Reuzel – Red Can

Hey guys, finally back with another hair product review. I decided to take the summer off pretty much, especially since AZ heat demolishes everything except for a few super heavy pomades. So I basically am going to stick to what I know works, try the occasional new heavy/super heavy, and not review much in the hair department during the summers from now on. I also got my hair cut pretty short, a little too short by accident, so I wanted to wait until my hair grew back out to get back to reviewing stuff again.

That being said, today I’m checking out a pretty hyped up product. It comes from my friends at Schorem Barber Shop in Amsterdam. It’s their Reuzel ringing gel in the red can. They had been developing this stuff for a while and then marketed it like crazy just before it was released. I bought myself a can a couple months ago and am now getting to the review. Let’s see what’s up with this product, shall we?


The tin is a fairly large, very thin tin. It feels very flimsy in my hands, even softer than the Shiner Gold tins. This tin is lithographed, meaning the labeling is printed right on the tin. Kind of like Murray’s and DAX tins are. It’s a red, antique looking background with a pig in the very center. Above the pig in silver block letters is “Reuzel” and just below the pig is the weight info. It says 4oz, but it feels lighter than that. Around the edge is a silver ring with some cool filigree writing. Pretty cool looking design. I’m a fan of pigs so I like the little mascot guy.


This tin happens to be a twist off lid tin, kind of cool! I only have one or two others like this. When I opened it I saw why it felt so light. This one is only a little more than halfway filled up. That’s unfortunate. The product itself is kind of a champagne looking gel with a bubbled surface. I was kind of confused by the scent at first. It has a kind of feminine, floral scent to it. It also has some other notes of pineapple and perfume. It reminds me of this lotion my lady uses, or used to use. It smells more like it would be a ladies/salon product rather than a dudes. It’s not a bad scent by any means, I just was expecting something different. I quite like the scent actually, it’s just not what I thought it was going to be. Maybe scents like this are more popular with gents over across the pond.


The texture of this stuff feels almost identical to Shiner Gold. It’s a very firm and tacky goop. And it scoops out virtually the same as Shiner Gold does. It’s crazy how alike they are. But then again, I don’t really notice too much difference between all the ringing gels apart from the firmness of them. They all seem to be the same anymore, some are just more firm than others. There are only a few that I can think of that actually stand apart from them rest.

In my hands it felt much more like the Tres Flores ringing gel than Shiner Gold. It was easier to spread around, yet it kept it’s tackiness. The scent didn’t seem to change at all when I spread it around in my hands either. Applying it to my hair was about like applying Tres Flores as well. Some resistance to it at first, but still easy to coat your hair with it. When I ran my comb through my hair it went back to feeling like Shiner Gold. It was kind of difficult to comb in at first. Once I got my hair combed all the way back this stuff went really soft on me. It became very easy to comb, but it left my hairs kind of sticking straight like a heavy product would.


This stuff seemed to have a good hold to it. I couldn’t comb my hair up high, because it’s too short, especially on my part’s side. Not really sure how that happened, but that side is shorter than my other side. I don’t think I will be going to the barber without at least some pomade in my hair, and definitely not with hat hair again. This one really stuck my hairs together a lot. Even with the fine toothed end of my comb, it makes my hair look like I combed it with the wide toothed end. It was especially stuck together toward the back. There is a little bit of shine with this stuff, but not too much. I wasn’t expecting any though.

It dried really quickly too. It was completely dry within 3-4 minutes of me finishing styling my hair. I didn’t like how it dried at all either. My hair felt very crunchy and brittle to the touch. I’m not a fan of my hair feeling hard as it is, but the crunchy feeling is not fun at all. This stuff seemed to keep my hair in place all day. I was in and out of the heat pretty much all afternoon and my hair didn’t move too much. Definitely a nice holding product for sure. After all, it does get upwards of 115° And sometimes higher here.

My hair was slightly dried out after using it, but that doesn’t come as any surprise. This made it a little more difficult to apply and work in the second day. Dry hair and a heavy product aren’t the best things to mix together. Once I got it all worked in and styled, I pretty much had a repeat of day one with it. Nice hold, keeps my hairs stuck together, and dries crunchy with a little bit of shine. It’s for sure a consistent product and gives you the same performance and results day in day out.

All in all, it was an ok product. I didn’t see anything spectacular from it that sets it apart. It’s kind of a run-of-the-mill medium to heavy ringing gel. It’s not a bad product, I just didn’t see anything special in it. Nothing that would make me purchase a second tin. I do love the look of the tin, and the little pig on the lid. It’s a nice addition to my collection. And this is a product I can definitely recommend. All of you guys that like water soluble products or only use water solubles should definitely buy a tin of this stuff. I have no doubt most of you will like it quite a bit. Like I said it’s kind of like Shiner Gold, which is popular with most of you guys. You can find it on most of the online retailers and some physical shops carry it as well. So if you like ringing gels go get yourself a tin of this stuff ASAP! I’m confident you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

Til next time,


Imperial – Bergamot Aftershave

Hello gents! I’m at the last product my friend Edgar scent me to review. I’d like to thank him once again and let him know I look forward to reviewing more products for him, if he wishes me to. This one is the aftershave made by Imperial. I’ve heard some mixed opinions about this stuff so I’m interested to try it out.


It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a white lid and one label on it. Very simple labeling too. Just a white rectangle label with basic lettering. Kind of looks like something you’d see in a lab or pharmacy from yesteryear. I really dig it a lot. It has a kind of scientific aesthetic to it. Clean, simple, and to the point with a nice look.


And guess what?! This one has one of those caps I love so much! The white plastic ones with the pop up tab. I still have no idea why I like these caps so much, but I do. You can kind of see a little residue from where the aftershave leaked out a little bit on the cap. The color through the bottle is kind of a teal green color, and it dries a little more clear. The scent is kind of faint from the cap, just a hint of alcohol and bergamot.


In your hands it looks even more clear. There’s also no shiny or matte particles floating on the surface of it, unlike some aftershaves have. It almost looks like cucumber water or something in your hand it’s so clear. When it’s in your hands the scent is a bit stronger and you get nice notes of orange peel and lime. The alcohol smell isn’t as strong in your hands either.


When you apply it to you face you first get a nice cooling effect, then a slight tingly burn, then everything fades out and your left with a nice cool face. The scent exploded once you apply it to your face and kind of fan your hands on your face. I got the burst of bergamot, orange, lime, and then hints of like rosemary and flowers. It’s a really cool scent once you apply it and it’s in the air and under your nose. It leaves your face with a nice feel afterwards too. It’s like a moisturized feel, but dry like you just put talc on your face. Definitely not quite what I was expecting.

I was very pleased with the scent and performance of this aftershave! It will definitely be one of my more frequently used aftershaves. The aesthetic of the bottle is also a nice thing. It adds some more character to my collection. This is definitely an aftershave I recommend trying out, and trying out ASAP! Head on over to to pick up a bottle of this stuff. And while you are there, browse the store. Edgar has all kinds of shave and hair products on there. Thanks again Edgar, this was a fun batch of products to try out! I can’t wait to review some more stuff for you!



Proraso Shaving Cream (red)

Continuing on with the products in the care package that my buddy Edgar sent me, I will be checking out the shaving cream. This cream is a well known cream in the wet shaving world. I have yet to try it so I’m pretty stoked on it. Let’s see what the Proraso shaving cream in the red tube is all about!


The box starts you off liking the product already. It’s such a cool design. Kind of an old school feel to it but with new age design aspects. The top is red and white candy stripes with tiny gold stripes in the white. The bottom is a maroon color with gold and white writing. In a big white box in the center of the box is “Proraso” with the product name beside it in various languages. Very cool box, easily catches the eye. I wish there were stores here that carried it just so I could see it on a shelf.


The tube also has the candy stripes on it up at the top. The rest of the tube is white with black and gold writing. The cap is a bright red plastic cap. Oh and this is a metal tube! So awesome to see a company still using those!! I’ve always liked them much better than plastic tubes. They kind of take you back in time a little bit.


The cream is very easily squeezed out of the tube. I barely pinched one corner of the end of the tube and this much came out. Might have been a little too much by the look of the cream. It is a nice thick cream, with an off white color to it. Barber Side’s cream has a similar texture, but this one is a bit more tacky. If this stuff lathers anything like that one I am going to love it.


The smell of the cream is very soft when you first get it out of the tube. It’s a masculine cream scent that’s not too overpowering. I got notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and fresh tobacco. You also get the soapy cream scent upfront as well. It’s a really nice scent! I can definitely start to see why people rave about this shaving cream.


I put the two fingertips worth of cream on my wet brush and proceeded to start working up my lather. At first I got really disappointed because it started to liquify and kind of vanish into my brush. Then about 10 seconds into it the lather started building up very quickly. It reminded me of how pop corn is when you make it in a rotary popper. Nothing for a while, then all of sudden it all comes up at once. The lather got kind of dry so I added more water and got it to a point I was happy with.


It reminded me of sour cream. It had the same fluffy thick texture to it. The dollop in the picture doesn’t quite do the texture justice. It’s thicker than what the picture shows. Another great thing about this cream is that the scent fills the room when you work up the lather. It’s such a great scent, it would be nice to have this scent in a candle!


I then applied the lather to my facial area. This cream applies very nicely, kind of feels like if you were to put sour cream on your face. It comes off the brush very easily as well. So easily in fact, that you have to dig back into your bowl a second time to get your whole face covered. I like how the cream feels on my face, and the scent right under my nose is also a plus!

Shaving this cream off was a very pleasant shaving experience. It really grabs the hairs and keeps them in the cream and out of your razor. It also comes off your razor very easily. You don’t have to swash it around in the water hardly at all to get the cream off. Very clean pull off, and no residue left after you rinse your razor.


Unfortunately, I didn’t check my blade before I shaved so I didn’t get the closest shave. However I was very impressed with how nice my face felt after I was done. I rinsed with very cold water and decided not to use any aftershave. I liked the smell of the cream too much to cover it up. They really should make an aftershave with this scent, if they don’t already. It really is the best.

All in all, this shaving cream is a must have for all wet shavers. It’s practical, a collection item, and easily makes for a daily driver. I’m glad I was able to try this stuff out, and I’m glad people voiced their opinions on it, persuading me to choose it. Thanks again Edgar! I’m looking forward to trying their other creams and soaps in the future. Head over to and pick up a tube of this stuff! While you’re there browse around and see if anything else strikes your fancy.

Stay fresh fellas,


Col. Conk – Shaving Brush (black)

Still continuing on with the shave stuff, I am reviewing the Col. Conk brush next. Having heard great stuff about the good colonel I decided to go with his brush and bowl. I loved the bowl, let’s see how I like the brush.


It comes in a little plain white box with just a black dot on the top. Color indicator I presume. When you open the box the brush is wrapped in white tissue paper protecting the handle. This is the first time I’ve seen this wrapped around a brush handle. The brush is a fairly long bristled brush with a black resin handle. The handle looks kind of like the top of the King piece in chess. Then on top of that is a bulbous round part which holds the knot. Then the bristles round out and up from there. The bristles are mixed badger.


Here’s an up close look at the bristles and knot area. They are various colors from dark to light, and I believe the knot is 23mm. It seems to be lightest at the bottom, the a dark ring in the middle, and a kind of medium brown around the tips. Their signature banner logo is stamped on the round part just under the knot in silver.


The view from above shows a slightly darker colored knot of hairs than my Simpson brush. The length of the hairs is also longer and more rounded than my Simpson brush is. The handles are about the same size, this one may be a tiny bit taller but not much. I really like how this one feels in my fingers, I can get a nice grip on it. This brush feels very light in your hands. I think this will make for a nice brush to lather really quickly with.

I then ran the brush under the water. It seemed to soak up the water a bit quicker than all my other brushes do. The hairs kind of bend with the water too. I kind of expected it because of the length of the hairs.


After I let it soak for a while I started to load my brush. I was surprised to see that the hairs didn’t bend too much when I loaded them. My other longer brushes do that, but this one held up nicely. It loads fairly quickly too. I went with one of my trusty soaps since I’m trying out a new brush. I like how this brush does when loading it, now time to see how it lathers.


After just a few seconds the brush really started to bend. It didn’t hold up like it did when I was loading it. No too surprised by this, although I was kind of hoping it would hold up like before. It did make a nice lather though, better than my other long brushes do. And it lathered a bit quicker than my other ones too.

The brush has a slightly soft feel to it while keeping a kind of pokiness as well. I happen to like this because it exfoliates my face without being too abrasive or scratchy. It spreads the lather around really well at first, then it all wants to hide in the brush. I had to kind of squeeze it out a bit after a few seconds. Kind of odd, I’ve never had a brush do that before. Once I got that sorted out it became easier to apply the lather.


I like how this brush allows you to get a nice layer of lather over your entire face. It doesn’t leave blank or thin streaks at all. One of my other longer brushes does that and I don’t like it at all. Definitely happy this one spreads the lather evenly everywhere. A good thing about this brush storing the lather up in it like it does is it allows for multiple passes without having to go back to your bowl. Just give the hairs a squeeze and you have more lather, it’s that easy.

The only downfall to that is it takes a little while longer to clean your brush out. About twice as long as it takes me to clean most of my other brushes. I don’t particularly care cause I’m already in the bathroom and taking my time anyway. But for the “on the go” shavers, this might be a nuisance. Once I got it free of all the soap I shook it out. To my surprise the water leaves this brush like crazy. Just a few shakes and it was completely dry.


This is definitely a brush I will be working into my rotation. I love the grip on it, the hairs feel nice when lathering my face, and it packs a lot of lather in it. I think this would be a good brush for both experienced shavers and newer guys alike. To get one heading straight over to and put one in your cart. While you’re there check out all of the other shaving stuff Edgar has up on his site. He keeps adding stuff every week so you will have a nice selection to choose from. Thank you again Edgar, and sorry the review is a bit overdue.



Back at it.

Sorry for the gap in posts guys. I got sick then right after that I got food poisoning, then I was on vacation, and for the past week I’ve been catching up on all my orders from customers. I will be getting back to reviewing stuff right away though. Pomades and other hair styling products won’t be as frequent due to the summer and heat out here. Not really fair to the products, especially since nothing really works out here, save for a few things. Because of that, I cut my hair pretty short, it’s a bit shorter than I wanted, but it will be too hot here for the next month and a half anyway. When I do post those reviews I will make note of the heat and not to take that into account when it comes to the hold. Thanks for your continued support!

See you later,