Dr. Dittmar – Shave Set with Best Badger Brush and Soap

Back with yet another shave set for you guys. I bought this set a while ago and completely forgot about it. When I was rearranging/reorganizing my shave stuff I ran across it and said it’s time to review it.


This set is from Dr. Dittmar. It’s a 3-piece set with a bowl, brush, and soap. I will be checking out all three individually and as a group like I have with the last few sets I’ve tried out. Let’s get to it.


The bowl is a white porcelain looking bowl, with a metal tab attached to the rim. It has a nice gloss to the bowl, and it’s a really nice bright white. The bowl is fairly shallow, and is pretty wide. It’s not as sharply curved up as most bowls either. It has a slight angle to it. The bottom of the bowl just has one little sticker that indicates the company and that it’s made in Germany. Other than that there are no markings or anything on the bowl.


The brush is a black hair best badger brush with a nice wooden handle. I really like the stain on the handle. I’m a big fan of the darker stains and woods. The handle has a little circular magnet in it which holds it to the metal tab on the bowl. This allows for not needing a stand for the brush which is pretty cool. Makes the bowl unique. I’ve never seen a bowl and brush like these before.


The bristles are so dark you can’t really tell the texture of it from looking above. I really like how dark the hairs are from up above. It just looks black. Definitely the only brush I have that is like this. Black is my favorite color, so this bush is my favorite aesthetically. Hopefully it will perform as awesome as it looks. It’s really soft, so I’m thinking I will like it. I just hope it’s not too soft to where I can’t work with it well.


Now for the soap. It’s a pretty small puck style soap. Only about 1/2″ thick and 2 1/2″ in diameter. It has a stamp on it with their logo and some words. It’s a cream colored soap, but it’s on the darker side, almost tan colored. It has a pretty light scent to it. Mostly just smells like soap, but it does have a slight hint of flowers, cinnamon, and fresh tobacco to it. It’s a very subtle hint though, you have to smell it a while before you detect it.


The soap comes with a little booklet too. The front page basically is the same stamp that’s in the soap. The booklet basically tells you about the soap and company, as well as how to use the soap. There’s advantages descriptions, how the soap works, the history of the company, and directions for use. Definitely cool to see a booklet included with a soap. Never seen this from any other company.

After I soaked both the soap and brush I dumped out the water. That is when I noticed another unique thing about the brush. It empties just about all the water without even having to shake it. It drains better than a boars hair brush does. Almost a bit too much, I decided to add a little water back to it. The soap almost fell out of the bowl because I forgot to press it into the bottom of the bowl before I soaked it. This may make it a little bit difficult to load the brush.

And just as I thought the soap just turned with the brush. I decided to hold down the soap with my thumb and work the brush around. Almost immediately a very frothy foam started to appear. I normally love my bus for 30 seconds, but at 15 seconds I was thinking I may need to stop because there was so much lather.


I then scooped out all the foam and transferred it to another bowl. I added just a few drops of water to the bowl and brush and began to work up my lather. This took a bit more time than loading my brush. However once I hit the 20 second mark the lather exploded. It started to almost overflow the bowl. As you can see the entire bowl and brush are completely packed to the gills with lather. And the type of lather is just awesome. It’s a lot like homemade whipped cream. I really like a nice day versatility in my shave soups. It gets boring having the same lather day in and day out. The scent seemed to kind of disappear once that worked up the lather.


When I applied it to my face it’s seem to get a little bit thinner. I may have put a little bit too much water in my brush. Even though it was a little too frothy it was still a nice lather in my opinion. It feels really nice on my face. The scent still wasn’t there, it seems to disappear completely once you load your brush. No matter, this allows me to pick whatever aftershave I want. I don’t have to try and pair one up with the scent of the soap. I will most likely go with a bay rum, they’re my favorite.


I decided to use the razor and blades that I reviewed last time. I really like them a lot. I was a little worried that the lather would be a little too runny, but that was not the case. It was actually quite sick and trapped all the hairs in very nicely.


The shave was really nice, although I did nick myself a couple times. My face felt incredibly smooth and soft afterward. It also felt nice and moisturized. Very few soaps do this, and I’m glad I found another one. I was very happy with how this soap performed. Definitely going to be working this one into the rotation of frequently used soaps.


I noticed that the brush had shed quit a few hairs throughout the process. A little more than any of the other new brushes I have used. I hope it’s just the fact that it’s new and that it doesn’t keep doing this. Only time will tell though.

Overall it’s a really nice set. The board is a really nice bowl for loading your brush. I don’t think it will be that good for working up a lather because of the angle of the wall. It’s not vertical enough for me to get a good lather going I don’t think. But it is perfect for loading my brush. The brush is awesome looking and it comes with it’s own stand built into the bowl. It has a nice soft feel on my face, and it wasn’t too soft. I was able to really work with it well. It holds the lather in it extremely well too! Even after lathering my face I had more than enough for another pass still in the brush. The soap has immediately become one of my new favorites. Great lather, performs well, and leaves my face feeling awesome. The only thing that I would like is that the sun was a little bit stronger. However, it’s nice that it’s not, because like I said I can pick whatever aftershave I want. I don’t have to try am pair of one that will go well with it.

This is definitely a set I can recommend you guys checking out. It’s a great looking set, works well all around, and is practical. The brush really has a nice contrast on the bowl. Each item performs great on its own, and they work really well together. And the stand for the brunch is built right into the bowl, so that eliminates having to buy something else. Plus, this one is really affordable as well. I got mine over at http://www.royalshave.com so I would suggest starting there to get yours. They also have some other cool stuff on their website as well so take a few minutes and browse around.

Til next time,



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