Rod Rabbit

Today I am checking out another Indonesian pomade. The maker and I were in contact via Instagram and he decided to send me a can to check out! Thank you very much!! Having some decent luck with homemade pomades from there I was pretty excited to try Rod Rabbit out.


This one comes in the same type of tin that Mr. Prabs did. This one has both the lid label and the can label like Mr. Prabs did, but it also has a tiny little label around the edge of the lid too. Kind of in the center of the label is their little mascot rabbit guy with red, yellow and white hair. Around him it says “Rod Rabbit classic pomade.” Then below his drool itm says “devil hold.” The can wrap has the same thing, them has the company info and ingredients around the back side of it. The little lid strip label has the same text as the lid label but also says “rockabillygrease” before everything.


This pomade is kind of a light olive green color. It reminds me of my old color for Frankengrease a little bit. This tin is almost all the way full too. Nice to see this. Almost every other Indonesian pomade in these types of cans has only filled the can up about halfway. I’ve never really understood this. Not just as a consumer/pomade user, but also as a manufacturer myself. For one, it doesn’t cost that much to fill the damn thing all the way up. Two, if you only want to put “Xoz” in a tin, buy a tin that only holds that much and fill the damn thing all the way up. It’s very frustrating to buy a tin of pomade, then when you open it it’s only halfway full. You feel gipped. This pomade has a very weird smell to it. Well at least weird for a pomade. It smells just like women’s soap or body wash. But not like super popular stuff, the kind that your grandma would buy. It doesn’t smell bad, it’s just weird to get this smell from a pomade. I haven’t smelled it since I was a kid summering at my grandparents’ house.


I went to dig my finger into the pomade and that’s when I discovered this stuff was a total ruse! The pomade had tipped and was sitting diagonally in the tin. And as you can see, the tin clearly wasn’t filled all the way, but somehow the pomade cake had been pushed up to the top. What in the French toast is this trickery?


Just like I was saying above, it’s a bummer to get a tin only half full. I’m not too worried about it since I got this one as a gift for reviewing, but it does kind of bum me out. I’d be really bummed if I bought it and had it shipped all the way from Indonesia. I still don’t get why people only fill tins halfway up though.


This stuff is pretty difficult to scoop out. It reminds me a lot of trying to scoop out Dr. Rubin’s firm. It comes out differently but it’s tougher to scoop like that one is. You can tell immediately that it has a lot of beeswax in it. The scent doesn’t change at all when you get it out of the tin either. It stays the same strength and doesn’t gain any new notes to it or anything. It’s super waxy and clumpy in my hands as I knew it would be. I had to press the clumps down to get them to spread out. And when I went to break it down it candled up on me. I pulled my old trusty trick out and clapped my hands together to break it up. After that it became a little easier to work with, but not much.

It’s just like applying any other really waxy heavy pomade. It wants to stick on top and is hard to disperse with your hands. I couldn’t get this stuff worked in hardly at all with my hands. And even with just my hands I started seeing hairs come out. I can only imagine what will happen when I grab my comb. I tried my best to get it worked in with my hands before I combed it in, but I didn’t seem to gain any ground. Just as I thought this stuff was kind of hard to comb. It reminds me a lot of Kustom Kreeps Death Grip actually. It’s been doing pretty much the same stuff that pomade did. When it came to pulling out my hair, this pomade is on the same level as NorCal Knockout. My sink looked way full of hair when I got done working it all in. This stuff flakes at first but then they dissipate pretty quickly.

20140621-232247-84167448.jpgWhat is this mess?!

As hard as I tried I could not get this stuff to let me comb a decent do. I tried for over 10 minutes and I just could not get anything going with this pomade. I was pretty well pissed about it. The front just kept on splitting or dimpling. The back as sides kept sticking out straight. I even tried just slicking it but the hairs wouldn’t lay against my head no matter what I did. They just keep sticking straight out. It was super frustrating. I’ve never had a pomade do this before. I finally had enough and grabbed a scoop of this new black pomade I’ve been formulating and applied that. Throwing that in seemed to help a little bit, but I still couldn’t get what I wanted. I had to settle for a short parted pomp that had a big split on the right side.

In doing that I pretty much ruined the review as I won’t see how this stuff builds up, but honestly I didn’t care. I was so pissed off with how it worked, or didn’t rather. I doubt it would’ve gotten any better the second day anyway. The heat seemed to not affect the combo too much. My hair softened obviously, but my split didn’t get any bigger and my hair didn’t fall or anything. Even trying to recomb my hair later in the day was kind of difficult. This bummed me out even more. I added a softer tacky pomade to help combat this pomades dryness and resistance, but even that didn’t work. Definitely not happy with this stuff. Luckily I have my own shampoo so I can take this stuff out of my hair immediately. It’s one of the worst pomades I’ve ever used, if not the worst.

This isn’t really a pomade I can recommend for any of you guys. Even you gents that only like heavy pomades, this stuff won’t be worth it I don’t think. It’s so hard to work with, and it doesn’t have hardly any hold for a heavy pomade. Another thing that really got to me was the scent. It was ok at first I thought, but the more I smelled it the more I hated it. I really can’t see myself using this stuff ever again for any reason. The only thing that I do like about it is the label. The label does have kind of a cool look to it. Sorry this stuff didn’t work out for me/my hair. I really appreciate the maker sending me a tin to try out though. That was really cool of you. That being said, you may want to go back to the drawing board with this pomade. I’m sure you can improve it and make it something much better and usable.

Til next time,


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5 comments on “Rod Rabbit

  1. the rod rabbit pomade says:

    Thx for the review,the rod rabbit we send to you since february 2014 via the great reviewer like you named Toar and thx for him (first batch) of our product had been sold out when you made this review.(4 month since we give it to you) And this June the 6th batch released with many improvement and with better than the 1st batch we made, like you did the improvement with your frankengrease, there must be any improvement and better rhan the early one.course we did the same thing with the rodrabbit. And one more…we think that the temperature in our indonesia with sub tropic season must be different with your area by the time you made the review and it take effect with the pomade character. thx for the late recommendation (1st batch) and review because this batch was ended.

    • You are most welcome. And thank you again very much for sending me a can to review, I really appreciate it. That’s cool, I’m glad you guys improved it. I’ll have to pick up a tin and do like a revisited or new formula review. Temperature may be different it’s around 105-115° F out here, very low humidity too. Thanks again for the opportunity.


  2. NOAM says:

    you never had a pomade do this before, wait until you try RebelGrease Heavy

    i wanted to try this but i’m glad that i did not tried it yet. i’m glad they have a new formula. i will try the new

  3. NOAM says:

    and thanks for the review

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