Back at it.

Sorry for the gap in posts guys. I got sick then right after that I got food poisoning, then I was on vacation, and for the past week I’ve been catching up on all my orders from customers. I will be getting back to reviewing stuff right away though. Pomades and other hair styling products won’t be as frequent due to the summer and heat out here. Not really fair to the products, especially since nothing really works out here, save for a few things. Because of that, I cut my hair pretty short, it’s a bit shorter than I wanted, but it will be too hot here for the next month and a half anyway. When I do post those reviews I will make note of the heat and not to take that into account when it comes to the hold. Thanks for your continued support!

See you later,



2 comments on “Back at it.

  1. Masagung says:

    Haa !
    I thought you’re quitting the blog..
    Keep post JC !

    Hello from Indonesia

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