Iron Fist Super Hold Pomade

Hey guys, back with one last review before the holiday series. The owner of this company contacted me a while back about reviewing his product and he sent me a sample tin of it. It took a while to get here, international shipping can take some time. But I got it and put it into the rotation. I’m glad to be getting to it before the holiday series.


The tin is like a miniature version of the Grant’s tins. It looks to be a 2oz one, it has the same twist off top and feels like it’s made of the same material. This one just has a lid label. The label is pretty simple in design too, only two colors. A guy with fists over his face, with a barcode on his forehead is in the center of the label. The barcode reads “water base” underneath it. Then in the blue ring around the edge it has their facebook link, and says “Iron Fist Super Hold Pomade.” Like I said, super simple.


Opening the tin you see an off-white goop inside. The scent of it is remarkably similar to the JS Sloane scent. This one is a tad bit more soapy, but they’re nearly identical. It looks kind of like a cross between a ringing gel and the old High Life heavy. I haven’t seen anything like this before. Especially not in the water soluble market. Since there isn’t any ingredient list or anything I can’t tell what kind of product it is exactly. It doesn’t ring at all, so I know it’s not a ringing gel. I’m interested to see what this stuff is like.


Scooping it out was kind of odd. It was literally like a cross between Layrite’s super hold and the old High Life medium. You could tell it was a water based, but it still had a slight pomade feel to it. Cool! The color and look of it reminds me exactly of Brie cheese. It has like a solidified white layer on top, then a creamy gel like look the rest of the way down. I literally said “whoa, this like Brie cheese” when I scooped it out. I showed my lady and she thought that was pretty cool. I did too, this one kind of did what The Daimon Barber no. 1 did, with having that top layer on it. The scent gets quite a bit stronger, and even more like JS Sloane, when I scooped it out.

It’s very tacky and feeling like a super thick gel in my hands. It feels kind of feels like my Murray’s edgewax. However, after a few seconds of rubbing my hands together it felt like a waxy pomade. It kind of candled up on me…. It seriously felt like wax, very odd. Then it started to feel like Lone Star super and had a rubber cement texture to it. Man this stuff is crazy. After a few more seconds it leveled out and felt like Layrite’s super hold or Murray’s edgewax again. Crazy stuff.

It goes in like your typical super heavy water based does. But this stuff has some nice shine to it while I was combing it through my hair. Hopefully that will stay throughout the day, I’m not holding my breath on it though. Working it in evenly didn’t take too long either, and I didn’t have a bunch of hairs get tugged out. I was really pleased with how it combed in and whatnot.


Super Hold is no joke! Look at the height this stuff gives! Holds my hair way up there. It’s on par with shiner gold, edgewax, and slick devil in terms of height you can get. This stuff dries pretty quickly so you have to get your hair in place straight away. That was kind of a bummer as my hair looked slightly hollow, but had hardened up already. I sprayed some water to “reactivate” the product, but when I did that I lost some of the hold. That sucks. I was able to get it into a nice medium do, but I was bummed at how quickly it dries.

When it does dry it’s not super crunchy, but it does harden up pretty good. Your hair doesn’t move when it dries. I didn’t have one hair come out of place all day long. The scent seemed to fade nicely throughout the day. It didn’t disappear like some do. The shine was high in some areas and non existent in others. I found this quite odd, usually products and pomades don’t do stuff like this. I decided to take another shower and wash it out of my hair. It takes a minute to break the hard shell, but it does come out with just water. And it doesn’t dry my hair out too bad. My hair felt a little dry, but not as bad as most water bases make it feel.

The second day seemed to be about the same, except it dried even faster this time. Luckily I decided I just go with my normal style, so I had it in place before it dried. But it did seem to dry even quicker the second day. The shine was more even around my hair this time, which was a nice change up from day 1. Just like with the first day, not one hair came out of place all day long. I really like that my hair doesn’t move throughout the day. This stuff will be perfect for days where I work outside or windy days. It seemed easier to wash out the second time around though, didn’t take as long. My hair did feel a little more dry than it did the first time. I kind of knew it would though, it’s just the nature of these products. Still not as bad as most of them out there.

Overall, it’s a decent water soluble product. Like them all, it has it’s ups and downs to it. It’s definitely one I recommend trying out if you love or even just like water soluble products. To get a tin message them on their Facebook page
Thank you again for sending this out to me to try out and review! I had fun with it.

Til next month!



2 comments on “Iron Fist Super Hold Pomade

  1. That stuff looks like it gave some nice hold.

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