Cool Grease – Flat (green)

Hey guys back with another Cool Grease product. This one is their newly released Flat. I went to go buy a tub of this stuff on the website and it wasn’t working so I contacted them about how I could buy some. To my surprise, the guy running the show was familiar with my blog and offered to send me some stuff to review! Huge thank you to him and the folks at HedgeLion for the care package they sent to me, much appreciated!


This one is the same style plastic tub as the other ones, but this one is dark green plastic. It has white and orange print on it this time. Nice to see more colors than just black from them. The kid has “Flat” in Orange letters in the center with the company names below it. Up top it says “try it you’ll like it” above their dapper guy. Pretty cool looking design, I really like the color palate.


The side of the tub is kind of a negative version of the lid. “Flat” is in green with an orange background strip. To the left it has G(flat) above the company name. The right side has the guy again and “quick easy perfect” next to him. Then on the back is the company info and ingredient list like always.


As you twist off the lid you see the familiar clear plastic disc on top of the product. The gel itself is a mint green cloudy product. When I peeled the plastic disc off I noticed that even though this stuff rings when you tap the tub, it pulls off more like a grease does. I hope this means it will be like their blue tub and not harden up! It smells almost exactly like the blue one does, this gives me high hopes.


Scooping it out reminds me of Prospectors and the Formula X stuff I tried. Unfortunately, I still haven’t heard who is putting that stuff out. I am waiting as impatiently as you guys are for that stuff. It still feels like a water soluble, but I am also reminded of a nice greasy medium pomade. I quite like the texture of this one. Definitely the best one texture wise so far. In my hands it feels a lot like the blue one. Kind of tacky, but very much like your typical ringing gel.

Applying it was a lot like the blue, but with a little bit less resistance. Right off the bat you see that it has a matte shine to it. I’m guessing that’s why they named it Flat. The moment I combed my hair I noticed something completely unique. This one is really really dry. Now I applied it to damp hair like I always do, but this one feels dry as a bone. There’s no other way to describe, dry. Just dry. Dry. It’s really weird, it feels almost like combing your hair when it’s really dried out.


The hold is a nice medium. It’s a little bouncy, and I was left with a few splits by my part. I was happy with the height I got, and I liked the matte look surprisingly. Usually I am not a fan of the matte look, but for some reason I liked it with this stuff. The way it dries is also kind of weird, it doesn’t feel like any other one I’ve tried. It’s like a cross between the way hair spray dries and the way moussed hair feels. This kind of bummed me out, I was hoping it wouldn’t dry at all.


The hold slowly lessened throughout the day. Not too much, but by the end of the work day my hair had slanted to the right and I had a few more splits in my hair. It’s pretty easy to rework with a few sprays of water, but when you do this, you lose the hold. I could only comb a slicked style after I “reactivated” the product. Fortunately it was the end of the day and I was home for the night. Otherwise I would have been pretty bummed about it. It washes out of your hair super easy, a few seconds under the shower head and it was all out. Surprisingly it doesn’t dry your hair out either. I was very happy with this. I’m glad companies are fixing that problem. Now if the popular ones would only do that, things would definitely be a lot better. It leaves your hair feeling like you shampooed it, rid of the excess oils but not dried out. So far this stuff is ok, I’m interested to see how it is tomorrow.

This time it was even more dry than the first day. Not a whole lot, but there was a noticeable difference. The feeling of this stuff is so weird, I’ve never had a product do this before. The hold didn’t seem to be any different, but I did notice that the shine was a tab bit higher the second day. Kind of odd coming from a water based, but what the heck, I’ll roll with it. I tend to like shine most of the time anyway. I happened to be in the house making pomade and filling orders all day this time, and the hold stayed much better. My hair didn’t tilt/droop, there was minimal splitting, and no hairs came out of place. Much happier with the hold the second day. Maybe this one is just better suited for indoor use or non-manual labor usage. Washing it out was the same as the first day, super easy and took only seconds. My was left a tad bit dry this time, but I kind of knew it would be. That’s just the nature of these products, so I have come to expect it. Although lately I have found a few that don’t do that.

All in all, I think I like this one. It’s definitely unique that’s for sure. I wasn’t crazy about the way it felt combing and styling, but that only lasts a couple minutes. It could have more hold, but I think it will work good for my lower profile days. It’s an interesting new addition to the cool grease line. If you want to try this stuff out yourself, head on over to a pick up a tub. They also carry the ones I’ve reviewed already, and some other ones. So check out what they have and stay tuned for the next installment of the cool grease line!

Keep cool,



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