Shaving Yeti – Columbian Necktie

So I’m checking out a new shave soap today. A whole back my new buddy Ernie contacted me about trying out his shave soaps. To which I replied with an excited yes. I though maybe he’d send me one possibly two, nope, he sent me 4! Thanks a bunch Ernie, I really appreciate it. Seeing as I couldn’t decide which to try first, I decided I’d go alphabetically. So his Columbian Necktie is up first.


The name right off the bat gets me. Such a cool name for a shave soap. If you are not familiar with the Columbian necktie, Wikipedia it. He packages his soaps in flat 4oz slip cover tins. The same pomade tins that Bees Knees uses, among other companies including mine. There is just the one label on the lid. It has a yellow, blue, and red textured looking background. Up in the yellow area it has a little cartoony yeti guys with a face full of lather, and says “shaving yeti” next to him. It also says “Columbian” in red letters in the yellow part. In the blue area it says “necktie” in yellow letters. Then half in the blue and half in the red is a little cluster of citrus fruits. There’s some writing at the very bottom, but I can’t make out what it says, it’s too blurry.


The soap itself is a clear, red colored soap. It has a sort of glossy mirrored surface with a few bubbles around the edges. Very surprised at the amount in the tin too! It’s full to the brim. Might make soaking this soap a bit difficult, but I know I’ll manage. Super hot water should do the trick. And, oh man, the scent on this stuff! It’s just awesome. Smells exactly like sonic cherry limeade! I love it!


Time to load the brush. I noticed that the water had soaked in fairly well, leaving a light pink area in the center. That area was immediately sucked up into my brush. I noticed a lot of little frothy bubbles at first, then it started to become a thicker foam. It easily spilled over the edge being as the tin is so full. I soon had a thick foam ring on the outside of the tin. After I had loaded my brush to my liking, I scooped up all the extra soap on the outside.


I added a few drops of water to my brush and began to work up my lather. It didn’t take but a few seconds for it to start fluffing up. Within about 15 seconds I had some nice clouds worked up. And a cool thing I saw was that there was pink swirls in the white lather. Some of the pink had stayed in after creating my lather. Pretty awesome. I’m not sure if you can see it, but they’re in the little puff at the top in the center of the bowl. I’ve never had a colored soap do that before, it’s a nice surprise. The scent gets a nice little fizzy note to it, making it really smell like a cherry limeade!


It kind of thins out a little bit on my face, but is still a nice lather. I really like the scent of this stuff right under my nose. I also like how this soap retains heat. When I brushed the lather on my face it wasn’t cold, it still had some warmth to it. As I began to shave I could immediately tell this cream works well. My bald glided along my face cutting the hairs effortlessly. It was almost like shaving a bare face without a blade, it was that smooth. The cream did a great job of trapping all my whiskers in it too. I didn’t have hardly any hairs sticking to my razor.


With shaving going so smoothly I got through it all very quickly. I quickly rinsed my face with cold water and patted it dry. My face was nice and smooth afterward. Not overly moist, not dried out, but a nice medium. It was a natural feel, but really smooth at the same time. I then threw on the Imperial aftershave I have, thinking they might go together. The scent goes perfect with that one. And it goes really well with this lemon preshave oil I have too. The combination of the three makes for a nice smelling shave throughout.

I used this soap on a few shaves and it performed consistently each time. It is definitely a soap I recommend you guys checking out. It’s a great soap all around. You can find this and his other soaps on his website and the other names are just as hilarious as this one is. Great job with the soap and thank you again Ernie! I’m looking forward to trying the rest you sent me, and adding the remaining soaps of yours I don’t have to my collection.

Protect your neck,



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