while he was in the states and now I’m gona check it out! Thanks Uli.


This one is packaged in another screw top tin, but it’s unlike any screw top tin I’ve come across thus far. It has sharp corners rather than rounded and is a bit smaller than the Bloody pomade or Crown pomade tins are. It looks to me like it’s probably a 3oz tin. The lid label is a black background with green and purple accents. In the center is a zombie like hand behind the name. There’s green paint splatter behind the hand and name. Up top in Misfits type font it says “Rigor Mortis Hold” and below it says “Hair Pomade.” Unique label for sure. Looks more like a kids gak or slime toy label to me, but still cool.


The pomade is kind of a natural color, yellowish cream color. The scent hits your nose almost the moment you pop off the lid. Now I was told it was blueberry cheesecake, but that’s not what it smells like at all. It smells exactly like those blue gummy shark candies. No joke! I love it! First the pop rocks pomade, now the gummy sharks pomade! I am feeling like a kid again, well I kind of always do. And I act like one quite often as well. Man I love the smell of this pomade! Great job Uli! Don’t ever change it!


After spending a while smelling it I decided to get to using the pomade. It scoops out kind of like a cross between The Iron Society firm and old High Life heavy. I really liked it a lot. It has a nice waxy resistance on the surface but when you go to pull it out it scoops with ease. The scent got a little bit stronger when I had the pomade out of the tin, but not much. It did a pretty good job of filling up the room when it was just in the tin. My son seemed to pick up on the scent too, because he started to ask for candy after I scooped it out.

It starts off pretty waxy in your hands then gets nice a creamy. The more you work the pomade in your hands it takes on a really nice tacky texture. It didn’t candle up on me at all, and it don’t break down either. The pomade feels really nice once it’s worked around in your hands. It goes in your hair fairly easily for a waxy pomade too. This stuff didn’t just stick on top of my hair. I could work it in nicely with my hands. And a little but goes a long way! Only the scoop I showed in the picture was all I used. It disperses very well and coats all sides of your hair.


I was able to get a really nice sized pomp with this pomade. I couldn’t really get my cowlick area to look right, but I got it the best I could. It doesn’t seem to have much shine to it though. Once I got the pomade in my hair the scent started to get to be too much for me. It was like I was drowning in those blue gummy sharks. Hopefully the scent will die down after a little while. Since this pomade claim to be a “rigor mortis hold” I figured I would put it to the test straight away. One of the fuel injectors in my truck had gone bad so I need to change it out. I went straight to work on my truck outside in the heat to test out the hold of this stuff.


After about two hours in the Arizona heat and working under the hood of a black truck I decided to check my hair. I had wrapped up everything I needed to on my truck and went inside to wash off my hands. My surprise my hair has moved are they at all. I was very surprised that this, because my hair didn’t feel very waxy or stiff after I had combed my pomp. My hair felt very soft due to the heat, but it wasn’t drooping or splitting. I then went on a few errands to make sure my truck was running properly. When I got home I checked my hair and it had split a little on my cowlick and dropped a little bit. So I decided to re-chrome my hair and see how it does. It has quite a bit of resistance to it when recombing. I wasn’t able to get it quite back to the same height as I had before, but it still looked okay. Oh, and as for the sand, about 20 minutes after I applied it that had died down. I can still smell it every once in a while pours the end of the day, but it wasn’t as overwhelming as it was when I first applied the pomade to my hair.

After being thoroughly pleased with day one I was pretty excited to see how it does on day two. The buildup was right around 95%. Hardly any of the pomade had come out of my hair. I was pretty pleased with that, especially because it comes in a smaller tin. However, being that one small scoop goes very very far on day one, and the buildup is very high, I know this tin will last me a long time. I didn’t really notice any significant change in the hold or the shine on the second day. It seemed to be about on par with day one. That is really cool to me, because usually pomades don’t show their true colors until the second day at least. It’s nice to find a pomade that is consistent from the first day on.

This is definitely a pomade you guys should check out. It’s definitely one of my favorite foreign pomades now. The scent is perfect for me, I love the texture and hold, the buildup is high, and a little goes a long way. I do wish it had more shine, because trying to find a topper to go with this scent is going to be difficult. I think Ginny Grease might be good though. I’ll have to try it out in the future. Huge thank you to Uli for entrusting his pomade to me for a review! I appreciate you sending me a can to check out man!! If you guys want to check this stuff out, hit him up on the Mutant’s Facebook page.
I definitely recommend trying this one out. He also has a light hold out as well! I can’t wait to try that one Uli! Let me know how and when I can get a tin of that one to review! Make sure to pick up a tin or two of this pomade guys.

Til the next one,


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