Railcar Fine Goods

Well this is the last one in the trio of stuff I got from Edgar. I had gotten some requests for it, and my good buddy Lucas said that I needed to try it. So I picked a jar up. Time to test out the Railcar Fine Goods water based.


Feeling this jar I can tell this one is a ringing gel. The labeling on it is pretty cool. The lid has the name lithographed in white on it, the jar has a white paper label with black writing. In the center is the name, above that it says “standard hold” in a banner. Below the name it says “contains beeswax, 100% so good” and under that is the city and it says “water type” at the very bottom. The right side of the label has their website and instructions. The left side has the the ingredients and bar code. It doesn’t contain real beeswax tho. It has the chemical equivalent that most companies use in ringing gels and other water soluble products.


You can see through the jar that it’s a red gel that looks a lot like jellied cranberry sauce. It looks like that when you open the lid too. I really like this color a lot. I don’t think there is any other water based out there with this color. The smell on this stuff is very unique and good. Right up front you get a burst of floral soap, immediately followed by passion fruit and melon. My lady says I’m nuts, but I swear I can also smell a brand new, fresh pair of jeans in there too. It’s really well balanced. Nice crisp, sweet, floral scent. Nothing like it is out there. Probably one of the best smelling water bases ever. I didn’t even detect any chemical/plastic scent to it at all, such a nice change of pace.


It scoops out a lot like Boulevard Nights did. Although, this one was a little bit softer and easier to scoop out. When you pull it out of the jar the scent gets a little bit sweeter and I could smell the jeans more. It didn’t get stronger, just some notes came out more. I like how it spreads around in your hands very easily. It felt more like Prospectors in my hands than anything. Nice and smooth, slightly tacky, and a little gummy.


Now this stuff is red! I think you lighter haired folks should use this stuff with some caution. You can kind of see it leaves a pink film on my hands. I imagine it will do the same to your hair or leave it a shade of red. Now it is a gel so it will wash out. You just may be left with a pink or red tint to your hair for the day.

Going into my hair it had some resistance to it. Kind of like how Layrite Deluxe goes into my hair. I couldn’t really get it all worked into my hair with my hands. But when I went to comb my hair I found something odd. This stuff is super easy to comb, almost like combing a light hair cream. I hope it holds well. It would be a bummer to have 3 in a row that didn’t hold very well.


To my surprise, it actually has a nice hold to it. It’s not a heavy hold, but it does keep my hair nice and straight. I was able to get a nice medium pomp with this stuff. And it tamed my cowlick really nicely. So far I’m really liking this stuff. The scent is really nice when you get it in your hair. It doesn’t fill up the room per se, but it does get nice and strong.


I like the shine it gives my hair too. Not too high, not matte either. I had a little bit of splitting where I used the wide toothed end of my comb, but it wasn’t bad at all. I really liked how this stuff styled. It was easy to get my hair where I wanted and quickly. It only took me about 2 minutes to get my hair done. Think this stuff will make for a good one on days I’m in a hurry.

It seems to harden up like your run of the mill ringing gel. Feels kind of like Layrite or Suavecito in my hair when it’s dry. I’m not too happy with that, because I don’t really like that feeling. However, I’ve come to expect it from products like this so I don’t get hung up on it. The good thing about it doing this is that it stays in place all day. My hair didn’t move at all throughout the day. That I was pretty happy with, so it’s kind of a trade off for me.

Being that it was hardened and stayed in place I didn’t need to recomb my hair. Nor did I feel the need to, so I didn’t. I’m sure it recombs ok with some water though, like most of them do. It rinses out of your hair pretty easily. My hair did feel a little dry after I washed it out, but not as much as most others leave my hair. It’s definitely better than most stuff out there so far.

The second day yielded pretty much the exact same results as the first day. The only real difference I noticed was that the shine wasn’t as high. It was still there, just not as shiny as the first day. The hold, scent, and washability were all spot on like the first day. My hair didn’t seem to increase in dryness after I washed it out the second time. That’s a nice change from what normally happens with products like this. I’m liking the fact that these newer companies are doing some homework and are fixing the problems with most ringing gels and other water soluble products out there. I’ve yet to run into the perfect one, but that just gives me fuel to hunt for the perfect one.

This water based product is definitely something I can recommend you guys try out. The packaging, scent, color, hold, and shine are all on point. I wasn’t crazy about the way it hardens and that it slightly dried out my hair, but that just comes with the territory. It is better than most out there for sure, I can easily see myself continuing to use this and buying more. To get a jar of this stuff head over to http://www.pomade.com
And I recommend you get some and soon. They ship for free so that’s even more incentive to get a jar. While you’re there browse his selection, there’s a kinds of great stuff in there.

Til next time,



2 comments on “Railcar Fine Goods

  1. Speaking of ringing gels, Tres Flores!!! That one’s my favourite. Normally though, I have Murray’s in which lasts me all week–only have to put it in once and I’m set for 7 days lol.

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