Prospectors – Gold Rush

Hey guys back with a new product. This stuff is a new water soluble product out on the market. My good buddy Edgar aka Mr. Pomade was kind enough to send me a can to try out. Thank you very much man! I really appreciate it. Let’s crack this baby open and see what’s up with this new Prospectors stuff.


The tin is downright awesome. Probably one of the coolest lithographed tins I’ve ever seen. It’s a lot shinier than any other lithographed tin I’ve seen so far. It seems to have a high gloss clear coat on it. Very nice, makes it look expensive. The background is gold, not surprising, the accents are purple, maroon/burgundy, and off-white. It has the name in the very center with some filigree around it and a guy above it. He looks a lot like Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2. Just underneath it is a shovel and pick. Up at the top it says “established 1849,” Edgar said this is referring to the gold rush era not the company. Above and below the name it says “all natural hemp oil” and “water type no flakes.” I highly doubt the no flakes thing seeing as it’s a ringing gel, but hey you never know. At the very bottom in a banner is “gold rush” and below that is the weight info.


The bottom of the tin is just as cool as the top. The background is a champagne gold looking color and has the same filagree it very lightly printed behind all the words. Up at the top is Stinky Pete again along with the company name. Below that is the blurb about this stuff, the instructions, and the ingredients. The website, an American flag, the weight info, and the barcode are below that. Very cool looking tin.


Getting the lid off was a little bit of a hassle, it seemed to have almost a vacuum seal. The group inside looks almost identical to Shiner Gold in color. And yet another cool thing about this tin is there is some stuff printed at the bottom. The same shovel and pick that was on the front in what appears to be burgundy or maroon. This is a very nice touch! I’m never seen any other companies do something like this, so I was very thrilled to see it. The scent on the stuff is a very clean soapy smell, with the scent of hemp thrown in there too. I think I detected a slight spicy note as well, but I can’t be sure. The soap scent kind of dominates.


When I went to dig my finger and I expected to pull out something similar to shiner gold. However, it scoops out almost identical to monkey brains. The texture feels a lot like monkey brains does. Nice easy scoop, and breaks down really smoothly in the hands. This stuff feels softer when I break it down though, and slightly more tacky. I’m not sure how that happened, but it did.

The stuff also applies quite a bit easier than monkey brains does. However when I got to combing it, it felt just like monkey brains. It has a nice resistance to it when you comb your hair through. Then once it gets worked in it’s very easy to comb.


I was able to style my hair very quickly, just like with monkey brains. I was able to achieve this in under 30 seconds. This stuff gives me a nice medium sized rounded pomp. It also seems to have a nice shine to it. Hope for the shine will last all day. The scent gets a lot less strong once it’s in your hair. I could still smell it, but it wasn’t very strong like it was in the tin. So far I’m pretty happy with this stuff, which isn’t surprising since I love monkey brain so much.

The hold seem to last all day long which was nice. The shine did not disappear like I had thought it would. The way it dried up was definitely unique. It felt a lot like a really waxy pomade does when it’s cold outside. This stuff doesn’t gum up as much as monkey brains, turns more wax-like. The tips of my hair, and the short hairs along the sides and back did have a crunchy feeling to them though.


When I got home I decided to test the “no flaking” claim on the lid. And just like I knew, it does flake. This is just reality when it comes to ringing gels. I had hoped that it wouldn’t because of how it felt when it set up, but it does flake as you can see. There’s not as many as with others, but there is still quite a few flakes. With that being said, I didn’t have to wet my hair to recomb it. That is a definite improvement over most other products like this one. I didn’t even have to press my hair down or anything, I just combed it. I took a little extra time with a fine tooth comb to get as many of the flakes out as I could. You’ll see below I wasn’t able to get them all, but I did get most of them.


The result of recombing it was more of a matte shine, and a little less hold. I was still able to comb a decent pomp, it just wasn’t as high as before. It’s still looked pretty nice though. Better than almost all of the other products like this when I recomb my hair. So far I am pretty happy with this stuff.

Just like with almost every other ringing gel, this one rinses out with just water. Quite a bit easier than most do as well. My hair seemed to be soft after I rinsed it all out, but I’ve been fooled before so I will have to wait and see. When I got out of the shower and towel dried my hair, I decided to shave and leave my hair without touching it just yet. After I was done shaving, and my hair was completely dry, I ran my fingers through my hair and was quite surprised. Hair felt nice and soft and wasn’t dried out hardly at all. There was a tad bit of dryness to my hair, but nothing more than you get with a cheaper shampoo. I’m definitely happy about this. It will make for a lot easier application the second and third days using it.

All in all, this is a pretty dang good water-soluble product. It’s right on par with monkey brains for me. And that makes it easily in my top five favorites. Most of you know I only have a few water-soluble’s that I like, and even fewer that I love. This stuff is a must for any water-soluble fan, and even for the guys that don’t generally use them that often. It’s a top-notch product, and I recommend you guys grab a tin of Prospectors Gold Rush as soon as possible! To get it head on over to

Big thank you again my friend Edgar aka Mr. Pomade for sending me a tin of this stuff to review. I really appreciate it man. I loved this stuff. I even used some on my son, he really liked the look of the tin and insisted I use some on his hair. I could barely get him to sit still so I can take this picture, but this stuff works good in kids hair is well. With him being so fidgety I can’t really get as clean of a do on him, but this time does work good in his hair.


Stay slick,



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