Boulevard Nights

I’m continuing the water soluble product run with another relatively new product. Boulevard Nights is what I’m trying this time. These guys contacted me a while back about reviewing their stuff when they formally released it. Then I received a tub in the mail a couple months ago. Being too busy with my shave stuff I forgot about it til now. Let’s see what’s in store with this stuff.


It comes in the same white tub that Layrite and Suavecito do. It also has the same label style, one lid label and one can wrap. This labeling is all black and white. The lid label has the name up above an old classic car along with “old memory, new look.” The front label has the name real big with the same slogan in the center and some filigree around it all. On either side of that is a switchblade/stiletto knife. To the right it has the company info, where they’re located(AZ!!!), and “made in usa.” The left side has the ingredients list, and “original hold.” Cool looking label, with minimal wording/paragraphs on it.


Opening up the tub you see a dark bluish grey ringing gel, and you’re blasted in the face with the scent. Man this stuff has a strong scent to it. It’s a very cologney scent, slightly floral, and has a hint of soap or talc. I can’t tell which it is. It’s a nice scent, very “cruisin the boulevard” or vato scent. Reminds me a lot of my uncle Mondo and his Impala. He didn’t smell just like this, but his cologne smelled very similar. This scent hits you really quickly and hard. It’s almost over powering. However most products like this lose their scent a bit after you get them in your hair so I’m not too worried about it.


It feels a lot like a cross between Slick Devil and Layrite Deluxe when scooping it out. It’s pretty thick texture wise, and rounds when you scoop it out like Slick Devil. As you can see it also scoops out with a flat side like Layrite Deluxe does. This stuff is actually a lot more clear than I thought. You can see my fingertip through it. The scent doesn’t seem to lose any of its strength when scooping it out either.

In my hands it felt more like Slick Devil does. Very thick and tacky. I have a feeling this stuff is going to hold pretty well. After I worked it around in my hands a bit I notice the scent start to decrease in strength. It goes in your hair about the same as both those other ones too. Some resistance, but overall fairly easy to apply. Combing it in was about like combing Layrite. Slightly difficult on the very first pass through, then becoming easier to comb. I noticed a bit of shine to my hair once I got I all worked in. Hopefully that will stay throughout the day.


This stuff does some weird stuff when I went to comb my hair up. It kind of loses its hold/resistance, and was almost too easy to comb up my hair. My hair was also kind of bouncy as well. I was able to get a medium sized pomp with it though. It wasn’t as rounded out as I would like though. It kind of went straight up and only curved at the very top. There is also kind of a dip in the middle of my pomp. No matter what I did I couldn’t fix that though. It looks a lot more like a quiff than a pomp. The shine seemed to stay throughout me combing my hair up. However it wasn’t quite as high of a shine as when I first combed it in my hair. I’m sure the shine will continue to decrease as the day goes on. As well as the scent. It was about half the strength it is in the tub when it was in my hair.

It takes a while to dry, and when it does it’s pretty crunchy. It doesn’t dry as heavy as most do, it’s more light and fluffy. Kind of like the way hair spray or mousse dries. The shine was barely there once it dried completely, but I could see a little bit. It didn’t seem to want to hold my hair though. The right side kept breaking away and hanging down in my face. I know it wasn’t the heat because it has been fairly cool and nice outside lately. Kind of bummed about this, but maybe it’s just a fluke. Only time will tell.

This one flakes quite a bit, but they’re all tiny little flakes. I didn’t get big flakes at all. Even though it hardens and flakes you can still recomb it without water. I had to press my hair down first and it was pretty resistant, but I could recomb it. In order to get rid of the flakes I obviously had to add water. Doing so lost most of the hold, and it felt even lighter and crunchier when it dried this time. This one rinses out just like any other ringing gel does. And it surprisingly doesn’t dry my hair out too bad. My hair did feel a tiny bit coarse and dry, but not nearly as bad as with most others. I’m liking the fact that I keep trying new ones that don’t dry my hair out. This might be restoring my faith in water soluble products haha.

The second day seemed to yield the same results all around, except for one. The scent lasted a bit longer the second day. I could still get strong whiffs of it later in the evening and into the night. The hold was the same, and I had hairs falling away again. This time it was over by my part. But other than that it was pretty consistent in how it performs.

Overall, it’s an ok product. There are things I like about it and things I don’t. The way it dries and it’s hold weren’t really my cup of tea. The fact that it didn’t dry my hair out and the scent, were both things I really liked. Plus the can design is pretty cool, and the color of it is unique. The fact that it flakes and has little shine is to be expected, so I’m neutral on that. I knew they were going to happen. This stuff would be something that I would recommend to all of you water-based fans. And something I think even you guys who are particular about water solubles might like. To get a tub of this stuff check out their website.
Thanks again to the guys over at Boulevard Nights for sending me a tub of their product to try out. It was awesome of you guys to do that.

Keep cruisin’



2 comments on “Boulevard Nights

  1. Nicholas Antonio says:

    Well how is it comparing to suavecito original?

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