I have decided to keep going on the ringing gel run. Today’s product is one I have gotten numerous requests for. So I bought a jar of it for you guys. Let’s see what’s up with Admiral.

This stuff has been around for about a year I think. I didn’t pay too much attention when they first got started, then the requests for it started coming in. I then started to hear some folks on the Water Based facebook group as well as ATP talk about. I continued to get more requests for it. So I hit up my friend Edgar from and asked if I could buy a jar of it along with some others that have been requested a lot. I bought a jar of each one and he sent them out to me quick, fast, and in a hurry.


This one comes in an amber plastic jar with an aluminum lid. It has two forms of labeling on it. The lid has a sticker, red background, minimal white writing, very simple. The jar is stamped/printed, nice touch. Also simplistic design with very minimal writing. And anchor surrounded by branches, then the company name just below that. The backside just has the ingredient list and “water based” above the list. Sometimes simpler is better. I like the complex or flashy designs, but simple and plain is also nice.


This stuff appears to be clear, it could be yellow or amber colored though. On the surface it looks about like how Bona Fide does. The scent is pretty subtle and smells almost exactly like Grant’s medium does. This one smells more fake/chemically tho. It’s not a harsh chemical smell at all, nothing like others. However it still has that kind of plastic/artificial smell to it as well as the tropical scent like Grant’s.


As I dipped my finger in and swiped out a scoop I was reminded of a softer version of Uppercut deluxe. It has kind of a reddish amber color to it. The scent gets a little stronger when you pull it out of the jar too. It spreads in your hands very easily. This one is a pretty soft product. Softer than most of the ones out there. Not sure how much the “strong hold” claim will be true, but we will see.

This stuff is very easy to disperse in you hair with your hands. It goes in pretty easily and evenly. However, when you go to comb your hair you get some resistance. Not a lot but enough to notice. It’s not as smooth to comb as other ringing gels are. And it’s not as hard as some are to comb either. Hopefully this is where the hold comes into play. If not I don’t think this stuff will be holding my hair hardly at all.


Just as the Boulevard Nights stuff did, Admiral left my hair very bouncy and light feeling. There wasn’t much hold or control to it and I couldn’t get my hair to do much. As you can see there are some gaps, stray hairs, and my pomp isn’t even. This stuff does let you get it more rounded, but it doesn’t hold or control it very much. There’s very little shine to it as well. So far I am not too impressed with this stuff.

The way that it dries is kind of similar to Boulevard Nights. Very light and crunchy. Then in some areas I noticed that it didn’t dry at all. It felt more like the Cool Grease in the blue tub. It was only very small patches and only a couple of them, but I thought that was odd. The hold didn’t last throughout the day, by lunchtime my hair had fallen apart. I tried to recomb my hair, but that was kind of difficult. There wasn’t a lot of flakes, but it was hard to recomb my hair without wetting it. I had to put water on it to finish what I was doing, and get rid of the flakes. When I did that I lost all of the hold. I was able to get a nice slick back, but there wasn’t any hold to it really.

It washes out pretty much like any other ringing gel does. I had to come to work the water in my hair to get all of it out though. When I got out of the shower and let my hair completely dry I noticed that my hair wasn’t too dried out. It’s not as good as Prospectors at leaving my hair soft, but it’s not as bad as Suavecito or other ones that dry my hair out.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with this stuff. The only thing that I liked about it really was the scent. The hold didn’t do much for me, there’s no shine, etc etc. And at $18-20 a jar, there’s no way I’m buying another one. Something that costs that much really should perform better than this stuff does. Some of you water based fans may like it. It might be good for those “I don’t really care, as long as my hair isn’t in my face” days, but that’s about it I think. If you want to pick up a jar, head over to and pick some up. At least with them you won’t have to spend money on shipping. Bummer this stuff didn’t work very well for me, I had high hopes. Oh well, not every product can be perfect. That would be boring if they were though huh?

Til next time,



8 comments on “Admiral

  1. dermon says:

    I might be wrong, but this review seems like it was done in a hurry, not enough photos, etc.; it’s like you didn’t like Admiral from the start. It may be just my hair type, but this water based pomade works great for me as I’m pretty sure it does for many others. You could have given it a better chance.

  2. dermon says:

    I might be wrong, but this review seems like it was done in a hurry, not enough photos, etc.; it’s like you didn’t like Admiral from the start. It may be just my hair type, but this water based pomade works great for me as I’m pretty sure it does for many others. You could have given it a better chance.

    • No it wasn’t done in a hurry, I gave it a full two days. But yeah I wasn’t please with it from the get go in my hair. The reason I didn’t take more pictures is that my hair didn’t look good. I try not to bash products, and I felt showing a bunch of pictures with my hair messed up would kind of be doing that. I do always say that some products just don’t work for some people when they do for others. Products do work differently for different people. This ringing gel just didn’t perform well. Not sure how I can give it a better chance, I gave it two days trying it out. It’s not like a pomade where buildup comes into play. It rinses out with just water so it’s a fresh start each time. It did the same thing both days.


      • dermon says:

        Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, as it works great for my type of hair (thin, wavy). I think it’s one of the best WB on the market, but I’ve looked at your photos and I get your point. Thank you for the review.

      • Of course, happy to reply. Yeah me too, like I said I had headed good things and was hoping to like it. I can see it working better with thin hair. I’m sure it would work better with straight hair too. You really should try some other ones, because there are many that are much better than this on the market. Prospectors, JS Sloane lightweight(it’s actually a medium), grants medium blend, cool grease blue, and bona fide are just a few. You’re welcome. Daimon Barber is up next, so be on the look out for it later tomorrow sometime.


      • dermon says:

        I’m waiting for Prospectors to arrive. People seem to like it. And I do have Bona Fide – it works almost the same as Admiral on my hair (well, it hardens a bit more). I also have Daimon Barber which I love – it’s a bit on the light side, but it’s a very different pomade, in a league of it’s own I’d say, but after reading your review for Admiral, I think you may end up dissapointed by it’s performance. However, you gotta try it 😉

  3. the false number 9 says:

    horses for courses …

    nice to finally read a review that supports my experiences with admiral. was starting to think i was doing something wrong — or my hair was a bit weird. heard so many people raving about his stuff and wanted a water-based alternative for the weekends, when i degrease and give my hair a break from the petrol …

    i have thick, wavy hair and where i live is hot and humid. i really wanted this pomade to work but after several tries … it just doesn’t. i’ve tried adding it to wet hair … to dry hair … i’ve tried using less … using more … i just can’t get the thing to work. when i can form a pomp, it flops by lunchtime. plus, i don’t like the hardened gel-like feel, to be honest — and i can’t recomb it.

    i’ve taken to giving my hair a break from the oil by using bees knees for a week at a time instead. not water-based but petrol-free — i can get it to do much more than i can admiral, i’m afraid.

    • Yeah I also have thick wavy hair. It’s not humid where I live though. The humidity could be playing a role in the use of water based products for you. Yeah you will get that hardened feel because most water bases are gels.


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