Rogue Sideshow – Medium (blue lid)

Finally getting back to another pomade. I got this stuff as a gift to review from Ben a little while back. As you know I got busy with shave stuff and it was summer time. Trying to review any pomades except for super heavies during the summer here just doesn’t work. The heat destroys everything but a couple pomades and I’ve already reviewed them. Let’s see what’s up this stuff.


Right off the bat I noticed this stuff wasn’t like anything out there so far. The lid is painted with blue flake paint, and then it’s engraved. That’s pretty awesome, definitely nothing like this out there. Around the edge is a bunch of stars, then up top in rosewood lettering is “Rogue Sideshow.” There’s a circle in the middle that says “Premium brand” and below that is “Pomade” in rosewood lettering again. At the very bottom is the weight info and “home brewed in arizona” under it. Pretty cool engraving. Inside the lid is where the ingredients info is. That stuff is printed in black on brown paper.


Opening the tin up you see a white waxy pomade that is filled to the brim of the tin. I’ve only seems a few people do this. This is by far better than a half-full tin, which I see far too often. The scent is a sweet berry type smell. It reminds me a lot of Bath & Body Works stuff. It’s almost too sweet and bathy for me, plus it’s a pretty strong scent. I’ve never been a fan of those stores and the scents they have, which is why I didn’t care for this one too much.


When I scooped it out, it felt like a cross between Straight Edge Eddy’s and Doc Elliott. Kind of creamy, but with firm surface, and a really waxy scoop. It’s not quite as creamy as Eddy’s, but it’s not as firm as Doc’s either. The scent gets even stronger when you scoop it out of the tin. It dang near filled up the whole room, and that’s before it even broke it down or put it in my hair.

It breaks down pretty easy in my hands too. There were a few clumps that formed, but it didn’t take much pressing on them to work them out. After a few seconds it got pretty oily in my hands. It still kept its slightly sticky feel, but it was also a bit oily. This may make it hard to get a decent pomp going, but maybe not.

Going in your hair, this stuff has a bit more resistance than you think it would from the way it feels in your hands. It was similar to applying Doc Elliott, because of the stickiness it had. Dispersing it into my hair was pretty easy to do with just my hands though. When I was combing it in, this stuff maintained its stickiness, but wasn’t hard to comb. I had to kind of work to get it dispersed evenly in my hair for some reason. I don’t know why exactly, but it wanted to just stick on the top. After a few minutes I finally gave up on trying to comb it all in evenly. It just did not want to coat my hair well for whatever reason.


Despite the stickiness, I wasn’t able to get much of a pomp at all. I also had a few splits and some hairs that wouldn’t stay together for some reason. I figured the stickiness would keep everything stuck together, but it didn’t oddly. I do like the shine this stuff gives my hair quite a bit. It’s not super high/wet looking shine, but it is pretty nice. My hair also felt more oily than sticky when I got it styled up. I found that kind of odd based on how it felt when I was combing it in. It went back to feeling the way it felt in my hands.


After just a few minutes I noticed the hold had started fade. My cowlick had split open and my pomp had fallen to the side a bit. The shine was still there, but the hold was fading quickly. I tried to recomb my hair back into place, but it just didn’t want to go back to where it was. Recombing it was easy and smooth, and it felt a little more oily than it did earlier. This might make the buildup a bit difficult to work with, but I’m hoping that it won’t. After taking a shower the next morning, my hair felt like just under half of the pomade had come out. Also, it didn’t feel oily at all, which is definitely going to help with the hold today. I’m not sure how much it will help, but the fact that it’s not oily, is for sure going to make a difference.


Today yielded much better results. My cowlick was more in place than it was the day before. And I also had a little more height to my pomp. The shine seemed about the same though, which was fine with me. I liked it the first day, so it being the same today was great. It also seemed to have more control today. No hairs came out of place, I didn’t see it droop or fall to the side at all, and there was minimal splitting. It didn’t get quite as oily today either. I had totally expected it to, but I’m glad it didn’t. By the end of the day my hair did sink a little bit, but not as much as it did the first day.

All in all, it’s a pretty decent medium pomade. There are definitely pluses and minuses to it. For me, build up is essential when using this pomade. I can’t really get a good hold with it unless I have build up. From now on when I use it, I’m just going to slick my hair the first day and then go for a pomp the following day. I want to give Ben another thank you for giving me a tin of this stuff to review. I really appreciate it man. To get a tin of this stuff hit up Ben Coley on Facebook and he will get you taken care of straight away.

Keep it slick,


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