Kustom Kreeps – Monster Attack

For the first pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Kustom Kreeps Monster Attack. I had gotten this stuff a while ago, but just haven’t seemed to be able to get to reviewing it. So I figured this series was perfect for it.


Like its counterparts, it has the same label design/layout. This one happens to be green and has some different wording. Obviously the name of it is different, this one is called Monster Hold. And this one has “minty scent” where the scent description goes. The monster in the center also is different. This one is a rendition of Frankenstein’s monster. He looks a bit pissed, and has a tall rounded pomp. I’m a huge psychobilly fan so all of these labels have always been some of my favorites out there.


The pomade itself is a light, mint green color. Definitely not the neon/highlighter green of the label. The tin arrived with the pomade melted and recooled. It happened to cool in a non-flat position unfortunately. It’s not like a lot of softer pomades, it has a very matte surface to it. Makes me wonder how it’s going to feel and perform. The scent is a very faint mint, kind of like how the Death Grip had a faint scent. Being a mint lover, as one of my pomades is mint scented, I’m a bit bummed about this. Plus mint is a staple of the Christmas season. So having a very subtle faint scent wasn’t too exciting.


Scooping this pomade out was kind of like Cock Grease X, but a little more firm. Not surprising since Cock Grease makes these. I didn’t notice it being as grainy as X though. Maybe the coloring has something to do with that. I’ve found that most of the Cock Grease private labels are just their standard pomades, sometimes with a different scent and/or color. It’s kind of a bummer sometimes, because I already have those pomades. I like them, I just don’t want a bunch of cans of them. I prefer unique pomades for private labels, not just a standard pomade repackaged. The scent smells a lot like X too, if X had a tiny bit of mint added to it. Not too impressed with the scent. I like mint to be strong, and I don’t think mint goes too well with the scent of X.

It breaks down in the hands just like X does as well. Only this one seemed to be a tad more oily. It wasn’t quite as creamy as the normal X is. And it didn’t seem to get tacky like the normal X does either. I’m sure the cold has something to do with it scooping a bit more firm, because it feels virtually identical in my hands.

And this one goes in my hair a little more resistant than X does too. I’m guessing that’s the cold weather again. It wasn’t tough by any means, just not as easy as I was expecting. Combing it through was like X, but with a little more resistance. It was still smooth though. I did notice a few flakes here and there, but they were all combed in by the time I was ready to comb my hair up.


This one gives me a little more height than X does. I was definitely happy with that. However, it didn’t hold my cowlick together as well. And this one leaves your hair with more of a dry look. There’s virtually no shine to this one. I did notice after I took the picture that there was a couple flakes still in my hair. I promptly got those out and went about my day. Oh, and the scent, pretty much nonexistent when you comb you hair up. Good thing for me, since I wasn’t a big fan of the scent. Also good if you want to use a nice aftershave.


I had a pretty busy day working both inside and outside. I spent al day making pomade and putting up Christmas Decorations and lights while watching my son. After the day was done I noticed my hair hadn’t really moved too much. It did split in a couple places, and my cowlick had sunk in a little. However, other than that, my hair still looked pretty good. I also did have a few stray hairs out of place in the front. All in all not a bad first day for the hold of this pomade. Now time to see what the buildup will be like.


The buildup of this one was really nice! The perfect amount had come out of my hair during the night and my shower. I barely added any pomade the second day and my hair came out really nice. It was very full looking, my cowlick was much more tamed, and it had more shine this time. My hair looked much better the second day. I had the same thing happen with their other pomade. Day one, not so great. Day two awesome. I have quite a few Pomades that are like this. I usually choose to wear them when I want to have them in for a few days. They seem to just get better the more days I have them in my hair. The hold lasted all day long too. No stray hairs, not splits, no tilting or drooping. It was great. Makes me not want to degrease my hair of this stuff. Ah, but the show must go on. I still have 12 more pomades to review this month.

I can definitely say, get yourself a tin of this stuff. Really the only thing I wasn’t too happy with about it was the scent. Maybe if they amped up the mint scent or used essential oil instead of scent I’d be more into it, but I just didn’t care for it too much. I will most likely be using this tin up quickly next year and purchasing other ones when I’m out. To get yourself a tin head on over to http://www.sourpussclothing.com
They also have their other ones and some other cool pomades in stock as well.

Well, the first pomade of Christmas is done! Now 11 more pomades to go! Stay tuned to see which one I go for next!

Merry Christmas,


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6 comments on “Kustom Kreeps – Monster Attack

  1. Hey JC, what kind of pomade do ya make?

  2. Always been a big fan of this site!

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