Thank you for the new stuff!!

I want to make a quick post thanking some friends of mine that sent me some gifts!! Jim over at Murray’s was kind enough to send me some of their new pomades. He sent me one of each of them. Check them out! They’re awesome! They look smell and feel great! Thank you Jim! To get these, and you really need to they’re limited editions, head over to their website.


Also, my friend Timothy from 79 Pomade Shop sent me one of each of their new pomades. They run an awesome shop, I was lucky enough to get to do a colab with them and make the Roxburgh Pomades for them. Thank you very much for the pomades Timothy. He also said that a can of their newest one is also on its way to me! Awesome. These pomades also look smell and feel awesome. It’s everything from a light to a super heavy, all with different scents and colors. Very cool pomades! You guys have to check these out as well. I don’t think they’re limited editions, but they are definitely something to have. To pick these up head on over to their website. Thanks again Timothy.


Do yourselves a favor and go pick up all these pomades. They’re definitely worth having in your arsenal.

Keep it greasy,



2 comments on “Thank you for the new stuff!!

  1. Ed says:

    I saw those new murrays tins of pomade at the chop tops show last week in Chicago.

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