Whiskey Ink & Lace – Coffee Stout Soap Bar

Hey guys I’m back with another soap review for you. This one I got from Whiskey Ink & Lace. A few months back I bought all their pomades and shave stuff along with some soap. After finishing my last bar I figured I’d try this one out.


Immediately I am liking this stuff. Just look at the packaging! Wrapped in brown paper, and tied with string. There’s also a tag with some info on it tied to the bar. The labeling isn’t flashy by any means, but it’s very cool. It reminds me of something you’d see in an old west mercantile store. This type of packaging and labeling is right up my alley. The labeling is just their stamp really, but it’s pretty cool.


The card/tag that comes with it has their stamp as well, along with a blurb about the bar. There also some directions and the ingredient list, and the company info. Very cool packaging. I like the card tag as well. You can keep it for collecting purposes if that’s your thing, and it’s not bulky like a box is.


The bar is a light tan or khaki color with black specs in it. Those are the coffee grounds that are put into the bar. They make for a good exfoliant without being too abrasive like other things can be. This one is kind of a small bar. At least in comparison to most bars I have. I’d say it’s about half the size of my normal bars, maybe less. Hopefully it lasts longer than I think it will. It doesn’t have too strong of a scent to it. Mostly smells like soap, but you can kind of make out the stout as well. It’s more of a creamy soap smell, not harsh or crisp at all. I like that the scent isn’t too strong as well. It won’t leave a lasting scent that could clash with my shave stuff and/or pomade.

The later gets worked up pretty quickly, a bit quicker than I’m used to. This is kind of nice, makes for a little bit of a quicker shower. I really like the feel of the coffee grounds in this bar. They have the right about of abrasiveness for an everyday soap bar. I love a strong abrasive one like the Sasquatch pine tar, but a slightly less coarse bar makes for a great daily driver. They’re much better for me than a plain bar.


The lather is quite different than most soaps. It’s a bunch of tiny bubbles. It’s not frothy or fluffy, it’s not a rich thick foamy lather, it’s very thin. It has lots of bubbles they’re just very tiny and really tightly bunched together. Nothing like the lather from that pine tar soap. I do wish this bar created more lather, it just seems kind of minimal to me. And I did notice that I’m going through this bar pretty quickly.

After a few uses it seemed that the bar had shrunk by about 1/3. This is a bummer, but I kind of knew it was coming. I wish the bar was bigger. I feel like I am going to go through it too fast. On an up side, this bar does leave my skin nice and smooth. It also made my skin feel more moisturized than it normally is.

This is a soap I can recommend you guys try out. It performs really well. The only thing I wasn’t super happy with was the size and how fast I go through it. I wish the bar was bigger. However, we can’t have everything huh? To get a bar of this or their other soaps head to their etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/whiskeyinkandlace

Stay fresh fellas,



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