The Daimon Barber – No. 1

In continuation of my water soluble run, I’m checking out The Daimon Barber No. 1 this time. I had some issues getting this stuff earlier which is why it’s taken me a while to get to it. This is another one I got from Edgar after getting lots of requests to review it. Let’s get to it shall we?


It comes in an amber glass jar with a black plastic lid. The labeling is pretty simplistic, with a kind of vintage look to it. The labels are made out of a kind of waxy paper stock. They have a tan background with dark grey borders and black writing. Both the lid and wrap have the same layout. Up top is the name, then “hair pomade” is slanted across the middle, and at the bottom it says “smells like heaven, holds like hell.” Only time will tell if it holds like hell or not. The right side of the label has directions, a little blurb about the product, and the weight info. The left side has their contact info, and the ingredients list. When holding and tapping this jar you find out this stuff isn’t a ringing gel, curious to see how this stuff feels.


Opening the jar you see a grey colored goop in the jar. That’s an uncommon color, especially in water bases. And you see that the jar is actually kind of a marroon/red color not amber colored. That’s something new, never seen this before. Pretty cool to see something unique. The scent of this one is pretty unique, yet it’s very familiar at the same time. It’s a complex vanilla-ish smell. There are floral notes, musky notes, the sweet vanilla note, and you can kind of smell the typical water based note buried under all those. It’s nice to get another product that isn’t too chemical smelling. I definitely like this scent quite a bit, it’s not like anything in my collection really. It’s similar to a couple things, but it still stands apart from them at the same time.


Scooping it out feels like a cross between Monkey Brains and my Atomic Pomade. It’s definitely a first for me. I don’t know of any other water bases that scoop out like this. It’s like a cross between a ringing gel and a light-medium pomade. One thing that did strike me odd was the color. You can see what I thought was a grey product is actually a copper orange colored product with the top layer being grey. I don’t know if that’s on purpose or if the coloring they used started to go bad, or if it’s something else. I’ve only ran into this a couple times over the years, but I’ve never known exactly why it happens. Even the look of how it is looks like a cross between a pomade and a ringing gel. This stuff is pretty cool feeling.

It’s really nice to see companies pushing the boundaries and coming up with unique products. I had definitely grown bored of all the “new” products coming out that were just like stuff that’s already out there. Great job in making a unique scent and texture to your product guys. It’s a nice change of pace.

It doesn’t take much to break this stuff down in your hands either. It kind of feels like thick jelly in your hands, but with the stickiness of honey. It doesn’t feel like anything I’ve used so far. Yet another unique aspect to this stuff. I didn’t notice any difference in the scent after I had it out of the jar and worked into my hands.

Even going in your hair it feels more like a pomade than a water soluble. My hair seems to suck this stuff up though. I had to use twice what I normally use when I do my hair. You can really get it worked into your hair with just your hands. And combing it is pretty easy. It combs more like a pomade does, really smooth, with a tiny bit of resistance. I’m not sure that it’s going to “hold like hell” though. It combs and feels too soft to have a really good hold. I could be wrong about that though.


I was able to get a medium pomp going with it, but it didn’t really tame my hair too much. My hair kept getting gaps in it where the comb lines were. It seemed to behave kind of like a light-medium pomade does when it has lots of oils in it. This one gives your hair a pretty nice shine too. This is becoming more and more common with water soluble products, and I think it’s a great thing.


After about 15 minutes I knew the “holds like hell” claim wasn’t true. My hair drooped and split a lot. It also lost a lot of its shine. What a bummer. Just when I was starting to really like this stuff. I decided to leave my hair for the day since it had already set up. I didn’t want to completely ruin it by recombing it, just in case wetting my hair makes the hold go completely out the window. The way it dries is kind of like a heavy, waxy pomade. Slightly gummed up, but still moveable. There were a couple small areas that dried hard, but it mostly didn’t harden up. This would have been a great thing if it had a better hold, but I am glad it’s not hardened up.


At the end of the day my hair was looking pretty bad. All my cowlicks were showing, there were multiple big splits, and my hair had drooped quite a bit. I was definitely bummed out with how it didn’t hold my hair. It sucks because I was really liking it at first then it kind of deteriorated. I went to try and fix my hair and recomb it back into place.


As you can see this stuff flakes, but probably the least out of any other water based I’ve used. And you can recomb it without wetting your hair or pressing your hair down. When you do recomb it, it feels like recombing a heavy pomade. Some resistance to it, but you can work your comb through. It’s easy to get rid of the flakes with a little bit of water as well. Just as I suspected though, when you recomb it you lose pretty much all of the little height it once had. I was able to comb it into a nice slicked do, but my cowlick did still show through. This stuff may be better suited for lower profile hairstyles and/or slicked do’s.

This one washes out just like any other water soluble product. Once I rinsed it all out, I could tell my hair was a bit coarse. And when I got my hair all the way dry, I noticed this stuff dried my hair out a bit. Not as bad as some products do, but more so than the more recent ones I’ve reviewed have. This made applying it the second day not as smooth. It had more resistance and was a bit more hard to comb.


However I wasn’t able to get any more hold out of it. Just as I thought this stuff does better with a lower profile hairstyle. There wasn’t nearly as much splitting or drooping this time. The shine was about the same, and I had to use twice as much again. It’s weird how my hair just soaks up this stuff. It seemed to hold my hair better and longer in a lower hairstyle. I still had some splitting, and a little bit of drooping at the very end of the day. However, it was a lot better the second day than it was the first.

Overall, No. 1 is an ok product, it’s very unique in a lot of aspects. It doesn’t hold as well as I would like, and I can’t really get a nice pomp with it. Also, having to use twice as much means I’ll go through it a lot quicker. And with it being a bit pricey that’s not really the most ideal situation. On the other hand it has a great texture, a nice shine, doesn’t really harden up, and can give me a cool looking slicked do. And like I always say it gets boring doing the same stuff all the time. So it’s nice to have a water soluble product that isn’t like all the rest. To get yourself a jar of this stuff head on over to
They have recently released No. 2 and I will have to get some of that stuff and try it out as well. Great job with creating such a unique product guys.

Stay slick,



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