The 12 Pomades of Christmas

Hey everybody! I’m back yet again with my series in honor of the season and the song. It’s that time again for The 12 Pomades of Christmas!! I’ve done this the past couple years, and each time it’s been way fun. From choosing the pomades, to trying each one out, to deciding the order I try them out in. Hopefully you will enjoy this year’s series as much as I will. Below is a list, in no particular order, of the pomades I will be featuring.

Three Wise Men Red
Three Wise Men White
Three Wise Men Green
Sugar Plum Hair Dressing
Gumdrop Grease
Santa’s Hair Slick
North Pole Pomade
Winter Wonderland Hair Wax
The Iron Society Water Soluble
Devil’s Finest Christmas Edition
Kustom Kreeps Monster Attack
Rogue Sideshow White Lid (light)

Stay tuned to see which pomade I decide to try first. Any questions or comments you guys have, feel free to post them in the comments. I’m stoked for yet another year of Christmas Pomades!

See you next month!



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