Merkur 20c Safety Razor

Well gents, I am getting back into full swing with reviewing shave products! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and decided it’s time. I mean shoot, I have umpteen pomade and hair care product reviews, but not very much shave stuff. It’s time to change that! Now before you get bummed out, I am still planning on reviewing lots of pomades. Hell, I want to review everything in my collection eventually. I’m just also going to be reviewing lots of shaving products. Me and my friend Edgar from have a little partnership of sorts going with the shave products he carries. So you guy will be seeing a lot more from me in this department.

Today I am checking out a new safety razor he sent me. Today’s razor is the Merkur 20c safety razor. This one caught my eye first so that’s what I’m going to start with. Let’s get to it.


The box is a small rectangle box with a couple windows for you to see the razor. The color scheme is white, steel blue and orange. In the center of the box is their logo in orange. Around that are some steel blue lines. Then up top it says “Merkur Solinger” and at the bottom is “Tradition & Design” in the same blue color. Pretty nifty little box. I really like the steel blue coloring.


The razor is a long handled razor with a black handle and chrome head and base. The base and just below the head are kind of bulbous. This gives the handle a very slender look to it. The handle has spiral grooves cut into it for the grip. They’re actually kind of sharp too. The head of the razor looks exactly like my 1904 razor, so I know I will like it. I love that razor a lot. It’s my favorite so far. Inside the box was a single sample blade. That’s pretty cool! I didn’t get one with the last two razors I bought. Nice little plus to get with your razor. I really like the look of this razor. Kind of a two toned, sleek and sharp look. Very classy, almost James Bond-ish. Shaven, not trimmed.


I broke down the razor into all it’s separate pieces so you guys could see it all. The little chrome piece at the bottom comes off, I wasn’t expecting that at all. Other than that, it all comes apart like your standard 3 piece razor. However this one would be a 4 piece I suppose since the bottom piece comes off. I was kind of half expecting the top one to come off as well, but it didn’t. Just the bar and the head of the razor. The weight of it is pretty hefty too. It’s much heavier than my 1904 razor is. My Parker 22r is a tiny bit heavier, but this razor is pretty close to the weight of that one. I like a nice heavy razor for shaving off a week or more worth of growth.


The blade that came with it is also a Merkur. It’s in a little white paper sleeve that says “sample blade” in two languages, and has a picture of the blade on it. The blade is wrapped in wax paper and says “Merkur Super made in Germany” on one side and “Stainless Rostfrei platinum coated” on the other. Kind of your standard blade etching. Nothing fancy or anything to it.


Not surprising, the blade fits in this razor exactly how it does in my 1904. Really nice fit. Doesn’t stick out too far. Should make a for a beautiful shave just like my other Merkur does. Another cool little thing I noticed about this razor, was that on the bottom of the chrome piece their logo is stamped. Kind of a cool little touch! Now time to see how it shaves.


Now I used the blade it came with once, or tried to rather, but it was way too dull so I won’t be reviewing the blade as well. I couldn’t use it. I threw in one of my trusty Astra blades instead to give this razor a good test drive. Right off the bat I knew I was going to love it! The weight was perfect. I could very easily just let the razor do the work for me. Even with the dull blade I was liking the weight. I didn’t really have to pull the razor down my face I just let it kind of glide and it cut so smooth. Just like with my other Merkur razor, the smooth polished head makes the shave that much smoother. These heads are by far my favorite that I’ve used so far. They just feel so soft against your face when you’re shaving. Another thing I was really loving about this razor was the handle. The grooves really give you a nice grip. And the little end piece at the bottom provides a great stop. It allows my ring finger to rest against it perfectly and my pinky to stay underneath it. It really is the perfect length.


With the perfect blade I got a really nice and close shave. Very pleased with the end result. The razor didn’t clog at all, and the blade gave me a great shave. It’s not the closest shave I’ve gotten, but it’s damn close to it. I was really happy with every aspect of this razor. It may have just become my new favorite razor. I will have to shave with it a few more times to determine that though. And that’s exactly what I am going to do.

After using it for a while, I have come to a conclusion. This razor is by far my new favorite razor. As much as I love my 1904, this one beats it out. The weight and grip edge it out from that one. For all you DE enthusiasts, this is a must have in your collection. And in my opinion should also be in your regular rotation line up. There’s not one single bad thing I could find with razor. So head on over to and pick up this razor immediately! While you’re there check out the other shave stuff they carry. They are starting to get a really nice selection. I’ll be continuing more shave reviews with stuff Edgar sent me. Not sure what I will review next, but it will be right away so stay tuned.

Catch ya later fellas,



3 comments on “Merkur 20c Safety Razor

  1. Scott says:

    While I’m still pretty new to safety razors, the Merkur 20C was my choice. I liked the modern look of the anodized handle with the deep single groove knurling (which does feel a little strange at first). Your review is spot on. The 20C is a great razor. Cheers!

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