Lil Red Rooster

Finally back with another Slick 50 Barbershop product. This time I’m checking out their Lil Red Rooster.


It comes in a similar tub, only this time it’s clear instead of white. It has the same black lid with the one label on the lid. This one is also a black label, and it has bright pink lettering. In the center is a rooster combing his hair and it says “Lil Red Rooster” just below him with a guitar. Above him is says “Deluxe Hair Styling” in block letters. Around the edge of the label it has all the ingredients. Simple and cool design.


The product itself is also a pink color, this one is more of an orangish pink. It kind of looks like a cross between a pomade and a hair paste on the surface. It has a slight shine to the surface and the look of a medium pomade, but it also has the look of a paste and has a bubbled surface. The scent on this one is pretty faint. It is a clean smell, slightly floral, with a hint of talcum powder. I’m not sure how I feel about the scent just yet.


It’s scoops out kind of like Bees Knees after you have already broken the surface. Very tacky and gummy, but it also has that familiar water based feel to it as well. It’s definitely a unique texture. The scent does get a little stronger when you scoop it out but not much.

In my hands it feels almost exactly like Bees Knees, just more gummy than tacky. It takes on the feeling of a wax more so than a water soluble, it’s pretty crazy. It turns a bright white color in your hands too, much like pastes do. Applying it is a lot like applying a thick paste. It goes in pretty easy, and maintains it’s stickiness. It’s not very difficult to comb either. Only the very first pass combing my hair backward had any significant resistance to it. After that it was a breeze to comb in and around.


Definitely gives your hair that dry look to it. There is virtually no shine to it either. It seems to have a pretty decent hold, although my hair does have a bouncy feel to it. Kind of like the way your hair feels with hair spray in it. Not a big fan of that at all. The scent grows exponentially in strength once you have it in your hair too. It fills the whole room. Once it was in my hair I could really make out the scents in it. Dentist’s office and nursing home. No joke, it smells exactly like both of those combined. That kind of overly cleaned smell. Definitely wasn’t liking that too much.

I noticed that almost immediately this stuff disintegrates in the heat. I was only outside for a few minutes and my hair was already drooping and strands were falling in my face. Total bummer. I went back inside and wet combed my hair in an attempt to get it back in control. It worked a little bit, but I lost virtually all the hold. I could get my hair to stay in a slicked back style, but no lift at all. When I tried it would just split and fall in my face again. It has been really hot this summer so I’m not taking it too much into account. I think this stuff would do well from mid fall to early spring. Definitely not a summer product.

This stuff comes out of your hair extremely easy which is nice. Only about 5 seconds under running water and it’s all completely out. However, once it was out I could feel how dry my hair was even still in the shower. As you know, I’m not a fan of my hair getting dried out whatsoever. Feeling my hair I decided to use some conditioner to try and counteract the dryness. When I got out of the shower I noticed that the conditioner had little effect. What a bummer, I hate it when this happens.

Overall I wasn’t too pleased with this stuff. The scent wasn’t very good, the hold was ok but left my hair bouncy like hair spray, it loses it’s hold fairly easily, dried out my hair pretty bad, and you go through it very fast. One scoop takes about 1/10 out of the tub, so you only get 10 or less uses out of it. I did like the label and texture of this stuff. It’s just a bummer that it didn’t work very well. If you want to try this stuff out, head on over to their website and get a tub.
I still have a couple of their products to try. Not sure which I will try next, but hopefully it will be soon. With all the new stuff on the market these days and the stuff people have sent me to try, I’m not sure what to try first. But, I’m gona do my best to get to things in a timely manner. Stay tuned, and feel free to request stuff at anytime.

Stay slick,



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