Thank you for the new stuff!!

I want to make a quick post thanking some friends of mine that sent me some gifts!! Jim over at Murray’s was kind enough to send me some of their new pomades. He sent me one of each of them. Check them out! They’re awesome! They look smell and feel great! Thank you Jim! To get these, and you really need to they’re limited editions, head over to their website.


Also, my friend Timothy from 79 Pomade Shop sent me one of each of their new pomades. They run an awesome shop, I was lucky enough to get to do a colab with them and make the Roxburgh Pomades for them. Thank you very much for the pomades Timothy. He also said that a can of their newest one is also on its way to me! Awesome. These pomades also look smell and feel awesome. It’s everything from a light to a super heavy, all with different scents and colors. Very cool pomades! You guys have to check these out as well. I don’t think they’re limited editions, but they are definitely something to have. To pick these up head on over to their website. Thanks again Timothy.


Do yourselves a favor and go pick up all these pomades. They’re definitely worth having in your arsenal.

Keep it greasy,


Dr. Dittmar – Shave Set with Best Badger Brush and Soap

Back with yet another shave set for you guys. I bought this set a while ago and completely forgot about it. When I was rearranging/reorganizing my shave stuff I ran across it and said it’s time to review it.


This set is from Dr. Dittmar. It’s a 3-piece set with a bowl, brush, and soap. I will be checking out all three individually and as a group like I have with the last few sets I’ve tried out. Let’s get to it.


The bowl is a white porcelain looking bowl, with a metal tab attached to the rim. It has a nice gloss to the bowl, and it’s a really nice bright white. The bowl is fairly shallow, and is pretty wide. It’s not as sharply curved up as most bowls either. It has a slight angle to it. The bottom of the bowl just has one little sticker that indicates the company and that it’s made in Germany. Other than that there are no markings or anything on the bowl.


The brush is a black hair best badger brush with a nice wooden handle. I really like the stain on the handle. I’m a big fan of the darker stains and woods. The handle has a little circular magnet in it which holds it to the metal tab on the bowl. This allows for not needing a stand for the brush which is pretty cool. Makes the bowl unique. I’ve never seen a bowl and brush like these before.


The bristles are so dark you can’t really tell the texture of it from looking above. I really like how dark the hairs are from up above. It just looks black. Definitely the only brush I have that is like this. Black is my favorite color, so this bush is my favorite aesthetically. Hopefully it will perform as awesome as it looks. It’s really soft, so I’m thinking I will like it. I just hope it’s not too soft to where I can’t work with it well.


Now for the soap. It’s a pretty small puck style soap. Only about 1/2″ thick and 2 1/2″ in diameter. It has a stamp on it with their logo and some words. It’s a cream colored soap, but it’s on the darker side, almost tan colored. It has a pretty light scent to it. Mostly just smells like soap, but it does have a slight hint of flowers, cinnamon, and fresh tobacco to it. It’s a very subtle hint though, you have to smell it a while before you detect it.


The soap comes with a little booklet too. The front page basically is the same stamp that’s in the soap. The booklet basically tells you about the soap and company, as well as how to use the soap. There’s advantages descriptions, how the soap works, the history of the company, and directions for use. Definitely cool to see a booklet included with a soap. Never seen this from any other company.

After I soaked both the soap and brush I dumped out the water. That is when I noticed another unique thing about the brush. It empties just about all the water without even having to shake it. It drains better than a boars hair brush does. Almost a bit too much, I decided to add a little water back to it. The soap almost fell out of the bowl because I forgot to press it into the bottom of the bowl before I soaked it. This may make it a little bit difficult to load the brush.

And just as I thought the soap just turned with the brush. I decided to hold down the soap with my thumb and work the brush around. Almost immediately a very frothy foam started to appear. I normally love my bus for 30 seconds, but at 15 seconds I was thinking I may need to stop because there was so much lather.


I then scooped out all the foam and transferred it to another bowl. I added just a few drops of water to the bowl and brush and began to work up my lather. This took a bit more time than loading my brush. However once I hit the 20 second mark the lather exploded. It started to almost overflow the bowl. As you can see the entire bowl and brush are completely packed to the gills with lather. And the type of lather is just awesome. It’s a lot like homemade whipped cream. I really like a nice day versatility in my shave soups. It gets boring having the same lather day in and day out. The scent seemed to kind of disappear once that worked up the lather.


When I applied it to my face it’s seem to get a little bit thinner. I may have put a little bit too much water in my brush. Even though it was a little too frothy it was still a nice lather in my opinion. It feels really nice on my face. The scent still wasn’t there, it seems to disappear completely once you load your brush. No matter, this allows me to pick whatever aftershave I want. I don’t have to try and pair one up with the scent of the soap. I will most likely go with a bay rum, they’re my favorite.


I decided to use the razor and blades that I reviewed last time. I really like them a lot. I was a little worried that the lather would be a little too runny, but that was not the case. It was actually quite sick and trapped all the hairs in very nicely.


The shave was really nice, although I did nick myself a couple times. My face felt incredibly smooth and soft afterward. It also felt nice and moisturized. Very few soaps do this, and I’m glad I found another one. I was very happy with how this soap performed. Definitely going to be working this one into the rotation of frequently used soaps.


I noticed that the brush had shed quit a few hairs throughout the process. A little more than any of the other new brushes I have used. I hope it’s just the fact that it’s new and that it doesn’t keep doing this. Only time will tell though.

Overall it’s a really nice set. The board is a really nice bowl for loading your brush. I don’t think it will be that good for working up a lather because of the angle of the wall. It’s not vertical enough for me to get a good lather going I don’t think. But it is perfect for loading my brush. The brush is awesome looking and it comes with it’s own stand built into the bowl. It has a nice soft feel on my face, and it wasn’t too soft. I was able to really work with it well. It holds the lather in it extremely well too! Even after lathering my face I had more than enough for another pass still in the brush. The soap has immediately become one of my new favorites. Great lather, performs well, and leaves my face feeling awesome. The only thing that I would like is that the sun was a little bit stronger. However, it’s nice that it’s not, because like I said I can pick whatever aftershave I want. I don’t have to try am pair of one that will go well with it.

This is definitely a set I can recommend you guys checking out. It’s a great looking set, works well all around, and is practical. The brush really has a nice contrast on the bowl. Each item performs great on its own, and they work really well together. And the stand for the brunch is built right into the bowl, so that eliminates having to buy something else. Plus, this one is really affordable as well. I got mine over at so I would suggest starting there to get yours. They also have some other cool stuff on their website as well so take a few minutes and browse around.

Til next time,


Wet Shaver’s Club – 1st month box

A little while back I was contacted by Julia about featuring their box. I of course said yes. I always enjoy trying out new stuff and it’s nice when companies contact me about reviewing their stuff. So she sent me out a box and I got it last week when I was down with the flu. Let’s check out what’s in the box!


It’s a standard cardboard box, with emerald green writing on it. Inside the border are little dots that follow it all the way around. At the top it says “Wet Shave Club Est. 1972” there are some stars above that. Then in a green banner is “Fine Men’s Shaving.” In the bottom right corner it says “30 days of handsomeness.” On the front inside a stripe it says “Style for a manly shave” and it has their website. Not a bad layout.


Inside the box are a couple cards. One is your membership card. The other is a 10 step perfect wet shave instruction card. Julia also included a thank you note to me. She said everything in the box is what you would get in your first months box. Pretty cool, thank you for the personal note Julia! Let’s see what’s in the box.


Here’s what is all in the box you get on your first month. A 3-piece de razor, shaving brush, two 5-packs of blades, two sample shave soaps, one bottle of aftershave, and a matchbook of alum matchsticks. Nicely filled box if I don’t say so myself. You get a lot of cool stuff. Really the only thing you don’t get is a stand and a shave bowl. But who knows, maybe you get that in month 2 or 3! Very cool box, thank you Julia!

I’m going to kind of review the whole box at once, so this review is going to be a kind of lengthy review. I will do a step by step, item by item review and include a summary on the box/products as a whole. Kind of a point by point account of the whole shave from start to finish with all these products except for the second soap and second blade.


I have decided to add a bowl into the review. It’s a bowl I have had for a while and just kept forgetting to review. This one is a Col. Conk bowl I got from West Coast Shaving a while back. It’s a really awesome looking onyx marble bowl. This thing is hefty too! It has to weigh at least 3lbs. Surprisingly it’s quite a bit bigger than the picture makes it seem. I was kind of worried I might not be able to fit certain soaps in it, but it’s big enough to accommodate just about any soap out there.


The lid has a few nice white swatches swirled in it. I really like the marbling in the lid a lot, it has a great look to it. The bowl has the same onyx and white marbling as well. It also has some green, brown and red stone swirled into it as well. This shave bowl is one of the coolest looking bowls ever. I’m a huge fan of marble/granite so this one was right up my alley.


Inside the bowl you see that it’s not rounded like most bowls. It actually has a 90° angle where the wall and floor meet. I was surprised when I saw that because I’ve never seen a bowl like that until I bought this one. Inside the bowl, the marbling is mainly black and grey with a few flecks of the other colors thrown in here and there. The under part of the lid has even more white than the outer part does. It’s really cool how rocks can do that. By far my favorite looking shave bowl. Now for the soap.


I’m going to go with the Oatmeal Milk & Honey soap from Red Leaf, I think it will go better with the aftershave than the English Coast soap will. As you can see it’s a clear soap square wrapped in thin clear plastic wrap. The label is very simple, a brown band with the name of the soap. Then there’s a red square in the center that has the company name.


The soap actually isn’t quite clear. It’s slightly cloudy yellowish green clear soap. The scent on the soap is just awesome. It has the obvious scents that are in it’s name, plus a nice soapy note, but then it has a woodsy type note in there as well. It’s a nicely balanced, great smelling soap. The sweet, clean, woodsy smell is quickly becoming one of my favorite scents of all my soaps.


It fits in my shave bowl really nicely. There is quite a bit of room around the soap to work your brush around. Inside the bowl the soap looks much more white than when you’re holding it. I then filled the bowl up with nice, hot water to soak the soap well. Time to check out the brush you get in the box.


This one is a fairly simple brush. Kind of a standard 3-band, boars hair brush. The handle is just a plain black plastic handle. No symbol or company name on it anywhere. It is a fairly tall brush. Slightly taller than my Col. Conk brush that I just reviewed. The knot seems to be about the same size as that brush.


Looking at the bristles from up above, you see a kind of dense brush. Not nearly as dense as some of my brushes, but this one does have more bristles than my other two boars hair brushes do. I lightly rubbed it on my face just to see how it feels. It’s a pretty abrasive brush. This one kind of pokes your face a little bit, but then again it is dry. I’m sure it will feel much different with soap in it. I proceeded to put it in a mug and soak it in hot water.


Now it is time for the razor. This one comes with a really cool looking leather cover. The cover is branded/stamped with the company’s name on it. And this one is also a very hefty razor. I would even say a little bit heavier than my Merkur 20c razor. This one really has some nice weight to it. So far this one is making a pretty dang good impression, that leather cover is awesome!


The handle has some nice criss cross pattern carved into it. There is a large bar of it in the center of the handle, then there is a space and a couple more rings towards the bottom. The top of the razor concave’s in towards the head. The spaces that don’t have the grip etching on them are nice polished nickel/chrome. I’m not sure which exactly. I really like the grip this razor has. It almost feels like a ratchet wrench’s grip, just not as large of a grid.


The head of the razor has the company name etched in it like the leather cover did. I think that is pretty cool! I like the really simplistic lettering too. The bar is a kind of your standard grooved bar. I’ve seen this bar on many a razor. Overall it’s a pretty cool looking razor. I like the weight of it, not sure if that will be a good thing or bad thing when shaving just yet.


This one happens to be a 3 piece razor. You can really get a good view of the handle and bar when it’s taken apart like this. I was surprised at how long the threads are on the head spike. It’s twice as long as my Merkur 1904 razor. I’m not sure if I like or dislike that just yet. I need to use this razor a few more times and get a good feel for it I think. Now for the blade.


I decided to go with the Gillette silver blue razor blades. I have heard a few good things about these, so I figured it would be a good place to start. The blades come in your standard little cardboard box like most blades do. The edge is a royal blue with a silver trim, inside the border it is white. In The same blue lettering is the company name, then in silver lettering it says the blade name. Very simple box, no design just text. The blades are wrapped in normal paper and a wax paper. The outer wrap looks virtually identical to the box. It just doesn’t have the same border that the box does. The blade says “Gillette” up on top, and “silver blue” down on the bottom. The etching is kind of your standard black etching, nothing fancy.


It fits in the razor very nicely. The blade is very snug in the head of the razor. It doesn’t stick out as far as most of my razors allow. This seems like it will be a nice razor for beginners. That totally makes sense since it’s going to a member on their first month.


Time to get my lather going! Loading the brush was very easy at first. Then I dislodged my soap and it became a little race chasing my soap around in the bowl. This always seems to happen with smaller soaps. Generally it only happens the first time, then it kind of glues itself to the bottom of the bowl. The lather loads quickly then builds up on the outer part of your brush. It’s a very thick, almost paste type lather when it’s first loaded into your brush. It has a nice brownish/off-white color to it as well. The scent seemed to get a bit stronger and the soapy note shone trough a bit more at this stage.


When I went to work up the lather, it kind of dissipated at first. I really had to add water and work it up in order to get some nice tufts going. Once I did I was pretty happy with it. The lather remains a really thick paste type lather. It doesn’t get puffy like a lot of soaps do. I like that it maintains that brownish/off-white color even when you build up the lather. I expected it to turn bright white, but it didn’t. The soapy note is still pretty present, but the sweet scent and the woodsy scent also grow in strength to meet it. I’m really liking the smell of this stuff!


As I started to brush the lather on my face, I noticed that the brush wasn’t quite as abrasive now that it was damp and full of soap. That was definitely a nice turnaround. You can see that the lather remains a nice thick white paste type lather even it when it’s on my cheek. I half expected it to kind of dissipate like it did before, but it didn’t. Being that it’s so thick and paste like, it almost has a dry feel on your face. It’s not as moist and puffy as other soaps are. Doesn’t feel bad or anything, it’s just not what I’m used to. Maybe I didn’t use enough water, I’m not sure. I’ll have to play around with the soap some more and see what it does.

Time for the shave! The first pass I did with my razor I let the weight of it kind of do the work for me. The blade glided across my skin very smoothly, but I could really feel it cut each hair as it passed. It wasn’t tugging on my hairs at all, I could just feel it cut through each hair. It was a very unique feel. Usually when it feels like that, the hairs get tugged pretty hard. I found myself going through this shave faster than any shave I normally do. I think the combination of a really nice blade, and the weight of this razor allowed me to flow through the shave effortlessly. It was kind of surreal, I wasn’t paying attention and then I realized I only had a couple strokes left to go. I was kind of left perplexed as to where the whole shave went. It was over so quickly I almost didn’t get a chance to enjoy it.


I was left with a really nice close shave though. I haven’t had this close and receive from a razor blade I was reviewing in a while. I was very happy with how my face felt after my shave. It was nice and close, and the soap left my face very smooth.


Another awesome thing about the soap, is that you have enough for a few more passes in your bowl, and around your soap. I think if I would’ve used a little bit more water in my brush when loading and working up the lather, there would be even more in the bowl. I will have to try that next time and see how it works out. Now it’s time for the aftershave.


The aftershave that I got in the box was from a company called Whiskey Ink & Lace. I have been in contact with this company a little while ago and bought some of their products to review on my blog, so it was kind of a familiar product to me. Unfortunately due to the summer, I haven’t been able to try out their pomades, and I’ve been busy with other shave stuff. I plan on getting to the shave soap soon very soon though. The aftershave comes in an amber glass bottle with a brown paper label. The lid is a black plastic screw on lid. The label is very simplistic in design, and has a nice aesthetic to it. Their logo is in the center of the top, and the type of aftershave is in the black area just below it. On either side is the ingredients and the directions. Very simple, and to the point type of label. They have a few different scents to their aftershaves. The one that I bought from them was called The Gent, but I was very excited to see the Cedarwood in the box. That scent is one of my favorite smells ever.


Opening the black lid, you see a clear plastic dropper style insert in the mouth of the bottle. I happen to like these a lot, it allows you to get what you need without any spillage. And as I said, the scent is exactly what the label says, cedarwood!


The aftershave itself is a slightly brown colored aftershave. In your hand you see the oils floating on top of the aftershave. I always like this look, it gives off a handmade vibe. You can tell good ingredients were used in making this aftershave. Boy does the smell explode once you get in your hands.

Splashing it on my face I did notice a slight burn, and then an immediate cooling effect right after that. It was a nice feeling aftershave when I applied it. The scent gets even stronger when you apply it to your face. It really is one of the best smells, and it complements the soap perfectly. I am very pleased with this aftershave. The only thing that could be better was if I had a gigantic bottle of it!


After I fanned my face dry with my hands, I felt my cheeks. The combination of the soap, blade, razor, and aftershave left me with a near perfect shave. I had a very soft, smooth face, as well as a close shave. And that feeling lasted all day. I felt my face late that night and it still felt nice and soft. I am definitely happy about that.

Overall, this shave box/set is one of the best I have ever used. I really don’t have anything to point out that wasn’t on par. Really the only things that could make this box better, is bigger portions. But it is a sampler box for your first month. So you can’t really complain at all, because you get a bunch of stuff in it! This is definitely something I recommend you guys try it if you haven’t already! To get this box, head over to their website and sign up.
You guys should definitely sign up ASAP, you get some awesome stuff! They have different increments too so you don’t have to sign up for a full year or anything. That is definitely a nice option for guys wanting to check stuff out or guys on a budget.

The only thing I didn’t get a chance to tryout was the matchbook. I’m going to do a quick overview on what it looks like and what you get since I didn’t have the opportunity to use any of the matchsticks.


It’s a very simple design on the outside of the book. It is a red background with white letters. The top says “The Legends” in cursive type letters above a white bar with a triangle in it. Below that it says “London” in block letters. Then in smaller cursive letters towards the bottom it says “alum matchsticks” and “after shave astringent.” Pretty cool.


The backside of the book has a little description of the matchsticks. Then it has the ingredients and directions just below that. Towards the bottom it has a caution, and the company information. To the right of the text is a little guy recycling. Make sure to stay eco-friendly guys.


Inside the book you see 20 white matchsticks in two rows. It’s one has a nice dab on the applicator tip of the matchstick. They’re just plain white matchsticks that look a bit fatter than your usual matchstick. You can also see the standard staple holding them together inside the matchbook. Just like you do with any other matchbook. Pretty cool little matchbook.

Be sure to check out this company and their monthly boxes! You get some great stuff from them! Thank you again Julia!

Stay fresh gents,


Sasquatch Soap Co. – Pine Tar

Finally getting back to another bar soap review. And I am going back to the Sasquatch line. I loved their bay rum bar so much I just had to try another. This time I am going with their Pine Tar soap. Very excited to try this one out.


Just like the last bar, it has the exact same packaging. The only difference is the name of the soap and the ingredient list. I really like the goofy Sasquatch guy on these labels haha. He reminds me of like a cartooned Jed Clampett type Sasquatch.


The bar itself is a black colored soap with little flecks in it. It has a really nice smell to it, smells just like it’s name. I have a feeling this is going to be a scrub bar due to the flakes in it. I particularly like scrub bars a lot. I am even working on perfecting mine for my new soap company. I like the abrasive feeling and the exfoliation that comes from bars like that. I’m also a big fan of black soaps. Don’t really know why exactly, but I dig them quite a bit.


I decided to work up a little water on the bar to show the beginning stage of it’s lather. After a couple seconds, a slimy, sticky, grey foam showed up. And almost immediately even more flecks appeared from under the surface. I think I am going to really like this soap. I’m definitely curious to see how I like the lather. I’ve never had a lather do this at the beginning stage before. Never felt a slimy feel from a soap before. Could be cool though, you never know.

After about 5 seconds of using the bar, it turned into feeling like 60-grit sandpaper. This stuff is crazy! Caution to fair skinned folks, this is definitely a man’s soap! It’s gritty and scrapes your skin really well. It feels almost sharp it’s so gritty. I love it! It’s not a soap for the faint of heart that’s for sure though. I really liked how the scent was in the shower. It got a little stronger, but didn’t overwhelm at all. And it went very well with my Clubman shampoo.


The lather ended up turning into a very frothy foam, almost a picture perfect bubble group. As you can see, it almost looks too good to be true. But I can honestly say that’s exactly how the lather was. After my shower my skin was left feeling very clean. I decided to look at the label to see what was in the soap. Come to find out, they use the same thing that I do in my bar, steel cut oats. They use a bit more than I do though, my bar isn’t this gritty. This bar really is the ultimate scrub bar. It’s awesome. Once my skin was dry I felt my arms and noticed than they were a bit more smooth than normal. I’m not sure if it was due to the grit, or the soap, or both. However, it was definitely nice.

I have to say, this bar has quickly become one of my new favorite soaps. I wish I had a couple more on hand. I don’t think one bar will fill my craving for it. I might just have to go but a couple bars before I run out so I can use it for a while. I tend to do that when I like a bar a lot. I think that is part of the reason why I don’t review bar soaps very often. I kind of get stuck on one that I like for a while.

This is definitely a soap you guys should check out. As long as you can handle a serious scrub bar that is. To get a couple bars head on over to their website.
They have quite a few other bars on there as well, so check them all out. So far this company has shown me nothing but great soaps. I know you guys will like them.

Scrub that mug,


Shaving Yeti – Columbian Necktie

So I’m checking out a new shave soap today. A whole back my new buddy Ernie contacted me about trying out his shave soaps. To which I replied with an excited yes. I though maybe he’d send me one possibly two, nope, he sent me 4! Thanks a bunch Ernie, I really appreciate it. Seeing as I couldn’t decide which to try first, I decided I’d go alphabetically. So his Columbian Necktie is up first.


The name right off the bat gets me. Such a cool name for a shave soap. If you are not familiar with the Columbian necktie, Wikipedia it. He packages his soaps in flat 4oz slip cover tins. The same pomade tins that Bees Knees uses, among other companies including mine. There is just the one label on the lid. It has a yellow, blue, and red textured looking background. Up in the yellow area it has a little cartoony yeti guys with a face full of lather, and says “shaving yeti” next to him. It also says “Columbian” in red letters in the yellow part. In the blue area it says “necktie” in yellow letters. Then half in the blue and half in the red is a little cluster of citrus fruits. There’s some writing at the very bottom, but I can’t make out what it says, it’s too blurry.


The soap itself is a clear, red colored soap. It has a sort of glossy mirrored surface with a few bubbles around the edges. Very surprised at the amount in the tin too! It’s full to the brim. Might make soaking this soap a bit difficult, but I know I’ll manage. Super hot water should do the trick. And, oh man, the scent on this stuff! It’s just awesome. Smells exactly like sonic cherry limeade! I love it!


Time to load the brush. I noticed that the water had soaked in fairly well, leaving a light pink area in the center. That area was immediately sucked up into my brush. I noticed a lot of little frothy bubbles at first, then it started to become a thicker foam. It easily spilled over the edge being as the tin is so full. I soon had a thick foam ring on the outside of the tin. After I had loaded my brush to my liking, I scooped up all the extra soap on the outside.


I added a few drops of water to my brush and began to work up my lather. It didn’t take but a few seconds for it to start fluffing up. Within about 15 seconds I had some nice clouds worked up. And a cool thing I saw was that there was pink swirls in the white lather. Some of the pink had stayed in after creating my lather. Pretty awesome. I’m not sure if you can see it, but they’re in the little puff at the top in the center of the bowl. I’ve never had a colored soap do that before, it’s a nice surprise. The scent gets a nice little fizzy note to it, making it really smell like a cherry limeade!


It kind of thins out a little bit on my face, but is still a nice lather. I really like the scent of this stuff right under my nose. I also like how this soap retains heat. When I brushed the lather on my face it wasn’t cold, it still had some warmth to it. As I began to shave I could immediately tell this cream works well. My bald glided along my face cutting the hairs effortlessly. It was almost like shaving a bare face without a blade, it was that smooth. The cream did a great job of trapping all my whiskers in it too. I didn’t have hardly any hairs sticking to my razor.


With shaving going so smoothly I got through it all very quickly. I quickly rinsed my face with cold water and patted it dry. My face was nice and smooth afterward. Not overly moist, not dried out, but a nice medium. It was a natural feel, but really smooth at the same time. I then threw on the Imperial aftershave I have, thinking they might go together. The scent goes perfect with that one. And it goes really well with this lemon preshave oil I have too. The combination of the three makes for a nice smelling shave throughout.

I used this soap on a few shaves and it performed consistently each time. It is definitely a soap I recommend you guys checking out. It’s a great soap all around. You can find this and his other soaps on his website and the other names are just as hilarious as this one is. Great job with the soap and thank you again Ernie! I’m looking forward to trying the rest you sent me, and adding the remaining soaps of yours I don’t have to my collection.

Protect your neck,


Lil Red Rooster

Finally back with another Slick 50 Barbershop product. This time I’m checking out their Lil Red Rooster.


It comes in a similar tub, only this time it’s clear instead of white. It has the same black lid with the one label on the lid. This one is also a black label, and it has bright pink lettering. In the center is a rooster combing his hair and it says “Lil Red Rooster” just below him with a guitar. Above him is says “Deluxe Hair Styling” in block letters. Around the edge of the label it has all the ingredients. Simple and cool design.


The product itself is also a pink color, this one is more of an orangish pink. It kind of looks like a cross between a pomade and a hair paste on the surface. It has a slight shine to the surface and the look of a medium pomade, but it also has the look of a paste and has a bubbled surface. The scent on this one is pretty faint. It is a clean smell, slightly floral, with a hint of talcum powder. I’m not sure how I feel about the scent just yet.


It’s scoops out kind of like Bees Knees after you have already broken the surface. Very tacky and gummy, but it also has that familiar water based feel to it as well. It’s definitely a unique texture. The scent does get a little stronger when you scoop it out but not much.

In my hands it feels almost exactly like Bees Knees, just more gummy than tacky. It takes on the feeling of a wax more so than a water soluble, it’s pretty crazy. It turns a bright white color in your hands too, much like pastes do. Applying it is a lot like applying a thick paste. It goes in pretty easy, and maintains it’s stickiness. It’s not very difficult to comb either. Only the very first pass combing my hair backward had any significant resistance to it. After that it was a breeze to comb in and around.


Definitely gives your hair that dry look to it. There is virtually no shine to it either. It seems to have a pretty decent hold, although my hair does have a bouncy feel to it. Kind of like the way your hair feels with hair spray in it. Not a big fan of that at all. The scent grows exponentially in strength once you have it in your hair too. It fills the whole room. Once it was in my hair I could really make out the scents in it. Dentist’s office and nursing home. No joke, it smells exactly like both of those combined. That kind of overly cleaned smell. Definitely wasn’t liking that too much.

I noticed that almost immediately this stuff disintegrates in the heat. I was only outside for a few minutes and my hair was already drooping and strands were falling in my face. Total bummer. I went back inside and wet combed my hair in an attempt to get it back in control. It worked a little bit, but I lost virtually all the hold. I could get my hair to stay in a slicked back style, but no lift at all. When I tried it would just split and fall in my face again. It has been really hot this summer so I’m not taking it too much into account. I think this stuff would do well from mid fall to early spring. Definitely not a summer product.

This stuff comes out of your hair extremely easy which is nice. Only about 5 seconds under running water and it’s all completely out. However, once it was out I could feel how dry my hair was even still in the shower. As you know, I’m not a fan of my hair getting dried out whatsoever. Feeling my hair I decided to use some conditioner to try and counteract the dryness. When I got out of the shower I noticed that the conditioner had little effect. What a bummer, I hate it when this happens.

Overall I wasn’t too pleased with this stuff. The scent wasn’t very good, the hold was ok but left my hair bouncy like hair spray, it loses it’s hold fairly easily, dried out my hair pretty bad, and you go through it very fast. One scoop takes about 1/10 out of the tub, so you only get 10 or less uses out of it. I did like the label and texture of this stuff. It’s just a bummer that it didn’t work very well. If you want to try this stuff out, head on over to their website and get a tub.
I still have a couple of their products to try. Not sure which I will try next, but hopefully it will be soon. With all the new stuff on the market these days and the stuff people have sent me to try, I’m not sure what to try first. But, I’m gona do my best to get to things in a timely manner. Stay tuned, and feel free to request stuff at anytime.

Stay slick,