Proraso Shaving Cream (red)

Continuing on with the products in the care package that my buddy Edgar sent me, I will be checking out the shaving cream. This cream is a well known cream in the wet shaving world. I have yet to try it so I’m pretty stoked on it. Let’s see what the Proraso shaving cream in the red tube is all about!


The box starts you off liking the product already. It’s such a cool design. Kind of an old school feel to it but with new age design aspects. The top is red and white candy stripes with tiny gold stripes in the white. The bottom is a maroon color with gold and white writing. In a big white box in the center of the box is “Proraso” with the product name beside it in various languages. Very cool box, easily catches the eye. I wish there were stores here that carried it just so I could see it on a shelf.


The tube also has the candy stripes on it up at the top. The rest of the tube is white with black and gold writing. The cap is a bright red plastic cap. Oh and this is a metal tube! So awesome to see a company still using those!! I’ve always liked them much better than plastic tubes. They kind of take you back in time a little bit.


The cream is very easily squeezed out of the tube. I barely pinched one corner of the end of the tube and this much came out. Might have been a little too much by the look of the cream. It is a nice thick cream, with an off white color to it. Barber Side’s cream has a similar texture, but this one is a bit more tacky. If this stuff lathers anything like that one I am going to love it.


The smell of the cream is very soft when you first get it out of the tube. It’s a masculine cream scent that’s not too overpowering. I got notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and fresh tobacco. You also get the soapy cream scent upfront as well. It’s a really nice scent! I can definitely start to see why people rave about this shaving cream.


I put the two fingertips worth of cream on my wet brush and proceeded to start working up my lather. At first I got really disappointed because it started to liquify and kind of vanish into my brush. Then about 10 seconds into it the lather started building up very quickly. It reminded me of how pop corn is when you make it in a rotary popper. Nothing for a while, then all of sudden it all comes up at once. The lather got kind of dry so I added more water and got it to a point I was happy with.


It reminded me of sour cream. It had the same fluffy thick texture to it. The dollop in the picture doesn’t quite do the texture justice. It’s thicker than what the picture shows. Another great thing about this cream is that the scent fills the room when you work up the lather. It’s such a great scent, it would be nice to have this scent in a candle!


I then applied the lather to my facial area. This cream applies very nicely, kind of feels like if you were to put sour cream on your face. It comes off the brush very easily as well. So easily in fact, that you have to dig back into your bowl a second time to get your whole face covered. I like how the cream feels on my face, and the scent right under my nose is also a plus!

Shaving this cream off was a very pleasant shaving experience. It really grabs the hairs and keeps them in the cream and out of your razor. It also comes off your razor very easily. You don’t have to swash it around in the water hardly at all to get the cream off. Very clean pull off, and no residue left after you rinse your razor.


Unfortunately, I didn’t check my blade before I shaved so I didn’t get the closest shave. However I was very impressed with how nice my face felt after I was done. I rinsed with very cold water and decided not to use any aftershave. I liked the smell of the cream too much to cover it up. They really should make an aftershave with this scent, if they don’t already. It really is the best.

All in all, this shaving cream is a must have for all wet shavers. It’s practical, a collection item, and easily makes for a daily driver. I’m glad I was able to try this stuff out, and I’m glad people voiced their opinions on it, persuading me to choose it. Thanks again Edgar! I’m looking forward to trying their other creams and soaps in the future. Head over to and pick up a tube of this stuff! While you’re there browse around and see if anything else strikes your fancy.

Stay fresh fellas,



2 comments on “Proraso Shaving Cream (red)

  1. JeffD24 says:

    Good review on a great soap. Nice brush too!

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